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  1. Hi there raw feeders, prepare for a long winded and slightly anxious post..... I am after some advise as a newby to raw feeding. I have read as much as I can (brain overload) and I understand the principles of ratios of muscle meat, offal, bone etc but I guess my question is what does your weekly menu look like in a practical sense? I am planning on supplementary feeding meals for mutts dry food as part of his diet as I am not confident in my raw feeding abilities at this stage! Doglet in question: Hobart is a 7month old, 24kgish male Boxer who is pretty active and is prone to losing weight. Approx Weights of Foods: 1 cup MFM: 200g 1 chicken frame: 500g 1/4 lamb liver, 1x meaty bone, 2x chicken drumsticks: 800g including the bone 5 chicken necks- 400g (guess as I dont have any to weight at the moment) Example of Diet: Monday Morning- 1 large chicken frame and 300g of beef forequarter mince Night- 1 cup of MFM dry food Tues Morning- 300g forequarter mince, 1/4 lamb liver, 1x meaty lamb bone, 2 chicken drumsticks Night- 1 cup MFM dry food Wed- 300g Forequarter mince, 5 chicken necks, 1 egg night- 1 cup MFM dry food Thurs Morning- 300g Forequarter mince, 1 large chicken frame night- 1 cup MFM dry food Friday morning- 300g forequarter mince, 5 chicken necks, 1x lamb heart night- 1 cup mfm dry food Sat Morning- 300g forequarter mince, 1/4 lamb liver, 1x meaty lamb bone, 2x chicken drumsticks night- 1 cup mfm dry food Sunday morning- training treats at dog school night- mfm dry food I know at this stage it is pretty basic with mostly chicken and beef which isn't ideal but I'm a bit overwhelmed so I am starting easy and working my way up to different things. Now... do you include the weight of bone when you weigh your daily feeds? Thank you if you got to the end of my essay... PS I have attached a picture of suspect in question who is currently trying to lure me off the computer to play with him
  2. Hi all I am looking for recommendations for doggie sunscreen as we have a 18week old white boxer boy. We are currently using filtabac but finding it very thick and hard to spread- also wondering if it should be used long term considering it has other properties in it rather than just a sunscreen? By next summer we will have built a run down the shady side of the house for him but until then the time he spends in the sun I want to be sure I’m using the right product thank you!
  3. Floor cleaning product recommendations

    Thanks everyone, might have to try both!!
  4. Hello there I am just looking for peoples personal recommendations of best floor cleaning products (for hardwood floors) when you are mopping up after mr 10week old and his pea sized bladder? the more natural the better but really I’m currently using dettol floor cleaner and that isn’t natural. Mostly I don’t want a product that is encouraging the use of the floor as a toilet (ammonia based I guess). Thanks in advance
  5. Destructo-dog

    Thanks for the advise; most of it we already do! No collars can be left on, soft toys are for supervision only :p and we have clamshells. They are crate trained as in I use them at dog obedience for the hour whilst I take the other in in class and they are fine in that. She is also fine indoors when we are there and outside when we are there but obviously we cant be there all the time. The op-shop blankets sound like an excellent plan! Thanks :)
  6. Hi All, I have a (basically) 2 year old boxer, female, whom I got from the breeder at 12months. She lives with my 6 year old male boxer in a backyard full of toys, balls etc. They get walked as well as played with and the ball thrown for them throughout the day. I take her to obedience training which she loves and since we passed her basic levels have recently started agility training. My problem is she is destructo-dog and just destroys beds, bedding, soft toys, digs holes, chews the older dog's collar off and in winter chews his rug. We no longer have the option of having them inside at night over winter and although they have a run with shelter and a kennel I just dont know what to do. She has done this since we first got her and I thought she would grow out of it. I am at my wits end with this behaviour because I am worried about them being cold more than anything! Has anyone else experienced this? Or have any suggestions on how to either keep them warm without having shredded stuffing all over the backyard or how to stop her doing it? Any advice is very appreciated, Kim
  7. Hi All, I am looking for a crate that I can use to house my alternate boxer whilst I am training the other at dog school.. I suppose a soft crate is what I'm looking for as I need to be able to carry it and set it up easily. I am wondering what brand everyone would recommend? Thanks in advance :)
  8. Aussie Pics

    OHH The fun day sounds great! Thanks for that suggestion Im very excited to see all the aussies!
  9. Aussie Pics

    Hi there Aussie owners and breeders!! Ive been snooping round the Aussie thread for sometime now because I absolutely LOVE aussies... so beautiful. Def my next dog! After showing a pic of an Aussie to my friend he has (after some research) fallen in love with the breed also and is very keen on getting one. Is there any breeders in VIC (that have any litters planned for this year) that anyone could recommend so I can pass the info on. I guess that he would be looking to get the puppy by the end of the year but he realises that you have to be patient and realistic in order to get the right beautiful puppy for you. Any info would be great. Beautiful dogs guys!! Luv all the photos!
  10. Hi guys, I have some questions about feeding a predominantly raw diet... I am currently feeding 3cups of royal canine and one barf patty a day in two meals. I am esentially happy with this diet and he is looking good (glossy coat, good weight, no smells... lol) but wanting to swap this diet to a raw diet Main reasons being: 1. I think it will be better for his health 2. Hopefully it will be a cheaper option .....but I dont know how much to feed and I have lots of little questions like... is the actual bone included when you are weighing out their daily portion? Basil is a boxer and he is fairly small, and although I havn't had any problems with him losing weight in the past, he has always been lean so should I feed him just the 2-3% of his body weight or should I give him a bit more? I guess what im worried about is that if I feed him approx 500-700g (which is approx 2-3% of his body weight) he may lose Kgs since that is less than i am feeding him now and to my knowledge aren't dry food and Barf patties concentrated so actually like im really feeding more? Correct me if I'm wrong on this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Kim
  11. Close Shave For Solly

    Glad to hear that Solly is on his way home. good luck, hope he is starting to feel a little better, sending luv from Basil and myself
  12. I just bought a pigs leg from the market for my boy... I hope its gunna be okay... all this speculation has got me worried!!!
  13. Barf Feeders

    Does anyone know where to get cheap meat from in melbourne and eastern suburbs? Im feeling a bit jealous now that i checked out the Purcells website- lucky brisbaners!! :-P
  14. I think the best thing all of us can do is go out buy our own dehydrators! You can make all sorts of jerky and treats,such as chicken breast,liver,fish,sweet potato,the list is endless! And a much cheaper option too. Are they exy to buy and where do you get them from??? Cheers!
  15. Pug Stuff

    hey guys, I have posted in the general section but i thought i would try direct to you guys as well!!!! Can anyone recommend a Pug breeder/s in VIC as my friend is looking to get a puppy. Any advise or breeders known would be great!!! Cheers Kim :D