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  1. Maybe that only applies to wild salmon. The raw salmon I would be feeding is farmed & also as above. Thankyou for the information tho, teddybeans. Something I diddn't know.
  2. Just out of interest...why do you say you won't be desexing your girl??
  3. Lab proof dog beds

    I have a 6 month old BC pup & we have just been away camping for a month. He has destroyed almost every dog blanket I own. It's not so much that he is eating through $50 notes, but I worry about what he is ingesting. & yes he gets all the usual attention, walks, exercise, training etc & has plenty of chew toys. goats horns etc. Lately he seems to be completely uninterested in frozen stuffed Kongs. Would these Kuranda beds stand up to a BC pup??
  4. Feeding Dry Only

    This post is 9 years old
  5. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I will sometimes leave my bag while I continue to walk my dogs & then pick it up on the way back. Hard to walk three border collies plus one or two poo bags, that's why I pick it up on the way back. When at the beach, if my dogs poop, I dig a deep hole & bury it. Far more natural & environmentally friendly than putting one poo per single use bag then chucking it into landfill.
  6. My local fish co-op had salmon scraps today, so I bought a kilo. There is no head or frame, but some of the other bits have bones. Do I need to remove these first before I feed them??
  7. Getting a new puppy

    Greyhound? Maybe too big, but a Whippet maybe??
  8. Everything that Pers says, plus get down to her level rather than bending over her & offer the back of your hand for her to sniff. Yes a picture is a must ...love the oldies
  9. Stay Loyal dry food

    What did the breeder have him on ??
  10. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Coopers condition was very sudden & mimicked the same symptoms as a snake bite or poisoning of some sort, so it was a couple of days before they decided on this diagnosis
  11. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    It is my daughters dog so I am not real sure but I think the blood count is from PCV test. He went right down to 10 at the worst of it. My girl was suffering from severe aneamia & she had a bleeding stomach ulcer.
  12. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    My understanding is that he has to remain on the Atopica while ever he is on steroids, so not sure how long that will be. I will tell her about offering the vet a script fee. Thanks everyone for thinking of him
  13. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Hi Teddybeans, cooper is going well. His last blood count was around 40. The ongoing cost for his treatment is a bit of a drain on my daughters finances, but she is hanging in there, now that she has come this far. He is on a few drugs, but the one she would like to find an alternate supplier for, is the Atopica 50mg which the vet is charging $125 for 15 tablets, which last for just 15 days. A bit of a Google shows she can get it cheaper, but the problem lies in trying to get the prescription off the vet
  14. If she is breeding x breds than there is no way she could be a registered ANKC breeder. Sounds like a puppy farm breeding cavadoodles (or whatever they are called). There is no where that you could report her for not being registered except if she isn't registered with her council. Who did she claim she was registered with ??
  15. Proheart 12 Side Effects nearly fatal

    Heartworm risk where I live is pretty high, so I dose every month with Nexgard Spectra. No way would I agree to my dog being given a dose so high that it would last him twelve months. I would dearly love not to have to give my dogs any of those monthly things...but I live where I live. I cut the tablet in two, so that they are not getting overdosed as well.