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  1. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    It is my daughters dog so I am not real sure but I think the blood count is from PCV test. He went right down to 10 at the worst of it. My girl was suffering from severe aneamia & she had a bleeding stomach ulcer.
  2. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    My understanding is that he has to remain on the Atopica while ever he is on steroids, so not sure how long that will be. I will tell her about offering the vet a script fee. Thanks everyone for thinking of him
  3. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Hi Teddybeans, cooper is going well. His last blood count was around 40. The ongoing cost for his treatment is a bit of a drain on my daughters finances, but she is hanging in there, now that she has come this far. He is on a few drugs, but the one she would like to find an alternate supplier for, is the Atopica 50mg which the vet is charging $125 for 15 tablets, which last for just 15 days. A bit of a Google shows she can get it cheaper, but the problem lies in trying to get the prescription off the vet
  4. If she is breeding x breds than there is no way she could be a registered ANKC breeder. Sounds like a puppy farm breeding cavadoodles (or whatever they are called). There is no where that you could report her for not being registered except if she isn't registered with her council. Who did she claim she was registered with ??
  5. Proheart 12 Side Effects nearly fatal

    Heartworm risk where I live is pretty high, so I dose every month with Nexgard Spectra. No way would I agree to my dog being given a dose so high that it would last him twelve months. I would dearly love not to have to give my dogs any of those monthly things...but I live where I live. I cut the tablet in two, so that they are not getting overdosed as well.
  6. We have all the "baddies" where we live, so just couldn't sleep at night if my dogs wern't on Nexgard Spectra. Would be lovely to be able to live without, but to me, it is the better of two evils.
  7. Also (I am sure my vet would back me up here) I wonder what the percentages are for dogs presented to the vets for reactions to these preventative medicines, compared to the percentage of dogs presented to the vets with complications FROM NOT being on preventative medicine eg. ticks
  8. A friend of mines, border collie had this problem & after spending $$$$$$'s at the vet, someone suggested trying feeding cooked pumpkin skin. It took a few weeks & I am not sure how much he gave her, but it worked
  9. What are they rolling in?

    With my three dogs, the only one who does it a lot is the female. The others just seem to do it when they want to scratch their back & it is never in physically dirty stuff, but maybe where something has peed. My theory is that in nature, it is the female who finds the food for the pups, so she rolls in the poo of the species that she would normally be hunting in the wild, mainly kangaroo or cow poo. She does this to camouflage her own scent to enable her to creep up on her prey. Just my theory...no scientific evidence to back it up LOL. I just know that when we take her for a walk around the farm, she has to stay on lead.
  10. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Yes I agree. Last night his blood count was up to 30
  11. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    He is still not out of the woods & from my understanding, from a friend whos dog had it, he will need to be monotered for at least 12 months & not sure about the meds for life, but I would imagine so. It is my daughters little dog, not mine. At the moment he has been sent home with meds & has to go back in for a blood check every day
  12. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    They are treating it as primary autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia No secondary cause apparently....just the way he is Not sure if it could be genetic
  13. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Blood count up to 25 this morning
  14. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    He came home this morning. Blood levels still low, but stable...thankyou everyone for your kind thoughts. He is not out of the woods yet, by a long shot, but it does look promising
  15. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Hasn't need the 4th Transfusion as his count is stable at 18. We have a couple of lovely people willing to donate the blood from their greyhounds if necessary. OMG their are some nice people in this world