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  1. The seizing and killing of pets due to percieved breed is abhorrent. Glad they have slightly woken up.
  2. The dogs, which are believed to be of the show breeds Amstaff, Chinese Crested and Lakeland Terrier breeds, were allegedly shot and buried because the dog breeder was relocating her business and couldn't take every animal with her.
  3. The RSPCA is investigating claims that a female show dog breeder who kept up to 40 animals in 'putrid' kennels west of Sydney shot and killed up to six animals and buried them in a shallow pit.
  4. I trained up my dog with the type thistle the dog has on the pic. Best tool around for training imo.
  5. Errm livingstone shire council forewarned about the baiting program 2 months in advance and signage is up. Vets should know at least.
  6. You'd think they would cover it with fake fur and a realistic, if not poorly done taxidermist look. But no. I'd rather an R2D2 looking thing myself, if I were to get a pet robot.
  7. I know you're discussing NSW, but for interest sake Qld has no ' legal' requirement for a dog to be restrained inside a car,as far as i am aware, just a recommendation, on a ute yes a legal requirement to secure your ' load', but not in a cab. In Car it's just not on your lap if driving, or let it have it's head out the window and tongue flapping around as it's interfering .... With safe driving.. qld is a cracked egg lol.
  8. Customs and Quarantine doing a stella job protecting our borders once again... Big man Barnaby needs his lips sewed shut to keep the crap from dribbling out. lol .... And Johnny needs a better concierge or who ever handles these matters on his staff.
  9. In 10 years! Struth mate! That's quite the crystal ball he has! haha.
  10. Next door roosters get me up! The barking dogs fine, but those bloody roosters lol! The little Bantum one with the broken voice box is the worst! Sounds like it's being strangled !!!!!
  11. Very creative and imaginative country! Dogs the best of people*
  12. They'll be totally f***ed when the watch dog peacocks arrive! Earn that 250 k lol. What a joke.
  13. Prolly because it morphed from being legislation into an accepted tradition over the passage of time When were the greyhounds first made to be the first dog breed to be muzzled when out in public anyway?
  14. I hope they come to there senses. BSL has to be one of the most pathetic legislation in Modern Australias history. But be aware the Federal opposition leader is on record for wanting Vic style BSL Legislation in every state and territory.
  15. Wonder when the pathetic-ness of BSL will burn itself out... / shouldn't be too long now I hope. Fairdinkum the whole crap's like saying damn a lot of Polynesians had cannibals in the ancestry' 'far out they might eat us' it's all in the genetics!' . As eg, it's so pathetic it's simply beyond words. Worse,that dude looks like one!!. Pathetic!
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