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  1. Then you could add assault to the list of laws you had broken. Should you have done that to me I would have the police called quicker than you could have hit me. It is not acceptable to condone nor advocate the use of violence.
  2. How do people know that the dog is under kels84's effective control? kels84 did not do the right thing they broke the law by having an unleashed dog in a leashed area. This is what bothers me. If someone is already breaking the law, why on earth would I assume them to be responsible owners with sufficient control of their animals? You're assuming that every dog attack is the fault of a bad owner. Even good owners have been unpleasantly suprised by unexpected behaviour from their own dogs. A good owner (in my opinion) wouldn't place their dogs in a position where they might harm another
  3. How do people know that the dog is under kels84's effective control? kels84 did not do the right thing they broke the law by having an unleashed dog in a leashed area.
  4. I totally agree. I have a small dog who could be very damaged by larger dogs and how do I know who has effective control over their dogs? Off leash dogs are one of the reasons I don't like walking my dog.
  5. If your walking your dog off lead and it's an on lead area, how is anyone to know you have control of your dog? IMO it is irresponsible and I can understand why the guy got annoyed. If you saw him screaming didn't you think it might be because he was worried and that you could have put your dog on the lead to make the guy less worried? Dog owners who break the rules are one of the reasons the community want more laws which makes it more difficult for people who are responsible dog owners.
  6. What is unsubstantiated? There have been posts to enquiries, reports and first hand knowledge. If you don't personally want to believe what has been posted then that is your choice but you cannot say it is not happening to those of use who have opened our eyes to the problems we face with the RSPCA as it is currently structured.
  7. I will not support them until there is an appeals process and they are more transparent in their dealings. At the moment there is no process for appeal outside of the RSPCA..sort of like putting a fox in charge of the hen house when the RSPCA is investigator and prosecutor for cruelty cases. I do not think it is a big ask for them to be accountable but they don't want this to happen, I wonder why? No other private agency has that amount of power but no accountability. In this day and age I am dumbfounded on why this is allowed to happen. They are a private organisation but our tax dollars g
  8. I agree. This thread is starting to look like a fishing expedition
  9. Pigeons are the subject of many urban destruction programs. Building design now may include deterrence devices. If we get a bird flu outbreak here, we may be grateful that efforts have been made to reduce their numbers. Gee for a newb, you're keen to mix it up. I wonder who you were last time you were here??? and here I was thinking it was only me that thought this
  10. Complainants don't need a doctors letter all they need to say is the dogs are causing them to lose their peaceful enjoyment of their property. The reason Councils don't put a time limit on the barking is because everyone is different in how barking affects them.
  11. It not what is unreasonable barking but what is nuisance barking which is defined as barking that interferes with others peaceful enjoyment of their property. I don't think many Councils put a time limit on the barking. When I called my council they said that as a general guideline only that any more than 15 minutes of barking per hour could be seen as nuisance barking.
  12. I have 2 white fluffies near me who bark EVERY time their owners go out and they are very annoying...and I like dogs..there is no excuses for this to be happening. You don't need to dislike dogs to find barking annoying.
  13. That is a profound truth PF. I hadn't thought of that. When you write to the Council, throw that question at them, JB. Give them something to ponder on. If they will. I found out that it hasn't gone anywhere yet. This is just a proposal from animal management officers. So I need to find out if it has legs or if it is just wishful thinking on the officers behalf. In any event it will not be put into council by-laws until the Dog and Cat Management Act is changed and I can't see that happening any time soon as any changes must go through the Parliamentary process then voted on t
  14. What is a 'proper' hospital? The clinic my dog went to also had x-ray machines (I know because I had to develop the films when I worked there), it also had equipment for pathology. I said it was the only clinic in town, not that it was a run down, shoddy second rate clinic. I don't think that the fact that the so called 'proper' hospital has someone there 24/7 or that it has lot's of equipment is a good enough reason to over charge people for what is essentially fairly basic treatment. They would not need to use any of it to treat the dog in question so why should the owner have to pay for
  15. That is a profound truth PF. I hadn't thought of that.
  16. Keep an eye on it? I say it needs to be pounced on, squashed, trampled and thoroughly rejected BEFORE it goes ANYWHERE. Don't just sit back and wait because it will take a long time. It'll creep up on you before you know it. Happens every time . True Erny. I was thinking more about them putting the law into their by-laws then legally challenging it. I do not think this will come to pass because their legal eagles would be telling them it is illegal for them to do this. I will ring the council up and see what they say as I am sure they can't do it. ETA i do not think this will get a
  17. Sorry, which dogs did I mention apart from Labradoodles? I know there are other registers out there, similar to Koolies in Australia they are a breed and have their own register but I personally couldn't breed them if I wanted too......guess it's lucky I like ANKC recognised breeds huh! The breeders if the breed I like, aren't interested in recognition as yet.......the reason was sent to me in an email but I can't remember why at the moment Labradoodles have a registry as well
  18. Actually I couldn't give a flying rats arse about this "breed" of dog. Like alot of other posters there is a breed overseas that I would love to own one day, but it is a developing breed and as such isn't recognised. I wouldn't import at the moment based on that alone, it wouldn't sit right breeding unregistered dogs If/When I happen to import this breed I will gurantee you I will not be charging $4000 a puppy just because I will be the only breeder in Australia. I wonder, what are peoples opinions on people breeding Labradoodles? They appear to breed more true to type than these dogs and
  19. I only realised a little while ago that I train all my dogs to "wait" and they are calm and wait until I come back to them no matter how long they are left. they never get bored and they usually lie down and sleep or watch the world go by. Thing is I just realised that I was teaching them self control and how to manage boredom...who would've thunk. All my dogs have been calm and go with the flow so IMO self control is really important as is delayed gratification ie TOT.
  20. I wish I were closer to AWL Qld to do something more hands-on than financial support alone. Yes, the UQ adoption program is one of the best places to get dogs & cats from. Our cat came thro' that program & she's great. By the way, unvaccinated dogs are all over the place...leaving their 'presence' on footpaths, in parks & other public places. Human shoes supply a transport system. True however there is an expectation that anyone purporting to have the dogs best interests at heart would behave in a more professional and responsible manner. Let's be honest, if a breeders beh
  21. x 2. I would be soooooo furious it's not funny. x3 I am disgusted with rescues who do not quarantine their animals. There is no excuse and it is negligent and I wonder if it is reckless endangerment (or is this just for humans?) I really hope someone does sue them because maybe they will then get the message. I will also be taking a road trip if I get a pup from interstate. I got my pup from NZ but I would never do that again knowing what I know now about poor rescue practices. I never want new laws but in this case I may have to rethink that position, maybe we do need laws to manage
  22. I for once am speechless. There are no words to express how bad this situation is. I have a lot of time and respect for rescues and foster carers who do the right thing and they are out there thank goodness however, this sort of situation makes it very difficult for good rescues. What on earth were they thinking, where was the quarantine process and where was looking after all dogs? The thought that innocent dogs may get parvo, one of the most awful dogs diseases, is beyond comprehension. This is exactly like someone taking a gun to a dog park and indiscriminately shooting at dogs...some
  23. saw this back seat hammock today when I was looking for soft crates http://www.k9softdogcrates.com.au/index.php?p=products
  24. proof please and to the original poster no your bitch does not need a litter to settle her down my vet told me that there is an increased risk...proof enough?
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