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  1. Poor darling. Best wishes for the vet visit. I have a 14 year old Dobe in palliative care at the moment and I know it is not easy. Bless the oldies - they are so precious.
  2. Good Luck, Miss Frida - you are too cute! I'm sure your new family will cherish you.
  3. I usually have 3. 2 Dobes and 1 BC (to organise them)http://www.dolforums.com.au/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif I find that quite a good balance as the Dobes would stay home together while the BC comes and helps me with horse, chook and other farm duties. Then we would all go bush walking together. For the first time in many years I only have 1 - a 14 year old Dobe. He is really enjoying being an only dog and he can be a little DA so I am just enjoying his company while I have it. But it is a bit strange only having one....
  4. Don't know of any personally but there is DarwinK9 - they have a web site. Maybe check with the obedience clubs or North Australian Canine Association. Good luck. Kynta
  5. So sorry for your loss. RIP Ollie - you were obviously much loved and will be greatly missed. Take Care and thanks for sharing Ollie with us on DOL.
  6. My first Dobe's pet name shortened from her registered name Kynaston Sea Sapphire NT C.D. Rest her soul.
  7. 'large, gangly legged, oddly shaped mutts that no one else wanted'. Sasha would definitely go BOB in this class. High praises for how well you have done with her. Rotties are very trainable. Cheers
  8. Don't spray - just invite lots of Dally over for a feast!
  9. "I guess in the unfortunate event she got lost, and we couldn't be contacted (unlikely since she's microchipped), at least they won't try to desex her again before rehoming." This is so true. Something I would not have thought about until I got my rescue BC. She was 10 yrs old and no tattoo was evident so unsure if she was desexed or not. Had to keep a close eye on her but she did not come into season. Did not want to operate on her because of her age and heart murmur.
  10. I agree with this suggestion (apart from the lavender oil for my old Dobe - he hates it!)
  11. I had a Dobe girl who used to be very aloof whenever I left her but the Dobe boy was the complete opposite and was very excited to see me on my return. My friend had a Staffy X who would always somehow show up at my house (half hour's drive from her house) whenever my friend went away. It didn't matter what her other half did to try to keep the dog home - I figured he was just looking for his master. He was always over the moon when my friend got home.
  12. RIP Blade What a wonderful service he has given.
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