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  1. Thank you everyone, it makes me feel a little better knowing I’m not alone. im thinking it might have been environmental as well. We lost our cat, who was around Annie’s time, Shadow died from Panlukepena (?) that she picked up from a rescue kitten we had, he was a carrier. So we haven’t had the best of luck with pets. The two cats we have now, are a Russian Blue, Mishka is 4. Castiel is a rescue and he is 1. They are both in the best of health and have never been sick. So maybe the move has helped. I’m still on the wall about getting a dog, but you’ve all given me a lot to t
  2. Thank you. I accepted old age to take my pets, it’s part of life. Annie never reached her 1st birthday. I guess I’m more worried about another dog with cancer. I chose a different breeder in a different state for Annie, but it didn’t make any difference. I then wondered about the area we had both dogs. I don’t know. We have moved towns, so if it was that...then I just wonder if I had bad luck with dogs
  3. Hi, Many years ago we got a beautiful Aussie Bulldog, her name was Jessie, she was a wonderful companion. She got sick when she was 10yrs old and after tests and eventually exploratory surgery, they found she had stomach cancer, we had her put to sleep while she was still under. We didn’t want her to suffer anymore Then several years later we decided to get another Aussie Bulldog, her name was Annie. Again a fantastic temperament, but she got cancer and she was so sick we had her put to sleep. It’s now been about 6+ years, we have moved towns, the kids are grown up and
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