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  1. My GSD Sophie had her spleen removed due to hemangiosarcoma at the age of 8 years. She lived till she was 13.8, passing away 2 years ago this July. She had no follow up treatment,I was told at the time that the cancer had not spread as far as the vet could see. She was a very lucky girl considering her condition before the spleen removal.I feed her a mainly raw diet after, whether that helped I dont know.
  2. Thats what you do with a dairy cow, strip that teat out as much as you can.However if it is mastitis it will very sore to touch. Maybe dogs are different to cows? Cleanliness to prevent contamination also applies and antibiotics.
  3. She looks so much better. You are doing a wonderful job with her and her bubs Cheryl.
  4. Good aussie names... Ned,Banjo,Anzac,Tom,Jack,Ted,Flynn,Kelly,Morgan,Dan. What about street names in Narrandera?
  5. Love those ears also. Welcome to the south coast Teddy, you are one lucky boy.
  6. There is a lovely gsd on Gumtree for sale in Lunea, good with kids, cats and dogs....
  7. Hi,I have had gsd,s for over 3O years. I have found they dont tolerate some raw meats very well, roo meat goes right thru them or they vomit it straight back up. The two girls I have now I feed cooked chicken mince with added dry food, I make a batch that lasts a few days,draining the fat off then add the dry. Meaty beef bones are ok as are chicken necks or frames which my girls are not keen on. Fatty lamb off cuts sometime produce jelly poops. They love the 4x2 dry biscuits. I think you have to find the right mix that suits your dog.I would start with cooked chicken,fat drained off and dry food and build on that adding sardines or tuna.Maybe as she gets older you introduce raw again, go slowly till she recovers. I remember the first night I had my youngest here, she was 12 months old then. The older one could handle raw blade steaks, I simply forgot and feed her raw only to get up next morning to a stinking mess.
  8. I have cats and dogs sleeping inside together with no troubles at night. Cats have their own favourite sleeping spaces up high, with their food on the kitchen table which we don,t use as the young dog will eat it. Two older dogs sleep in the bedroom and the young one sleeps in the lounge. She was in a crate till she adjusted and I found out she was not destructive or chased cats. Actually dogs quite like being crated at night or at least mine did, I bet if I still had them up they would climb in. My youngest just turned 2 and the other day I discovered new teeth marks on my computor plug in cable :)
  9. My daughters b/c has cancer of the nose and he is on pain meds and is doing very well.He is even playing with the younger dogs, she knows its only time as his tumor is disfiguring his face but at the moment it is manageable and he is happy. I had a gsd with hemangiosarcoma of the spleen at age 8 and she lived till nearly 14. Far out living the expected survival rate I was given. Its not an easy decision to make, I feel for you.
  10. I have a GSD that constantly get sebacous cysts.I assume that is the type you arew talking about. They get so big then burst,I cut the hair around then so they can drain.I help clean them out with betadine,peroxide or salt water.They heal up,but you have to remove all the cheesy stuff out or they will reform. Some take longer than others to heal. At the moment my girl has two new systs forming. A friend recently payed $250 for the vet to treat her dog the same way I do mine.
  11. We got to 47.8 on the coast before the southerly blew through like a gale.
  12. Or call GSD rescue nsw sometimes they have people in Queensland wanting dogs.
  13. My daughter has a young female lilac bearded border collie. I thought she was a funny looking thing compared to the two "normal" coated boys. :laugh:
  14. I dip in ice water for about 5 minutes and put calamin lotion on the bite. I dont know how much it helps but my poor Maltie got biten two days ago on her pad and she was very upset. I got bitten last night on the hand( had a bee in the bedroom) and it is damn sore. So I know what it feels like.
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