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  1. I grew up in Newcastle upon Tyne which is fairly close to Bedlington. There were lots of Bedlington Terriers around when I was growing up.
  2. I'm not sure who you're contacting but we don't pay a fee and many housesitters prefer a long stay - have a look here https://mindahome.com.au/house-sitting-in-perth I think you may be confusing pet sitters with housesitters
  3. Have you considered a house sitter? We have found sitters through the mind a home website for our last few trips and have been very happy with them as they look after the garden as well as the pets and are good security for the house. They do not charge a fee but obviously you have to check references etc.
  4. The Australian schedule is a series which starts in infancy. The final one in the schedule is given at 15/16 years of age. Boosters are in addition to the recommended schedule.
  5. What do you mean by you haven't had the full vaccine? If you had a shot when you were 16 you have had the full schedule.
  6. Jules, I've only just seen this. So sorry to hear you have lost your precious Renae.
  7. Thank you DB, hope you and the family are well my friend :) It seems I've come out in sympathy with you and developed a form of arthritis HW , thankfully I'm currently pain free and hoping to stay that way
  8. I couldn't resist having Stan and Maddie on the desk
  9. So sorry to hear your news, he was such a gorgeous boy.
  10. Beautiful dogs, are they working in Manjimup?
  11. I use them outside on the sling beds and they've lasted for ages. I wish you could buy replacement covers as the pads are still fine. I'm a bit put off by the postage - $10 each.
  12. Gus and Spice are both gorgeous, I have a terrible weakness for wire coated dogs
  13. Oh my god they are famous, how did you know!? Don't tell the name here we don't want to have any legal problem. I worked it out just from the thread titleWA-Perth pet shop (Private owned)
  14. How scary for you all, hope you all continue to recover well
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