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  1. I don't bother with all that stuff. For the backside of a jump I just use "push" because I am doing a push behind. To do a 360 over a jump I just use "go round". So much simpler to put cue words on behaviours that come to you naturally. Years ago with my first agility dog, I followed Greg Derret & when I taught directionals I used what he used which was right (right turn) & back (left turn). When the next dog came along I just used left & right. Keep it simple & use words that come naturally to you, just make sure they don't sound too much alike, like "go" & "no"
  2. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Yes, at that price, you have already got your money's worth & they would have come with a 12 month warranty
  3. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    I must check them out next time I am in town, thanks
  4. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Thanks...I will try that out
  5. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    At the moment I am just using scissors, but am going to buy a cheap pair of clippers just to see how they go. I am thinking he is going to freak out when I turn them on as it will remind him of the vets LOL
  6. Breathing Issue Advice

    My girl, whom we gave her wings, was having trouble breathing & everything was an effort, which was so out of character for her being an active border collie. We thought it was her advanced kidney failure taking her out, until I brought it to the vet's attention that her abdomen was quite extended. It took an ultrasound to determine that she had a tumour on her heart which was pressing on her trachea & her abdomen & lungs were filling with fluid. I hope this is not the case with your guy.
  7. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    I might go & get a pair. At that price I have nothing to lose. Otherwise I will just continue to do it with the scissors
  8. Advice on breeds

    Best to think of the dog & don't get one if you are going to be home for just a few weeks of the year. Not fair on the dog. I am surprised you are even considering it
  9. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Is all this equipment & spare battery etc. needed when I just intend to use it to tidy up around the bum & legs?
  10. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Like this one ?? https://www.sydneysalonsupplies.com.au/wahl-bravura-lithium-ion-corded-cordless-animal-pet-clipper.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA3abwBRBqEiwAKwICA_o46F2a9MNPpBz29xt0ZILx1_l02ax33z1UD3jzpPTcTo5sLZBtmxoCEKoQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  11. What is the easiest to use & quietest cordless clippers for just doing tidy-ups under the tail & between the legs
  12. Thanks, that was what I was wanting to hear. Maybe if I take him to a really good groomer they could show me how. Thanks everyone else for your suggestions too. Rinsing him off after swimming in the family pool is not an option due to the fact that I would be rinsing him with water from the dam. Drying him off after every swim is not an option either. Stopping him from swimming altogether would be the only way but he loves it & it is good for him. A shame he has such a thick coat & just loves to roll around in the dirt after his swim unless I can get to him in time to lock him up. We have no grass at the moment, our lawn is just dirt, bark & leaves
  13. Yes I have tried that, but it doesn't get the dags out
  14. Cricket the border collie swims a lot, he also has a thick coat. I try to groom him once a week, but I find I can never get on top of the dreds around his back side. I have just spent an hour carefully cutting them out with the scissors, thinking all the time that when he stands up he is going to have a very untidy pair of pants, but surprisingly I cant notice where I have cut. Does anybody here actually clip around their border's rear end? I know it is wrong to clip their coat, but was wondering about maybe just clipping around his rear end & maybe his tummy. He is not a show dog, but I like him to look nice. Unfortunately as soon as he goes swimming again, he is going to look like a real dag
  15. Oh dear, I must learn to read things properly LOL