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  1. The Cost of Puppies

    If you are going to breed, then you need to get a pup on Mains Register & you need to know what you are doing. Has the breeder of your puppy done all the genetic tests on the parents? What colour are the parents?? For if they are both Blue then run a mile. Breeding is much more than just sticking two dogs together and hoping for the best. The rescue centres are full of dogs that have been bred by people who have no idea what they breeding. Having said that, good on you for coming on here & asking for advice. I am sure someone who knows more about staffies (I know very little, except to be wary of blue puppies & blue matings) will come on here & offer you some advice.
  2. Puppy litter

    Is your pup coming from a reputable breeder who does all the health testing on the parents?
  3. The good news is I am on top of the tantrums & are finding waays to manage them, but they don't hapapen very often now. It is still embarrassing when I take him to the vets & he lays down & flatly refuses to move out of her office. He just loves going to the vets so much. The bad news, & I don't know if this has grown out of his tantrum behaviour, but he is now resource guarding. We are away camping & if we walk the two together when we are approaching the caravan, he goes into a frenzy & has bitten my husband badly twice on the leg & had another go yesterday. It only happens when the two are together & I think it is prompted by Cricket giving a very low growl (he is a grumpy old thing) & undortunately Jaxon reacts & the first thing he sees is my husbands leg. We are only here for another couple of days & I hope it doesn't start to happen when we get home. I have bought a soft muzzle to put on him in the meantime & will only put it on him when we are nearing the trigger point (for our own protection). He is fine with other dogs & the two of them play together nicely on the beach. At home they do play a rather aggressive game of tug together & I am wondering if this might be the wrong sort of game for them to be playing together. Unfotunately I live out bush & not close to any behavourist that I can think of.
  4. Due to the first one being successful & fun I will be starting a new Foundation Course the first week in July. If anyone is interested https://www.facebook.com/groups/1183080015374769/?ref=bookmarks
  5. loose lead walking

    I don't see why you couldn't still take him for short walks In a front attached harness (properly fitted) or a head halter
  6. I use a front attach harness on my young boy
  7. Labrador pup prices

    Research the parents & the pedigrees of the parents on Google & see what you find
  8. Grooming

    You may need to muzzle him, but introduce it to him slowly, like over days. Pack it with treats, put it on, take it off, more treats etc etc. We live on a farm & I took my guy to the vets this week as he had a sore front leg, which he didn't like us touching. Turns out he had an abcess from a grass seed which had worked its way in. While sedated they found two more embedded in his side. So I would be getting that sore foot checked out by a vet as it is highly likely, if you live on acreage, that it could be a horrible grass seed, which if left, can work it's way right up his leg & into his shoulder.
  9. SPD Roll advice for puppy

    I had a friend that spent hundreds of dollars with the vets trying to solve the rash on their border collie. In the end someone suggested feeding her pumpkin skin & what do you know....cleared it up, so now she gets a regular feed of pumpkin skin. If you think the Salmon might be agreeing with him, then did you see my post above where I mentioned that I fed my puppy Meals for Mutts Puppy Salmon & Sardine? A lot cheaper than the Prime rolls. I still buy the Prime rolls, but I cut them up, dehydrate them & use them for training treats. The Tapioca is obviously in them as something neutral to hold it all together
  10. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    That's looking good. You can also use Calandula Tea to soothe rashes. Good to have some on hand in case you get a bit of a break out
  11. SPD Roll advice for puppy

    This is the dry food that he got along with the pattie (not together) Meals for Mutts Puppy Salmon & Sardine https://www.petcircle.com.au/product/meals-for-mutts-dry-dog-food-puppy-salmon-and-sardine/m5172
  12. SPD Roll advice for puppy

    I raised my BC pup on Big Dog Frozen Barf Patties. plus Meals for Mutts Puppy. Big Dog make a pattie especially for pups. You will find it in the freezer section of your pet store. Now that he has grown he still gets them occasionally https://www.bigdogpetfoods.com/raw-food-for-dogs
  13. Itchy Smelly Staffy Pup

    Also like to add that Rhoeo is not a form of wandering jew. If your other dog is in contact with Rhoeo or wandering jew & then cuddles up to the pup, then that could be your problem. You did say in your original post that his rash is worse after being with your other dog. this is where I would be looking
  14. Can someone please clear this up for me? This is a comment left for me on Facebook when discussing the pros & cons of feeding grain free over a top quality kibble that is free of the grains most responsible for allegies. I would have thought that ingredients are listed by volume or weight & that when it list meat or fish meal that this is the dry weight. This is the comment Be aware, that ingredients on kibble are listed in order of raw weight. While meat may be listed first, this is as per it's raw weight, before processing extracts 60-70% of the water content. Be assured, the kibble you feed is predominantly grain, as this has a much lighter raw weight than meat, enabling manufacturers to bulk out their kibble with grains (carbs) in much higher quantity than meat protein.