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  1. Hopefully something wonderful will happen one October, to make it not just a month of grief for you Jodie xxx Thinking of you xxx fifi
  2. With the issue you are describing and the breed, I am in total agreement with Persephone & others in strongly advising you to seek proffesional advice on this behaviour & veterinary assessment. You are on the right track to seek any physiological causes, and by all means desex anyway, but I truly doubt any chance of testosterone based aggression at this age, I can only think of issues in the rearing of the litter or a pup with serious issues of the brain 'hard wiring' kind. fifi
  3. Run free little Chilli, hugs to you Indigirl. Had to do this not long ago with a rescue girl we had for a long time, its heartbreaking to watch and frightening too A heartbreaking and difficult decision fifi xxx
  4. Hope you had a wee drinkie after getting all that done Rysup !! fifi
  5. FANTASTIC Anne And such a quick turnaround for results too !! gotta love digital x-rays :D fifi
  6. Absolutley, you can just imagine the headache of it all
  7. I would wait for a while to bath a dog after mating, and especially avoid any flea rinse or medicated shampoos. If you need to shower them, just a plain soap - not Teatree or pennyroyal. As said, worming should be done before mating, not after. fifi
  8. Thank you for the update Lynai, been wondering how they were going. Look at them grow :D Just think, only a couple more weeks and sleeeep !!! fifi
  9. When I've had male rescues, they've usually been over a year old & I've had them castrated & the scrotal ablation done. Swelling is normal for a post castration scrotom left intact & it will shrivel in time.
  10. oh Beth, I'm sad to hear this. He was a funny rat, reminded me of a grumpy old fella, bitey and reclusive, and he loved his food I hope he's found his other whitey mates. fifi xxx
  11. PM member here: Wayrod, fantastic service and up to date info. fifi
  12. Snowysal has that beautiful ridgey X boy, he looks wonderful :) fifi eta have messaged Sally about this thread
  13. Just fenugreek seeds, from the Asian grocery, health food store ect :) omg they are so beautiful, and I'm still in awe of what came out of what seemed not so positive :) *snifffff* puppy breath fifi xx
  14. Yes to Fenugreek and yes, however you have to do it, you get it into them !! (shudders at the memory of hand rearing a litter on my own many years ago...three weeks...no sleep !!) I think we must be due for more piccies soon Lynai :) fifi
  15. Congrats Merrirose, I do love black whippies :D fifi
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