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  1. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    @NikkiandKane... did the vet not give you the option of hypoallergenic kibble... Royal Canin, Science Diet, etc? They would work out cheaper feeding in the long run... T.
  2. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    It all depends on the history the vet has with the dog in question and the information given by the owner. If the owner wants allergy testing done, then the vet should give them a referral to a specialist to have those done. A lot of vets may try the dog on hypoallergenic formula foods to rule out food allergy issues too... T.
  3. Guide for first puppy

    Tapua Labradors has some awesome play/learning setups... https://www.facebook.com/Tapua-Labrador-Retrievers-1563641850548295/ T.
  4. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    My friend's staffies were getting an unexplained rash for a while a couple of months ago, and she and the vet were perplexed at what was causing it. A good search of the entire yard found a very small amount of wandering jew hiding under some ground cover grasses that the dogs like to lie in when the weather is warm... removed all of it including the roots, and no rashes since. It doesn't take much of the darned stuff to cause a reaction... grrr! T.
  5. Guide for first puppy

    @JimmyTheHuman... you sound like a great family for this little one... don't get disheartened at the odd negative comment, OK? I'm with persephone on the point of you posting some photos of him... and telling us his name... so we can all get to know him better. ... and just a side note about juice's avatar dog breed - it's a bull terrier, not a pitbull... *grin* T.
  6. Guide for first puppy

    First post was on 21 April... 2 weeks ago... errr! I think the OP is trying his best to raise the little one right, so let's give him any/all assistance to do that, yes? T.
  7. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    A friend of mine had to rip up all the carpets in the house because their dog was allergic to them... expensive! T.
  8. KC vaccination wrongly given

    @Rappie... would you have tried to saline flush the area injected? This poor little 1.5kg toy poodle really reacted badly after that was done to her... She seems to have come good as far as the swelling and infection are concerned now... I'll be seeing her today, so will have a better idea of lasting impact to the skin that started to necrose. I had my boss apply pawpaw ointment to that to help with healing there. T.
  9. So, my boss has a tiny toy poodle, Scarlet... 1.5kg fully grown... She took her to the vet yesterday for her first adult booster vaccinations - and the vet injected the intranasal version of the KC vaccine. The vet then decided to inject a bolus of saline solution to the area which has caused a massive painful swelling. The only drugs administered were antibiotics... Poor Scarlet is in a pretty bad way today... unable to walk or hold her head up without crying from pain. My boss can't even pick her up as every small movement is causing pain. Scarlet is otherwise OK... it's just very painful to do anything... and she's lying around just looking miserable and causing my boss great distress. There are no vet clinics open locally, and my boss refuses to go to the emergency clinic nearest her, as the vet on duty there has a poor track record with my boss's animals historically. I've suggested trying to drape a warmed teatowel over the area to warm it and maybe relieve some of the pain that way, but am at a loss as to other things to try to help poor little Scarlet... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is Scarlet... she is such a smart and sweet little thing... https://www.facebook.com/Scarlet-the-Poodle-2011790902209479/?epa=SEARCH_BOX T.
  10. Our new girl.

    OMG!! Those eyes! She is gorgeous @Rascalmyshadow... congrats! T.
  11. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    I had a foster pup who had a similar presentation with regard to stools... we tested for coccidia and giardia via a faecal float... he had coccidia. Treated it, and he was fine from then on with regards to eating pretty much anything. If you suspect your dog has allergies, then your next step is most likely going to be allergy tests to find out exactly what he is allergic to, and then hopefully being able to manage his interactions with said allergens. T.
  12. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    Baycox (for cattle and pigs) can be used off-label to prophylactically treat coccidia - it's a single dose of oral liquid medication and is dosed at 0.2-0.4ml/kg. Suburban vets don't always carry Baycox though... and it's a bit pricey... between $140-180 for 250ml... errr! There are other drugs administered in tablet form, but must be given 2-3 times a day for 7-10 days... Panacur can be given for Giardia... your vet should know the dose rate for which version they have in stock. T.
  13. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    The reason that we have the C3 is to cover for the THREE diseases that cause more death than all others... Parvo, Distemper, and Hepatitis. Each of these diseases WILL kill a young pup in a horrific manner. The reason for having 2-3 puppy vaccinations is to cover pups once the immunity gained from their mother's colostrum at birth has worn off. There is no 100% accurate test to tell us when that immunity wears off, but it is between 6 and 14 weeks on average. This is why we vaccinate usually at 6-8, 10-12, and 14-16 weeks of age. Generally the C3 vaccination is one of the safest vaccinations your pup can be given. It has been extensively tested over many years, and the margin for adverse reactions causing death is extremely low. The alternative if your pup contracts one of those 3 diseases is a slow and painful death from a disease that has no cure. I have personally seen pups with both Parvo and Distemper... and quite frankly I will always take the minimal risk in order to protect my dogs from those diseases. T.
  14. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    I'm hoping that a vet wouldn't be administering a heartworm injection to a 15 week old pup... that isn't recommended at all! There have been reports of dogs reacting badly to the Proheart 12, but those numbers are VERY small... still no consolation to someone whose pet has died as a result. There are 3 ways that the canine cough portion can be given... as a single dose combined with the C3 components (C5), as an intranasal application alongside the C3 vaccination, or as an injectible vaccination alongside the C3 vaccination. Vets have been known to inject the intranasal and vice versa - and this can cause complications. Recently my boss's dog had the intranasal injected, and the vet then also decided to try to flush it with saline... the dog (a tiny 1.5kg toy poodle) got a massive reaction at the site, even to the point of some skin necrosis and a bacterial infection. This was a rare bad reaction to the insult... but still bloody scary... Even knowing all the possible ramifications of an allergic reaction to vaccinations, the alternative is possibly worse... if you'd ever seen a pup with Parvo or Distemper (I've seen both, and it's horrible), you'd fully understand that the vaccination risk is actually worth it... those diseases cause slow, painful, and heartbreaking deaths. T.
  15. Heamatoma on ear

