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  1. French Bulldog Thread!

    So...what do people think of the merle frenchies here in Aus?
  2. Boston Terrier Lovers...

    In an effort to bump this thread and fond out some info.... So possibly in the next 12 months i may be in a position to get myself one of the lil guys...hopefully as a show possibility! Just wondering roughly how much $$ i might need to save for a mains registered show prospect lad? Thanks!
  3. Minimal Dog Breeds

    Rotti, Dal, Boston Pug, Sibe, Affie BC, Poodle, Bernese Mastiff, Staffy, Ridgeback Cav, Bichon, Dobe ? lol
  4. Livestock Guardian Dogs

    Aaawww how perfectly cute is that pup of yours MBS!!!!!
  5. Stafford Fans

    Well what a surprise - i've ended up with a Staffy - what was unexpected is that she is an 18month old Kaijoe girl. Got a lot of work to do with her as she's afraid of a lot, needs confidence building and doesn't have much in the way of training lol. She's coming along so far tho and is transforming from a kennel dog to a house dog :) She has been shown so i might look at getting her back into the ring at some stage - but want to get her confidence etc up first!
  6. Livestock Guardian Dogs

  7. Sabre - Sleep Well Dear-heart

    Thanks everyone, i really appreciate it :)
  8. RIP Sabre, sleep well and run free, old Harm will keep you company while waiting at the bridge for the rest of us. Love you Dear-heart. For all he was my problem poppet he was a sweetie and i miss him - i do feel better having him back home after picking up his ashes this afternoon.
  9. Stafford Fans

    They are cuties Tiggy!
  10. Stafford Fans

    I would have thought one of the biggest breeding issues for Staffs and many other breeds is dogs being bred with little thought and with eyes on the dollars - i see a lot of that happening with registered and non registered breeders. I'll not keep on with it and i will keep out of everyones way here - This time around i know the dogs involved, i know their lines and health issues (or lack of them), i know what they've been tested for and i know their temps and i like their type. They aren't being bred to foist off more 'rare' blues for lotsa bucks to unsuspecting public. I appreciate your passion, i don't appreciate the condescension. You don't know me, you don't know what knowledge i have - there are many ways of putting a point across and as the written word doesn't help with tone so i will attempt to take your tone as passion for your breed. Perhaps i'm being a bit sensitive - just didn't expect to be pounced on so aggressively for choice of a pup that hasn't even been born yet, eg vs a pet store or byb no history pup - that i would have understood the angst.
  11. Stafford Fans

    *Sighs* the bitches nose looks black - i didn't realise that an black/black looking nose was an issue for a dog - certainly never considered it a health issue or something to worry about. Don't worry, i now see i'm obviously not welcome here due to not giving a crap about a dogs colour - I am actually going for health, temp and type - i know the HEALTH issues that Staffords can have, bad breeding isn't limited to just a colour.
  12. Stafford Fans

    It's all good Rainy, I know what the general feelings are towards Blue (or blue looking) Staffords and i wouldn't consider any pure bred dog without knowing the lines and possible issues - no matter the colour.
  13. Stafford Fans

    Honestly i know all the possible issues with Blue staffs and staffs in general, i know the mum's lines - anyway i'm not a newbie and not getting into this arguement. Just excited to be getting a chatty and possibly farty staffy pup.
  14. Stafford Fans

    I'm not up to date with the exact colours these days, GSD i could tell you, Staffy not so much. To my eye she's a blue colour and she does have a black nose - i'm neither here or there as to me she's pretty, sweet natured and to my eye a good looking Staffy and i couldn't care less if she was blue or brown brindle
  15. Stafford Fans

    Can't remember the prefix unfortunately, lmao, she's my best mates girl - she's blue with a black nose, with blues and blue fawn pups expected from the pairing - aiming for a blue fawn lad :) It's going to be a huuuuuge change from GSD's!