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  1. No...I had quite forgotten that I had asked
  2. Thanks...she has a lovely nature & PLENTY of drive & the owner is keen for her to learn agility, so it will be interesting to see how she turns out.
  3. I have a new agility beginners class going which is in its 5th week & all going well. One of the dogs is 7/8 dingo, 1/8 kelpie. She is a beautiful dog with a lovely nature, VERY high drive & she graduated from Beginners Obedience class. She gets the zoomies & can sometimes be a little overenthusiastic. I have lent the owner the RRR Dvd, to try & get her recall a bit more reliable. Has anybody here had experience with teaching a dingo x agility & maybe might be able to give me a few hints that I can pass onto her handler?
  4. No worries...I found them..what size did you get for your BC's??
  5. Nice...where did you get those from ??
  6. I ended up getting 6 beach towels & after I put in the promo code, I got six towels for $127 & free towel each for the dogs plus one on the car seat Dock and Bay
  7. I was thinking more of using it to dry off my dogs when we are camping or at home after they have been in the pool. Probably not all that many times I would use it in the car. Can any one recommend a really good quality mf towel?? These bags are $99 each plus $16.50 postage, so if I could get a couple of towels made out of the same stuff.
  8. Did they work the way they described??? Any trouble washing the bags, as I imagine if not washed regularly they would start to smell.
  9. They are used to dry your dog off !!
  10. They are used to dry your dog off !!
  12. I bought a Ruffware DoubleBack for my BC Because of it's belly strap, it was the only harness I could find that he couldn't slip over his head while in the car. It lasted well until one day he chewed through it Now he just gets attached by a collar & chain.
  13. why?...because I call a spade a spade? Not at all; you come in boots and all and are so forceful with your answers that, I for one, skip over your posts as they are frequently worded to be hurtful and humiliating A pity as you may have posted some pertinent, interesting info which I would miss out on when I skip your posts; because of the likelihood of feeling bullied and stupid. Yes I agree ...I find him a "bit" Extreme & don't bother reading his post any more. I agree with the others that the best time to desex is after the dog has matured. Also, if you intend to compete in any of the ANKC disciplines then your dog will need to be desexed unless you have papers from the breeder to show it is registered on either mains or limited.
  14. Yeah...way too far away for me, but might suit Willem. Shame because I really like the ADAA courses.