    Great news! T.
  16. Heamatoma on ear

    To reduce the possibility of more trauma being caused from head shaking, you can bandage the ear flat. Draining may or may not work... it depends on which vessels have ruptured in there. It is best to have the haematoma seen by a vet to assess whether it needs a surgical option, or whether you have a chance it may heal on it's own. T.
  17. HELP NEEDED - Puppy Feeding

    You can soak for a short while in hot water to soften them up... just make sure they cool off before feeding them to him, OK? T.
  18. HELP NEEDED - Puppy Feeding

    And hopefully a microchip too... I'm tipping that a breeder letting a pup leave at 5 weeks old probably wouldn't have done that either... T.
  19. HELP NEEDED - Puppy Feeding

    I'd be checking his chest, shoulders and thighs for muscle tone/bulk for a reasonable identification of whther he is skinny or not... if you don't have coverage in those areas, then he needs to bulk up a bit more. Guidelines are just that... guidelines. Some dogs may need more, some less, than what is specified on the pack, OK? The fact that he is apparently fit, active, and otherwise normal is also a good guideline for overall health. Don't panic just yet. T.
  20. KC vaccination wrongly given

    Scarlet went to the vet yesterday... and she's got pain relief now... but there isn't much more that can be done but wait for the stiffness to dissipate. I'll be advising my boss to put in a complaint to the Vet Practitioner's Board about the vet that stuffed up. She's not a new graduate, so really needs a wake-up call as to her practices... grrr! T.
  21. KC vaccination wrongly given

    Poor little Scarlet is feeling a wee bit better today... apparently she's still stiff and doesn't like moving around too much, but the spark is coming back into her eyes... T.
  22. KC vaccination wrongly given

    I can't believe that the vet thought that injecting a bolus of saline was a smart move... seriously, it was only going to compound the problem... especially in a dog so tiny... and then to not administer pain relief, or send the dog home with same... it just beggars belief! T.
  23. KC vaccination wrongly given

    That is definitely a given! Despite the fact that it's more common than you'd think that vets will grab the wrong KC vaccine and administer it incorrectly... you'd think that 1ml of the vaccine plus however large a bolus of saline might cause a lot of discomfort to a tiny 1.5kg dog. Pain relief should have been the highest priority... but the stupid vet just gave antibiotics. And this wasn't a young newly graduated vet either... grrr! Scarlet will be going to the vet we use for the farm animals as soon as his clinic opens this morning... he is so gentle and caring, and will make sure she is comfortable while her little body sorts out the mess the other vet has made. I'm tipping that he'll give her a good painkiller injection to get immediate relief, and then give my boss some take home meds as well. T.
  24. KC vaccination wrongly given

    I also offered to go pick Scarlet up and to bring her to my student workplace clinic - at least I woiuld be allowed in with her for anything needing doing - but it's an hour's drive, and poor Scarlet would feel every little bump in the road... T.
  25. KC vaccination wrongly given

    Scarlet cries at every movement @Powerlegs... and after yesterday, my boss is very leery of not being with her if something needs doing - and most clinics aren't allowing clients into the clinic with their pets... Scarlet is otherwise OK - no temperature or other signs of illness - just pain from what was done to her yesterday. I can't believe that the vet in question didn't send her home with pain medication... grrr! I've found some Meloxicam here, and have offered to drive it to her... T.