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  1. Playing Music to my Pup

    He is loving it, but it is like trying to fill a bottom-less-pit at the moment
  2. Playing Music to my Pup

    Firstly I must say that this is such a great baby, confident, fast learning, loves his day puppy pen, where he goes after exercising/playing with the other dogs. I feed him in there & there are lots of great toys, which I rotate. At the moment he is playing with his favourite (& most expensive..not) empty water bottle. He has a different crate for night time, not far from my bed. No toys in there except his snuggle lambie with the beating heart, a kong & lambs wool blanket. ...night crate is for sleeping. At first he took a while to settle & one night he wet the bed. For the past week I have been putting on puppy relaxation music via my Ipod to a blue tooth speaker up high & behind his crate. He settles immediately as soon as I start the music. It is mainly piano with nature/bird sounds that I got off Spotify. Because I have to listen to it too, I thought I would try him with some Andria Bocceli music. Nope...he didn't like it but as soon as I put the other one on he settled immediately. Just thought I would share this with anyone who has trouble getting their pup or adult dog to settle...try some puppy music Time will tell whether it makes a difference to his development or not, being a border collie
  3. And just an update of the little munchkin...a bit dirty after his first puppy play date
  4. Unfortunately no Costco near us. I did find these people online though that deliver to Coffs Harbour, but havn't tried them yet https://rawandfresh.com.au/products/multi-bulk-pack-dog I am just a little unsure about the puppy patties that I am getting from Petstock, only being 14% protein which is the same as the adult patties.
  5. Frantic weed eating

    That's a lot of protein...does she get vegies as well? I would be asking the vet to do a blood test for kidneys
  6. I have just had a good clean out of the freezer. I am going to make chicken stock out of the necks & stick to the frozen turkey necks that the other dogs get. Thanks Rebanne
  7. You can't wrap your dogs in cotton wool, just in case 1 in a million has a reaction to raw chicken. You just have to see the rubbish they eat when they are running free around the farm. They need to build up an immunity to things & eliminating things from their diet could possibly mean a problem down the track when they get hold of some raw chicken that has been contaminated. It is the same with people. Now when we are pregnant we are told to avoid all these different types of food (it never happened in my days, we just ate what we liked & ate sensibly). Now you have all these kids & young adults are growing up with allergies & sensitivities to certain foods. That's just my opinion, by the way...not backed up by scientific evidence, just observation
  8. I always go back to thinking how dogs are able to bury a bone, be it chicken, beef, turkey or whatever & dig it up several days later & eat it with no consequences. My dogs eat all sorts of rubbish when out walking in the bush...all different sorts of poo, bird, animal or bat. Cricket does get the runs on rare occasions after we have been to the beach . I think I would be more careful about the choking hazard
  9. For the first time in my life I have bought chicken necks. It is always turkey necks that I buy. Sometimes I buy chicken drumsticks if I can't get the turkey necks, but I feed them frozen. I was going to feed the chicken necks to the pup, frozen to reduce the chance of choking. Does not freezing for an extended period kill these baddies?? What about the raw chicken in the puppy food ?
  10. Can you please explain further?
  11. I bought Cricket some of the Big Dog Rabbit & he loves it, but I added a bit of fresh fish to it to make it more of a meal. Tonight he will get his kibble.
  12. I bought some Leading Raw patties for Puppies, but they are only 14% protein. Is this high enough to feed to a growing pup? I will only be one meal a day, the rest will be puppy kibble
  13. Yes, we could fit a whole cow in our freezer..no worries there. I thought it would be far more expensive than that, but really it is about the same price as a reasonable quality mince. Only hope they use top quality ingredients in them
  14. @Tassie...according to the website out local Petstock should have them, so maybe I could give half & half. The ingredients in the patties is very much the same as in the kibble