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    My hubby<br />my 16 grandkids<br />and my dog showing
  1. James was the most beautiful man i have ever known he was always so happy every time we went in there with our dogs a fantastic man has been taken from us and i feel so sad
  2. sorry to hear about your dad Beauie hope you have fantastic memories of him and his life with you
  3. I can not believe what i have just been told that the vet that we have seen for many years even befroe he left England and then he came back to us has now been taken from us for good James i am so sorry that we will not be able to see you again you always loved our dogs and any dogs that came to you He will be very missed Our Sympothies go out to his family and friends and to thwe staff of Doyalson Vet Surgery I just cant' believe it Can someone please tell me how he passed away
  4. try and find one that does deal with frenchies of bulldog or at least ask them if they have brachephalic breeds before I find the more you ask the better Cheers shortie
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