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  1. I think the trick is to find a registered breeder via word of mouth. Key word being REPUTABLE. I've had some shocking dealings with reg'd breeders, but just like any 'industry' you have to sort out the good from the bad. Then when you get good, they far outweigh the bad as they offer so much more than even a 'good BYB'er' (there's an oxymoron if I ever saw one ). the trouble i have is the blanket "if they are a registered breeder they are good" mentality. it is very difficult for dog owners to find good breeders. how are they to get the "word of mouth" info? how do we know who is good a
  2. this has not been my experience. if it was as you described then i wouldn't have a problem. whilst my dog loves food, under distraction she is not interested in it so this method doesn't work for her. however, i went to obedience classes and all i was asked to do was give more food!!! maybe it was just this particular trainer.
  3. here is a list of all clubs in SA http://www.dogssa.com.au/Website/index.php...&page=clubs maybe contact them and ask about their training methods. i agree wire, my dog did not do well with food based positive training. i also don't like it as i want the dog to behave and do as i want because i have asked her not because i have a treat.
  4. you may need to be careful...what caused the problem in the first place may happen again. the drive may have problems.
  5. i am so there with you!!! ;)
  6. i agree with this completely. this is what i was trying to say in my previous post but this says it better!!!
  7. i find this discussion interesting. i have become concerned about how many times a dogs behaviour has been classified as dominant when in my opinion it's a dog trying it on. They are clever and they are good at getting what they want, that's one of the reasons i like them. i believe a lot of behaviour seen as dominance isn't. it is a dog that hasn't been taught the rules and doesn't know the boundaries. my dogs listen to me...however, sometimes they don't ;) . when this happens, i may raise my voice a little, give them a "oi!" or give them the look and then they miraculously hear me cl
  8. my dog has been fed chicken frames for 14 years and she's still going strong. it was a lot of nonsense that pet shop person was sprouting. the life expectancy for her breed is about 12 years. edited to say they were always frozen to stop her scoffing them and to help clean her teeth.
  9. Dominance serves to ensure you get what you want regardless of the wants of others. If you choose to disobey, you aren't recognising the role of that leader - you seek or assert dominance. Dominants lead, they are not led. i agree 100%. i have never had a problem clipping toenails, looking/touching ears, giving pills. in fact my dogs let me do anything to them. one reason is that i expect them to let me and another is that i don't cause pain when i do things. i think the issue of dominance is confused when people take certain behaviours, usually out of context and say the dog is domin
  10. i would not take her anywhere that has dogs off leash. maybe look around your area for another park where people respect the rules. my dog (14 months old) behaves like yours and i do not allow her to meet strange dogs. if i want this fearful behaviour to change then i need her to be around predictable dogs because if a bad situation happens then her behaviour will become worse. as this is an important period in her life, second fear period, i need to make sure she knows that wherever i take her is safe. i have to step up my leadership with her. i have stopped her from pulling now by ch
  11. Eagle pack have lots of sizes eta - to say my local Pet Stock will take opened food back if the dog doesn't like it
  12. my dog has yeast allergies. i have now got this under control with no itching etc for 4 months. there is no yeast in meat although some dogs can have allergic reactions to different proteins. for example pork can often cause an allergic reaction in some dogs. this is what i did. over a period of time, feed only one protein at a time, ie beef, chicken, roo meat, duck, for a two week period for each protein. this will let you know what protein the dog can tolerate. once you find out the best protein, mix the protein with a grain (i stayed away from wheat) so i tried rice and oatmeal. oat
  13. I have also heard that Great Barko is good and Bonnie (don't know which one) has the same ingredients as one of the more expensive brands.
  14. get packing tape or and wide tape and roll it around your hand, sticky side out and use like the sticky roll. it is lots cheaper and works better.
  15. absolutely agree. my dog started having allergies & yeasty infections so i had to work out what the problem was. found a kibble that worked and I will not change it without a great deal of thought. i get concerned when someone asks about food and right off the bat someone will start with the "perfect" food and then insinuate that if you aren't feeding this you are a bad owner. this type of attitude puts people off from asking other questions that may help a dog in need. a lot of things need to be taken into account when feeding a dog, including the family finances and even though some
  16. i had a cairn with severe allergies. after taking her to a naturopath when she was 2 years old, she was put on a diet of chicken frames (raw) and rice with cucumber and carrot. i did also suplement with missing link. she has been on this diet and it really helped and she is now 13 years old.
  17. i am really reluctant to sedate animals for vet visits. the dog can get confused and it doesn't help them deal with the situation. seems to me this vet wants to make it easier for their examination rather than look at whats best for the dog.
  18. it is not helpful to the OP to include your value judgements. i have always prepared my own food for my dogs but my current dog had food allergies and i have found that kibble is the best to feed her to control the allergies. are you suggesting i am poisoning her? how about getting your facts straight before pronouncing that we are all bad dog owers if we feed kibble. for the OP, a kibble only diet will let you manage the amount of food much better and i can assure you that my dog is very healthy, has a shiny coat and no itching on the Eagle Pack holistic Duck kibble!!! good luck with the
  19. i think mostly dogs prefer consistency. if all is calm then an outburst of anger from the owner then i think if this happens regularly the dog can become fearful, depending on the temperament of the dog. In any event, people that are angry may not be thinking logically and may confuse the dog. Confusion can also lead to anxiety. fear and anxiety can become aggression again depending on the temperament of the dog. it certainly won't help the dog become well behaved!
  20. i am curious, would this mean that if a dog licks a human that it is being submissive?
  21. the dogs is punishing me for leaving him at home the dog knows he's done the wrong thing the dog tries to make me feel guilty
  22. my pup is used to being in a crate so i kept her in the crate for the time . i took her out for toilet breaks, gave her lots of chew toys in the crate, took her for a stroll around the garden on a leash, gave her frozen chicken wings. it was really hard and we were both stir crazy at the end of 7 days!!!! she had an inguinal hernia op at the same time so it was really important for me to keep her contained.
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