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  1. Meet Jaxon (JJ for short) He is just 5 weeks old & we wont be picking him up till the end of April. Not sure if I can hold out that long
  2. Rash on the face

    Eating from plastic bowls can cause this also, so I have heard, but I am not a vet
  3. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    She is going well thanks Deeds
  4. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Bindi is going well, thanks Deeds. Still running around madly. She doesn't mind the food & I sneak the occasional extra thing in. The vet doesn't want to see her for 6 months, so that is good.
  5. Kangaroo Meat

    This post is 14 years old
  6. Puppy rash near belly button area?

    It looks to me like a scar of some sorts...I would be asking the breeder about it. Has she been desexed?? ETA...too far up to be a desexing scar, but it still looks like a scar of some sort
  7. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Bindi's test have come back good. No change in her urine & the blood test showed that her kidneys are coping with the food she is on. Which means I can continue to give her the turkey neck, a sardine a day & the not to often egg. She has put on weight tho, so I have cut back the quantities. The vet put her on Propalin 0.6ml twice a day for her incontinence, but I need to cut back the dose a bit as she has been "tripping out" on it
  8. At what age border collie pup can you tell if it is going to have blue eyes??
  9. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    Can you elaborate on why you can't give your dog a bone outside on his own without the other dog?? It seems your dog is craving something to chew on & the only thing he can find is your stuff. Even giving him a frozen stuffed kong would help with his desire to chew.
  10. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    I would be separating them at feed time & giving them both a good meaty bone to chew. something like half a frozen turkey neck. It sounds like he doesn't get enough "good" things to chew.
  11. Anxious behaviour in Maltese X

    Have you tried a thundershirt, put on a long time before you begin to travel?
  12. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Hi Deeds, thanks for asking. She is booked in for another blood test next Tuesday. She is eating the KD kibble ok, but I have been very naughty & have been putting a salt free sardine amongst it & she is still getting the half turkey neck, so I guess the result next week will tell me if she can continue with the turkey neck. It breaks my heart to just be giving her boring kibble & tinned mash. She has had a couple of accidents lately but I have bought some Connie pads. Still very active & very clingy as if she knows there is something wrong. Maybe that's because I can't stop telling her how much I love her
  13. Potty training help needed

    My suggestion would be to build her a little enclosure outside in the shade. When you think she should go for a wee, which from memory is about 20 minutes after eating...someone correct me if I am wrong...take her outside & pop her in the enclosure. Stand back & watch & as soon as she squats & starts to pee, lots of praise & a big, party with yummy treats. When I had this problem with my male dog, I put a belly band on him when he was inside...he never weed inside again. So maybe put a nappy on her when she is inside. But I would try the first suggestion first.
  14. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    Maybe it's a case of too much watching the cows LOL. It is just that she is eating so much, her poos are black & green & chockers full of undigested grass & even gum leaves. I might try cooking her up some sweet potato & giving it to her with her dinner. I read somewhere to not give them the water the vegies are cooked in as it is high in phosphorus...not sure if this is true
  15. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    No she is not on any medication just the KD diet, a tiny bit of sardine & half a turkey neck. She was on medication for a bleeding stomach ulcer prior to this, but last test showed that she was over that. I am thinking that maybe she is after some fibre as the mush that comes out of the KD can for her nightly meal, breaks my heart. That is why I am continuing with the half a turkey neck, for her teeth. She gets the KD kibble in the morning.