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  1. walk your dog at a different time to the staffy, go for a walk with out your dog have a talk to staffy owner over your concerns , find another safe walking area , It is up to you to make the first move with keeping your rotty safe ,because to me it sounds like all hell / can / will just might break loose. !
  2. Thank you for the kind word's I was lucky to have spent 15 of her 16 years with my little love '' it is never easy to give our old , frail , sick fur kids there wings, it breaks my heart
  3. Today again I had the hardest decision to make but the kindest for her and sent my Precious, my ohlala , my little love, my silly old moo (so many nick names ) to Rainbow Bridge I so miss her , love her so much ,, my heart is broken I know that she will be reunited with her pals Sinna , Ryan and also Tinka cat who will be waiting for her . Rest in Peace Si'rena , know I love you and will miss you deeply. 5 / 9 / 00 -- 30 / 12 / 16
  4. http://www.productsafety.gov.au/recall/vanilla-sugar-dggx16-tough-play-mighty-dumbbell-tug-rope-dggx16-tough-play-toss-n-fetch-tug-a-rope
  5. Congrats to you and to George , he is handsome
  6. My Si'rena siamese had two vestibular turns the first was bad the 2nd only mild since then she has been ok just walks with a bit of a wobble . Hope Sarah mends soon and has no more 'turns'
  7. Wishing handsome Zeph happy birthday and many more to come .
  8. I Had a secrect she was a Sibe Husky I do like that name but Inky is OK as when she's naughty you know you will call her stinky :laugh:
  9. You both are stars , Seven looked a million dollars :) well done
  10. OMG I need tissues every time I watch a dog or horse movie must be the music !
  11. Puppies Yay!!! :D now is the time when house work ,going out etc is all put on the back bench as you wail away the hours adoring the brand new puppies Congrats
  12. So sorry R.I.P. Anna
  13. lot'sof different shades in the brown snake ,
  14. I bought baby cot bumpers from the OP Shop.
  15. Awwwww Congrats, I wish you many happy years with her
  16. How the hell do we know the truth re this dog I said it on FB and will say it here also this BC could be laying at the bottom of the dam or buried somewhere on the ''farm'' . as there seems to be a lot of lies coming from him. I cant for the love of god understand why people send their dogs there , looks to me like a puppy farm without breeding , from the pics it appears so run down . If the BC did get out and hope it has I have fingers crossed it's found safe and well and never gets returned to the ''farmer''.
  17. Thank you for the link :) some very nice dogs to look at . I went straight to Working dog group to see the rottie and then to the Hound group to see afghan , bloodhound , borzoi, deerhound , irish wolfie , whippet .
  18. Not having a dog Means ALL of the DOL dogs are my Fav's :) With Grumpettes Dee and Zeph being my number one as the Rottie is my heart breed and I do so love the antics those water babies get up to :laugh:
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