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  1. Second puppy?

    Yes - most other dogs do not like to have an enthusiastic pup getting in their face and licking. They will tell him off for that. If he doesn't heed their warning, they may very well bite.
  2. What can I put on my deck?

    Yes....a runway! I'm in Hobart, otherwise I would love your used carpet!
  3. What can I put on my deck?

    Persephone - Briar is a mastiff and my last girl was a Dane cross, so it's the big dog nails that get caught. Riff Raff the staffy cross has never busted a nail in it. Maybe what I actually need to do is train the dogs not to run on the deck? I wonder if I could do that?
  4. What can I put on my deck?

    Marine carpet sounds like the go. We are having some renovations done anyway later this year, and he deck will be impacted. I'll see if we can lift the boards and replace them closer. Marine carpeting should be good in the meantime maybe. Do I buy it from Bunnings or somewhere like that?
  5. What can I put on my deck?

    Carpet would be good. Shade cloth would be ok...maybe slippery? I'm pretty sure it's the gap between the boards. My smaller dog has never damaged a toe on the deck - his nails slip in and out between the boards easily. The bigger dogs just seem to wedge in there. I can't believe I'm the only person who has had this problem!
  6. What can I put on my deck?

    No, I have meticulously kept her nails short as she is still growing and I want her feet to maintain their shape. The same happened to my last dog, she split several nails, running across the deck. This episode has cost me $1600 so far and she needs to go back to the vet tomorrow. I'm not sure she hasn't done some permanent damage to be honest.
  7. So Briar has broken a toe running across the deck. Her nail went between the boards and stuck, which led to the broken toe. I want to prevent it happening again - do I need to stop her accessing the deck at all or could I put 'walkways' of something over the deck boards to make it safer? Any suggestions?
  8. Lump on puppy's head

    Is it round like a 20c piece?
  9. Teething Troubles

    So 10 days later and all of her puppy teeth have fallen out and her gums are looking great. I ended up pulling the last one yesterday. It was hanging on by a thread, so I just gave it a little tug and it popped right out. I'm thinking her new canines will shift outwards a little as they finish erupting and as her jaw continues growing. Thanks everyone for your reassurance.
  10. Teething Troubles

    Photo added - not at all about teeth, but look at my puppy!
  11. Teething Troubles

    So Briar (mastiff pup) is now 5 months old and has almost all her adult teeth. The last ones left are her canines. Her new teeth are coming through on the inside of her puppy teeth, but her puppy teeth aren't even loose. One has snapped off at gum level but I can see roots still left in there. Do I need to do anything about it or will they fall out as the adult teeth come down? I don't want retained puppy teeth to damage her adult teeth.
  12. Nosework: Great For Dogs!

    When Raff can't find a hide, I generally show him where it is so he can have his success. If I know where it is anyway.
  13. Nz Import Question

    We recently imported our girl from NZ. I rang the broker to get a quote and he told me I didn't need him. I didn't. It was quite simple. I didn't pay import tax. If she were for breeding I would have had to. Apparently, Melbourne airport has streamlined its processes because it has become the new animal handling centre and all imports come through there. You have to use an animal transport company, but basically the only thing they did was arrange the flight and make sure the crate was ok (my breeder supplied one anyway). Freight handling and quarantine took so long! I was waiting for about 3 hours after her flight landed.
  14. Introducing New Pup To Existing Dog

    This is Briar. She's a 10 week old Mastiff pup and Riff Raff's new little sister.
  15. Introducing New Pup To Existing Dog

    It all went well and Riff Raff is actually quite smitten by his baby sister. He got extremely over excited at first (he does this sometimes) - dilated pupils, excessive drooling, dashing back and forth and jabbing her with his nose. But wth some gentle praise and guidance from us, he soon got the idea, calmed down and gently sniffed instead. 24 hours later saw them sharing a bed for an afternoon nap. Both are inviting each other to play, and seem happy in each other's company.