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  1. Thanks everyone...I have reported her to the FB Admin & she has been deleted
  2. She answered my PM with a request to email her...gave me an email address. Maybe I should inform the community group that it is a scam
  3. She has turned off comments on them, so I have PM'd her. I don't really expect a reply
  4. Just fingernail size bits would send my dogs scooting when they were pups. They don't seem to have an issue with boiled or baked liver, just the dried stuff. Maybe because it is so concentrated.
  5. I was one of the original distributors for Black Hawk, way back when it was being packaged in plain white bags. My dogs have been on it for most of their life ( 8 to 9 years) as the main part of their diet. I also give them raw food, eggs, yogurt, sardines, mackerel, turkey necks, kangaroo mince, cooked left over vegies etc etc. I no longer distribute it but I have no intentions of changing to any other brand. It all depends on what you feel your dogs are doing well on...& for me...that is Black Hawk. Sometimes I buy them the lamb, but mostly it is the Fish & (sweet) Potato.
  6. Go easy on the dried liver treats as it can give pups the most terrible runs !!
  7. Someone in the Grafton NSW area is re-homing her pugs. Just putting it on here in case some Pug breeder may recognise them
  8. Yes that is what I thought too. I think the person selling these pups ( x kelpie x coolie) may be getting it mixed up with Council Registration Requirements. Impossible to tell some people things. Certainly don't want to start an argument with her
  9. Is it a requirement in NSW that working dog pups have to be microchipped before they can be sold or given away?? I thought all pups had to be, but maybe I am wrong
  10. I was surprised to that he recommended bones that are too hard that they can't be chewed up. For a ten year old dog, her teeth are good. No gum disease & just tarter on the front ones...back ones are as clean as a whistle. In summer I give them frozen too most of the time
  11. I have always given my almost ten year old border collie girl half a large turkey neck daily. If I can't source turkey necks then she gets a chicken drumstick. I have always thought that the turkey neck would be good for her teeth as it has sinew & grizzle as well as bone that she can chew up. I took her for her yearly check up today & it appears that she is starting to get tarter on her front teeth. Her back teeth are fine. The vet said that what I am giving her is not good for teeth, but I should be giving her large hard bones that she cant chew up, but not with marrow. I have always believed that they can crack their teeth on hard bones or wear their teeth down Opinions please !!
  12. Budget Pets are advertising it
  13. No feedback on this product yet ??
  14. I hav,t been on here for a while, but has there been any discussion on this new monthly flea/tick/mite chewable??
  15. No...I had quite forgotten that I had asked