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  1. I have asked a few people lately as to why they have chosen an oodle over a pure bred poodle or whatever the other breed happens to be & the answer is that they are available imediately . Basically they are "I want it now" people & they can't see the importance of going on a waiting list for the pure bred, & they dont care what it cost. They are readily available & with covid lockdowns & working from home lots more people have bought companion animals
  2. Goat horns or frozen kongs filled with mince ( I used kangaroo mince)or stuffed with chicken hearts (frozen)
  3. I used to feed Blackhawk before they changed ownership a long time ago. With all this wet weather I have gone to smaller bags so it stays fresher & for the last 6 months I have been feeding Supercoat True Origin. It is in 7 kg bags & comes in a fish and also a chicken. You can buy smaller bags to try first. Available in the supermarkets & expensive for a supermarket brand, but my two border collies are doing well on it & gobble it down
  4. I agree entirely. It does'nt matter what you refer to your dogs as. It is not hurting anyone if you choose to call your dog your baby or your kid or whatever. I am telling my two all the time that I love them, & if I want to shower them with kisses & let them snuggle into me at night, then so be it. I call them "puppies" as this is a much kinder sounding word then "dog" If they didn't like it, then I wouldn't. Dogs don't know what you are saying, but they know by the tone of your voice, whether or not it is something nice
  5. I am always talking to my dogs just as if they are part of the family (which they are). I can't see the problem with that. I prefer to call my boy (am I allowed to call him that?) my sole mate. In his mind he probably calls me his "dog mum" I refer to both of them as "kids"...can't see the problem
  6. I have been feeding my guys Supercoat True Origin as well as their usual bit of raw & they have never looked better. For a supermarket food it is not cheap. It comes in Chicken/Duck & also Salmon/Ocean Fish. $39 for 7 kilo but I nearly always buy it when it is on special & stock up. I like that the bags are smaller & therefore fresher.
  7. Me too. In fact I wouldn't buy a dog that didn't come with its pedigree be that Limited or Mains.
  8. All my dogs have been on LR & it hasn't bothered me a bit even though I know that they are possibly MR quality, or as good a quality as the parents who are MR. My dogs are bred for performance not the show ring & I can do whatever I like with them except show or breed. And I am happy that my LR dogs come with a contract, which probably doesn't mean much to an unethical person, but it shows me that the breeders care about where their pups are being homed. You say that breeders don't have a leg to stand on and that new owners can do as they please, BUT if I were to breed with my dogs, then word would get around & I would have buckley's chance of ever getting another dog from that breeder or their associates & I value the association I have with those breeders more than making a quick quid by mating my dog with some other dog, without the wealth of knowledge these breeders have when it comes to putting A dog with B dog. If all Border Collie breeders were to put even just half of their pups on MR, then we would soon be flush with all these cute "Darrell Lee" puppies being bred for $X amount of dollars & going to homes where people havn't a clue about living with a border collie & they would end up confused, abused & in rescue. I am sure if I were to buy a LR registered dog from a breeder who knows me, & down the line I wanted to show then I am sure they would consider whether or not to change the registration. At a guess, I would say that very little people want a MR dog so they can do conformations shows. The majority of people wanting a MR registered dog would be because they can see the $'s in breeding a few litters & to hell with the health test. Just my two bob's worth
  9. Ask them what state body of the ANKC are they registered with & what is theeir breeders registration number & then check it out with the relevent Sate, ie in this state it would be Dogs NSW. I am always a bit scepticle of puppies being advertised on places like Gumtree ETA...I just checked out Dogzonline & there is only one breeder listed & they are in Perth
  10. Have you contacted the breeder on this site (Dogzonline) who has a litter due in March?
  11. Calandula Tea is supposed to be good for soothing, but you would need to get to the root cause of the allergy
  12. Any dog can be entered but if they are not on the MR or LR then they are put on the Associate Register. The level of fitness from the human is not essential because you train with the dog in front of you. My current dog is a super fast, blink & you will miss him, border collie. I am over 70, overweight, gone in the knees & back & can no longer run. So I train him accordingly, ie. train him to distance handle & as long as he is having fun out there on the course, that is all that matters to me, because he loves it. My first BC got most of her Masters titles & Open titles several times over. My second BC was impacted by Covid Lockdowns just in the prime of his agility career, so now he is 11 even though he still loves being involved, I have to retire him from competition. Jaxon is my third agility border collie & all I am aiming at is to be able to stand in the middle of a Novice Course & successfully direct him around the whole course. The oldest person in our area still doing agility is 86, runs two Masters level dogs & has just got a new pup. So go for it !!
  13. I would like to see included with that, bitches that can only give birth via caesarian
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