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  1. Rspca Act & Das

    i would be interested to know about this as well and also to the point of the temperament testing that is done by the testing team would this be allowed or would it be the RSPCA way???
  2. :rofl: perhaps she wont know the difference we shall tell her its a chi
  3. awww thanks Rae the privilege is all ours
  4. they are definitely the underdogs in the dog world
  5. yes that is true who wants to spend their life cleaning i know some ppl get offended by the thought but as you say if there is a choice why not! :D
  6. sorry when i say chi i do understand that most of the time in rescue they are a cross so that is fine to be a cross we understand that most chi's like a lot of small dogs are not good with kids and esp larger dogs, mum has had this breed for 40 yrs so knows about them. we do understand that it is a narrow field being good with kids and dogs but we know they are out there somewhere!! My kids are pretty good and they dont attempt to pick up small dogs they have grown up with dogs and small ones and i do keep a tight leash on them when it comes to dogs as being a dog person and foster carer myself i have seen the good and the bad. also why looking at a short hair one too The reason she wanted to bring it with her was purely she didnt feel right leaving it behind for so many hours when she is here, she has always had at least 2 dogs so they have always had the company, hence why she wanted to bring it with her. Also on the od occasion this happens once a year, she goes away and cant take the dog with her and rest of the family is overseas the dog would come to me for this time. My dogs initially want to say hello like any dog but then tend to ignore and leave them alone, so as long as the dog didnt have a desire to constantly want to kill the other dog (lol) it is fine. mum prefers a darker colour as before she had one and a light cream coloured one long haired and its a simple thing of the cream colored dog you could notice the hair alot more around the house as oppose to the darker one thats it really
  7. We are looking for a chi for my mum here in canberra, we prefer already in foster care due to hopefully already knowing the nature of the dog in a 'normal home environment' but will consider others. We dont mind male or female and age is not a factor as long as its not say over 4, as she has already lost her two dogs recently, they were both 16, so doesnt want to go through that again anytime soon pref. The dog needs to be good with kids i have a 3yo and 16month old and pref good with other dogs. She would prefer a blk and tan or dark coloured dog. It will be an only dog in her home but when she comes over to look after my kids which is usually a couple of times a week she will be bringing her dog with her. I have 3 med size dogs which are good with other dogs and used to fosters coming and going.
  8. i have a little chi x male that needs to go back to his rescue group in woy woy, there is transport running to syd tomorrow evening but they cant pick him up is there anyone that can possible temp care him for a day or two until they can pick him up pls pm me if you can help
  9. just saw this and was thinking about you the other day Andrea thinking surely by now he has arrived congrats on the little guy you will both hopefully get into a routine soon enough and enjoy while you can they grow up so quick :D
  10. Inexcusable Negligence

    i would also like to way in on this it was only brought to my attention this article a couple of days ago. I use Jan for my own dogs and all my fosters dogs where i can. I have known Jan for years she treated my horses for me when i had them and helped me out with my older dog before i went into rescue. She is a one of a kind vet that was there for my dog when not many others vet would have been, it was xmas eve, to help her out and then put her to sleep when she was passed the point of being helped. I have never seen any other vet whilst putting an animal to sleep with the care that she does she always talks to them softly and is a remarkable vet. She has helped with many of my foster dogs who have come from the pounds very sick and has brought them through some pretty hairy stuff. She has my full support she is one of the few vets around that i think other vets can learn something from and that is affordable vet treatments to those who cannot pay the amazingly high prices that are charged else where. I like the fact that they bring up with ppl that bring their dogs in for treatment that if they are entire they tell them the facts about keeping an entire dog and what this does to their health etc. You tell me another vet that does this, i would love to know. We all know in rescue the importance of desexing animals for numerous reasons but the number of times that average joe public has said that they had no idea of the implications of keeping an entire dog and have said to me if i had of known i would have done things differently. I do use other vets when necessary and without naming names have been told by a vet that vets are being told in veterinary conferences not to deal with rescue or breeders as there is no money in this. I feel this is disgusting and i must admit ringing around recently to see if i can find more vets to come on board has shown that they are putting this into practice. I understand that she is not everyones ideal vet but like all the others she deserves to be able to carry on her work, she tries hard to do what is right by the animals. It is not always you get what you pay for and i have spent a lot of money at i wont mention the vet on here but diagnosis for my horse i was told he had cancer in his eye and that it would need treatment of cryosurgery to help cure it well long story short i got a second opinion and am glad i did as this was not the issue and a bit of eye cream treatment helped cure this and it went away! I am saying that there is some vets out there that have not got the animals best interest at heart and i hear so many times of over diagnosis and misdiagnosis of animals.
  11. thanks guys i will forward all these on to them and see what they say please keep them coming if there is any more
  12. I am looking for a dog for my inlaws who recently lost their muched loved fur kid due to an aggressive form of cancer. The dog they had was a female aus terrier x kelpie, she was kelpie size and they are looking for something similar again. The dog has to be dog friendly and kid and ppl friendly, any age is fine, will be an only dog but will have visits with other med and small dogs, they like to travel with thier dog when they can, most of the time someone is home, guaranteed fantastic loving home. If you know of any dogs that fit this description please let us know so i can pass the info on
  13. i might know of someone who would be interested can you put her petrescue listing link on here and i can let them know so they can get in contact with you if they are interested. i think they were looking for something in canberra but might be willing to travel for the right dog
  14. 'search & Destroy Mission'

    this legislation is absolute, well i wont say the word, i am so glad i dont live in Vic and feel for those that do. I have an am staff, and as cosmolo said, some say they are the same as a pitbull. i would laugh if someone told me he was a dangerous dog and had to wear a muzzle he would lick someone to death perhaps, talk them to death, or beat them with his wagging tail but that is it. why cant they temp assess the dogs and then on that fact deem any breed what ever it is as dangerous dog not just a particular breed target as they are doing. It is very concerning that now anything i think that is tan and staffy looking is going to be dobbed in as a pb, did anyone else notice that on the news most of the dogs shown were not pb at all most tan staffies and some well not even staffy looking.