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  1. Please for the sake of the breed....don't get a border collie
  2. We live rural as well ...200 acres with cattle & wildlife. We have a fence around our house/dog yard to stop our dogs from straying. You cannot just move to a rural area & let your dogs free range
  3. Has anything changed? ... like his brand or type of kibble?
  4. Is she getting anything else besides the Optimum wet food? Bones? Kibble, treats?? That to me looks like blood in the stool & could mean she has a stomach ulcer.
  5. That was just an example. If you search amazon you will find them much cheaper & with free postage
  6. Amazon have some, this is just one of a few https://www.amazon.com.au/IRIS-Quart-Airtight-Food-Container/dp/B07Q25113J
  7. Or possibly a puppy farmer. If she doesn't come with ANKC Registered Pedigree papers you cannot be 100% sure of what she is, or who her father was, or what size she is likely to grown, temperament etc. You cannot be sure of what health testing her "breeder" did on the parents, if any. She is probably (I am only guessing) that she is costing you more than buying a registered puppy from a registered breeder & you are not a 100% guaranteed of what you are buying even tho she is very cute
  8. To be 100% sure it is indeed what you are buying, the breeder would be registered with the Qld ANKC (assuming they are in Queensland) & it will come with ANKC (Dogs Qld) papers, either Mains Registered or Limited Registration Papers. This is the only way you can be 100% sure.
  9. Has anyone tried this. Seems it is only available at Woolworths & is not cheap. I thought I would give it a try https://openpaddockpet.com.au/products/higher-welfare-chicken-kibble-for-dogs?variant=40514932048063
  10. Unless the breeder doesn't live around Perth
  11. Just because you are on acreage doesn't automatically give you the right to let your dogs roam where they will. Sorry. We are on acreage too (200) & we don't let our dogs roam. They have their own fenced yard with a hot wire from the electric fence running around the top & if we ever had problems with them digging out (which we don't) then we would run another hot wire around the bottom about 15cm from the ground. They will only touch it once.
  12. Hi Megan, welcome to Dogzonline. Sometimes breeders have adult dogs that they require rehoming. I assume you have taken into account the need for good fences to keep your new dog contained? It would surprise you, just how many people who move to the bush think that they don't need a yard to keep their dog in. They think it is OK to just let the dog free roam, which is not OK
  13. Sounds similar to my girl when her kidneys were on the way out. Have they checked her kidneys?
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