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  1. Have you tried organic calendula tea ?? Make it up & sponge it on. some people swear by it. Have you tried eliminating things from her diet?? What do you feed her??
  2. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    I have never heard of a Maltalier....are they a purebred??
  3. This morning...jumped straight into the car (& back out again) but a big improvement. Didn't want to come back through the gate so I left him, shut the gate & got Cricket out to do some clicker training
  4. @TassieI just did another session with him with the car. This time I actually got him to jump into the car, rewarding with a big party of treats, then telling him to jump out. Rinse & repeat a few times & he didn't throw a tanti on our way back to the gate as I let him do a few jumps on the way back. One good thing about him dropping to the ground when he is excited, is that I am working on a running drop. We certainly have to deal with the dog in front of us & I love him to bits. I took him to a frisbee seminar on the weekend but we were mainly just tugging on the frisbees & swapping them over. The only time I let him chase the frisbee along the ground, he took off & I had to go after him, so it was all on lead after that.
  5. @Tassie yes I have taught the collar grab & he is OK with me taking his collar, providing he is not considering a tanti. Then he will put his ears back & give me the eye, as if to say I dare you. So far it has all been bluff till last night at agility where he tried to go through with his threat. @DogsAndTheMob good advice, also nice to know he might grow out of it in a couple of years time LOL & yes I agree, the crazy ones are the most fun to train. They certainly teach us a lot & they are all different...we just have to deal with it. I played a bit of LAT with him today with the car & actually got him reaching up into the seat to get the treats. But when I tried to put him back in his yard (I had him on lead) he lay down under the first shady tree & wouldn't move. I moved back towards the garage & he got up only to drop again when he knew I was heading to the gate. I walked away & started playing with an agility jump. He got up & came over, so I rewarded him by allowing him to take the jump. Next was the gate & down he went again. So I tied him to the fence & shut him outside the gate & went & played with the other dog, handing out bones. Of course he then wanted to come through, I let him in the gate & asked for a sit before he got his bone. It really is a mind game
  6. Thanks @DogsAndTheMob I hadn't thought of that. I am going to do heaps of training, maybe even try LAT with him to try & get him out of, at least the tanti he throws when I want him to go in the car. It is not a good look when I have to get tough with him, especially seeing I am the instructor at the Agility class LOL
  7. He has always done it ever since he was a pup, but it is getting worse. 12 month old border collie. If he doesn't want to go or do something he just lies down, if we try to pick him up, he rolls over onto his back. Tonight was his first night at agility training & didn't want to get in the car to come home. When we tried to take hold of him, to pick him up he almost bit us. I have always had border collies, but this is a first for me & I find the only way I can get a response from him is to raise my voice & growl. Roast chicken doesn't work. He thinks everything is out to trick him. He is still entire, so I am hoping that when he loses his rocks he might get better. I love him to bits, by the way. He is super intelligent, super affectionate & super, super naughty.
  8. I don't bother with all that stuff. For the backside of a jump I just use "push" because I am doing a push behind. To do a 360 over a jump I just use "go round". So much simpler to put cue words on behaviours that come to you naturally. Years ago with my first agility dog, I followed Greg Derret & when I taught directionals I used what he used which was right (right turn) & back (left turn). When the next dog came along I just used left & right. Keep it simple & use words that come naturally to you, just make sure they don't sound too much alike, like "go" & "no"
  9. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Yes, at that price, you have already got your money's worth & they would have come with a 12 month warranty
  10. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    I must check them out next time I am in town, thanks
  11. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Thanks...I will try that out
  12. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    At the moment I am just using scissors, but am going to buy a cheap pair of clippers just to see how they go. I am thinking he is going to freak out when I turn them on as it will remind him of the vets LOL
  13. Breathing Issue Advice

    My girl, whom we gave her wings, was having trouble breathing & everything was an effort, which was so out of character for her being an active border collie. We thought it was her advanced kidney failure taking her out, until I brought it to the vet's attention that her abdomen was quite extended. It took an ultrasound to determine that she had a tumour on her heart which was pressing on her trachea & her abdomen & lungs were filling with fluid. I hope this is not the case with your guy.
  14. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    I might go & get a pair. At that price I have nothing to lose. Otherwise I will just continue to do it with the scissors
  15. Advice on breeds

    Best to think of the dog & don't get one if you are going to be home for just a few weeks of the year. Not fair on the dog. I am surprised you are even considering it