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  1. Is it possible there are new neighbours or a new business around that has something emitting a new high pitched sound that is setting him off?
  2. Leaving pets ( often desexed) on short chains, or in bare yards, with no food/training/warmth.... THAT is cruel. Mixing up breeds ,producing pups with mismatched bodyparts /coats... that can be cruel. dogs housed in cages at puppy factories- THAT is cruel. leaving a cute little fluffy dog until its coat is so matted that the dog cannot see properly, or walk comfortably ...THAT is cruelty. Mass desexing will do NOTHING to stop humans treating pets badly ..and THAT is cruelty. Exactly.
  3. :p I think I should start a campaign in my electorate where all even number households for Liberal, and the odd numbers vote Labor. Nothing like a very close poll and a marginal electorate to attract lots of political attention/govt funding. ;) I think we are ready for this :D Look at how many hung parliaments or close margins are across Australian states and the Commonwealth....the electorate is sending a very big message
  4. You won't need to vote for me.. :p Spoken like a true revolutionary :D
  5. I used to think I was a Socialist. Then I studied politics and concluded that I wasn't. Left and right are pretty much obsolete terms with regard to mainstream politics IMO. In a world of constant voter opinion polling and the race for the most mass appeal, all we're left (no pun intended) with now is different flavours of vanilla and mass voter apathy. Its like the two men and the donkey story - in trying to please everyone, you end up thrilling no one. Come the revolution, I shall solve all of this. :p Once the cyclists have been sent off for re-education, I'll sort out dog welfare
  6. More importantly, I have very left leaning politics and I do not support PETA and I do not support us having our lives ruled by laws, nor do I support the mandatory desexing of animals nor do i support the current attempts to restrict me as a dog owner nor the restrictions on dog breeders. Left politics and PETA do not go hand in hand :D
  7. Jaxx'sBuddy


    many condolences RL I understand what you are saying, I am the same about GSD's, I can never have another but maybe one day I will be able to.
  8. I would suggest then that the message hasn't been clear enough as many of us thought the same way.
  9. On behalf of the MDBA I called the LGA and talked to the acting CEO. The LGA services all South Australian Local Councils. I ascertained that the article was a bit of a media beat up as the LGA had no knowledge of the proposal until the news article was published. The LGA will discuss the proposal so I asked about the process which I have outlined below. The process is: - The LGA executive will discuss the proposal possibly at their May meeting. - The proposal would need to have the majority of Council Representatives backing for it to be passed at that meeting. - If this meeting reco
  10. If it is a voluntary program then it won't stop the tide of unwanted pets
  11. If this is what the proposal means then I am all for it. Trouble is the proposal is too vague.
  12. Can you answer the question on how this proposal will stop unwanted pets given unwanted means the pet is homed then disposed of?
  13. x2. My dog, my property and, in consultation with my vet, I want to make those decisions and make them taking into account my individual dogs needs not just process my dog like she is one of a crowd with the same needs as other dogs :p
  14. What about the health and welfare of the dogs? Early desexing is not always the best health choice for a puppy/dog, especially larger breeds. I too would like to see the proof that this strategy would do what is claimed
  15. I use a voice marker as it means one less thing to carry and manipulate
  16. This entire thread is ridiculous - Hey look at me I'm going to promote breaking the law every day and someone gets grumpy so I need to whinge or... certain breeds are horrible (even though I wouldnt know the breed if it bit me on the arse) to my illegal offlead dog. Smacks of one big beat up to me. No offence. I totally agree....just that I made a mistake and confused the OP with mumtoshelley who doesn't get it. The OP Kels84 does get it and has said she will be walking her dog on leash from now on.
  17. My Boston doesn't smell and never has. She only gets a bath when she is grimy and her fur looks dull. She has very clean and shiny fur
  18. I want to know this, too. Is it like some trophy or status symbol to have your dog walking next to you without a lead attached? Why not just have it clipped for it's safety, and quite frankly, other people's safety. Annoys the heck out of me to see people doing this along footpaths. What if I want to walk my dogs ON LEAD, approaching an off lead dog is worrying. I can't comment much on the OP as I found it too hard to follow. But I think I gathered out of it that the OP was walking their dog offlead in an onlead only area? Doesn't matter how good your dog is, laws are laws and disobeying them
  19. congrats he is so cute. his nose looks like it is a heart shape in some of those photos
  20. The other thing I did was to teach her to heal off leash in the hall (I have a long hallway) then in the garden. In the hall I dropped treats onto the floor a little behind where I was walking and on the side I walk her so she never went ahead of me in case she missed a treat She then didn't pull on the leash. I also vary the speed that I walk so she really needs to pay attention to me when we are walking. She never pulls on the lead now and at one stage I thought she would never stop pulling.
  21. i turn around and go in the opposite direction every time they pull. i did a lot of circles for a while
  22. For me this is the crux of the matter. I would never forgive myself if this happened to me so I make sure it never will. My dog never leaves my side, is well behaved, focuses on me and has amazing recall BUT she is never off leash unless it is an area that is fenced off and off leash is allowed and there are no other dogs around (because I do not trust their temperament). It only takes a nano second for an accident to happen and a dog is a living thing sometimes driven by it's own motivations. I will not ever put my dog at that level of risk because the ramifications are unthinkable for me
  23. To me it's irrelevant. People whose dogs would kill another given the opportunity are so far at the end of the spectrum that they don't even come into consideration in this kind of situation as it is an absolute given that they should never ever be allowed off leash under any circumstances. They are not the ones who ruin it for everyone, the ones who ruin it for everyone are the ones who don't respect the law, and don't respect other people's right to walk without being harassed or worried by other people's dogs. This was completely uncalled for. Simply saying 'no offense to people who own
  24. This is incredibly offensive. What happened to blame the deed not the breed? You are breaking the law and you have been very lucky that up until now no one has reported you to council. Goodness
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