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  1. Rotti, Dal, Boston Pug, Sibe, Affie BC, Poodle, Bernese Mastiff, Staffy, Ridgeback Cav, Bichon, Dobe ? lol
  2. Thanks everyone, i really appreciate it :)
  3. RIP Sabre, sleep well and run free, old Harm will keep you company while waiting at the bridge for the rest of us. Love you Dear-heart. For all he was my problem poppet he was a sweetie and i miss him - i do feel better having him back home after picking up his ashes this afternoon.
  4. Tried to Pm you Nek - if you want to pm me your email address i'll forward what info i have. The dogs aren't from straight wolf or Czech's, 1/4 wolf to GSD crosses are allowed in Aus, or at least QLD and some were brought in a number of years ago by a breeder up the coast. They've been working with the lines for a while and i'm guessing these two dogs lines go back to them or something similar.
  5. They aren't necessarily put up as SAR - the lad has had a lot of tracking training etc and i just put it up as a possibility. They are fine with people, just initially shy rather then aggressive or overtly friendly as i understand it. The girl is more forward and comes across as more confident initially then the lad. They do need to work tho rather then be a yard dog or once/twice a week with basic obedience etc
  6. Hopefully i can put this here! The lad is a mix of Dingo, Timber Wolf, GSD and Mal who is approx 2 year old, and has had tracking experience and considerable like training. The daughter of this lad is also available, she would have the same mix, however we think the mother was pure Shepherd. She is approx 9-10 months old, but she wouldn’t really be suitable as a family pet, so again maybe an experienced couple, or someone wanting a dog to train. If someone is interested please pm me and i'll pass on the details further details and if still interested will pass on details of my friend - she's not the breeder/owner of the dogs (is in Brissie), but has personally assessed the lad and is liaising on behalf of the owner. ETA - Remove excess info - if interested pm me.
  7. I tend to use either Kessells Rd vets or Salisbury Vet on Lillian Ave
  8. Just so people know...if you were using ProPlan Salmon because it was wheat free and have notice a change in your pooch recently, it could be the food - they have changed their ingredients and it now contains wheat apparently.
  9. Apple cider vinegar will also help a hell of a lot - dogs and people!
  10. Sorry to get back to late to this one - didn't see that someone had asked me a question!! Yes...i have used Redgum Kennels for both dogs and cats - i've used them on and off for a number of years now and have always been happy with their service, kennels, cattery and treatment of my pets. I've usually also paid the lil extra for obedience training for my dogs when they are there - not because they necessarily need it, but i figure it's something extra to work their brains.
  11. So sorry for your loss - he will be missed by many
  12. Sophia at Underwood PetBarn is very good She only works certain days tho..
  13. I've only ever used Redgum Kennels for both dogs and cats
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