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  1. Staffy Puppy Barking When We Are Eating Dinner

    Just make sure your dog understands clicker training & what the clicker means. That link above will take you to lessons on how to clicker train. I clicker train all my dogs behaviours
  2. Playing Music to my Pup

    It's great...I get my puppy music from Spotify & bluetooth it to a speaker just behind his crate
  3. Obsessive barking

    Get yourself a cheap whistle & when he is barking blow it hard. Make sure to blow it while he is barking not when he has stopped. You need to interrupt the barking behaviour. Works with my 8 month old
  4. Pup still EXTREMELY unsettled

    With my new pup who is now 8 months old, up until recently I would put soothing puppy music on for him which I get from Spotify. I also put a frozen Kong stuffed with frozen meat in his bed & generally by the time he has sucked the kong clean, he is asleep. He sleeps in a crate near my room but not in my room. He doesn't like going into the crate at night because he knows that it is bed time, like all young kids. But I now turn it into a game & sit quitely with him & play click & treat....he looks at the crate, I click & throw the treat near the crate & finally in the crate. Eventually he finds the kong & goes right in & I shut the door & put out the light. I don't hear from him till 6 in the morning.
  5. 25th September 2007 - 20th September 2019Today we said goodbye to our darling Bindi. She went downhill fast the last couple of days & it was discovered that she had a tumour on her heart & that was putting pressure on her breathing tube. Evidently this was also the likely cause of her sudden kidney disease.Bindi was our first agility dog & 10 years ago, to this date, she & I entered our very first trial (at Coffs Harbour). Virgin triallers the two of us & our first agility run resulted in a Q & third place. Neil Lester was the judge. She became known as "The Queen of Distance" & achieved her Open Agility title 5 times over. She was never a fast dog but hardly ever knocked a bar or missed a contact. She is now at the Rainbow Bridge with her favourite judge, Jody Brown. We learnt to dance together, she loved performing tricks & loved the clicker. She especially loved to show off her tricks for people & kids everywhere loved her. You may be gone, our lovely Miss Bindi girl, but we will never forget you & what you taught us. You will be in our hearts forever. Bojak Bindi Dreaming ADM JDX ADO5 JDO GDX SPDX SD & Australian Agility Dog Title. Just 5 days short of your 12th birthday.
  6. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    I have just come home from the vets. Ultrasound shows fluid in the abdomen & lungs & a tumour on her heart which is pushing up onto her breathing tube. Only solution is open heart surgery & we are not going down that path...much as it breaks my heart. We have decided to give her her wings. The kidneys were the least of her worries
  7. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Thanks Deeds. Update: I didn't think she would make it through the night, but she did & this morning added diarrhea to her lists of woes. Vet said bring her in & dental will be cancelled. I put her on the scales & she had gained a kilo. In two weeks according to their scales, she had gained about 2 kilos even though I could tell she was fading away. Brought this to the attention of the vet. Hmmmm....distended abdomen, difficulty breathing, anemia. Ultrasound showed fluid in the abdomen, but not blood. Couldn't find any lumps but would not rule it out as she had so much fluid. Is having a chest xray this afternoon as she also has fluid in her lungs. So it is nothing to do with her kidneys. A sample of the fluid has been sent away for sampling. Fingers crossed it is from a bacterial infection & not something more sinister. She is a good girlie
  8. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Where would I get CBD oil from ?
  9. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Thanks Deeds, Pretty sure she checked everything 3 weeks ago when it all came back as stable. This time she was concerned that it might have been pancriatis brought on by the renal food, but that tested negative. No doubt she will do a full blood test again this Friday before she gives her a GA for her tooth. I will try & get some of those pouches, maybe the vet sells them. In the meantime I will keep her on the boiled chicken, but that is only short term because of the protein. I am going to try a bit of sweet potato too...that can't hurt her
  10. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    I am fearing our time together may be running out. She has done so well on the prescription food. I took her to the vets three weeks ago because she was coughing up sticky white mucus. She did the full blood & urine test then & every thing was stable. A week later & she wouldn't eat, was tired & depressed & had a bout of diahrea. Took her back to the vet. She gave me some antibiotics & told me to put her on just boiled chicken but to get her back onto the prescription diet as soon as possible. She didn't think it had to do with her kidneys, but couldn't rule it out. The pills & the chicken gave her back her appetite. Vet said that if I couldn't get her to eat she would have to go into hospital on a drip. A week later, she has gone off her food again, is breathing heavy & has lost all sparkle in her eyes. This morning she ate a little of a barf chicken pattie & some boiled chicken. She is booked in for a GA on Friday for a dental, she is also going to put a tube down & have a look inside She has a cracked tooth which I am hoping may be the cause of her feeling off, but the vet doesn't think so. If a further tests shows she is in the final stages, I am thinking that I will just let her eat whatever she wants until she decides it it time to go. I can't see the point in putting her on a drip at the vet hospital, if it is not going to fix her. Am I doing the right thing?? Of course I will discuss all this with the vet when I take her in on Friday for the GA.
  11. Maybe that only applies to wild salmon. The raw salmon I would be feeding is farmed & also as above. Thankyou for the information tho, teddybeans. Something I diddn't know.
  12. Just out of interest...why do you say you won't be desexing your girl??
  13. Lab proof dog beds

    I have a 6 month old BC pup & we have just been away camping for a month. He has destroyed almost every dog blanket I own. It's not so much that he is eating through $50 notes, but I worry about what he is ingesting. & yes he gets all the usual attention, walks, exercise, training etc & has plenty of chew toys. goats horns etc. Lately he seems to be completely uninterested in frozen stuffed Kongs. Would these Kuranda beds stand up to a BC pup??
  14. Feeding Dry Only

    This post is 9 years old
  15. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I will sometimes leave my bag while I continue to walk my dogs & then pick it up on the way back. Hard to walk three border collies plus one or two poo bags, that's why I pick it up on the way back. When at the beach, if my dogs poop, I dig a deep hole & bury it. Far more natural & environmentally friendly than putting one poo per single use bag then chucking it into landfill.