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  1. Lennox Pays The Ultimate Price For His Looks

    http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/328493 Dog training expert threatened by BCC after speaking out about Lennox
  2. Lennox Pays The Ultimate Price For His Looks

    My link This is US soon Australia!! wake up before its too late. Pitbulls,bulldogs etc may not be your breed but its only a matter of time before its other breeds of dog. RIP Lennox ive followed your story right to the very end :(My thoughts are with your family.
  3. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    the "just chooks" attitude is a joke! what if i said pfff they are only terriers plenty more of them around, they still make them or the pounds are full of them? That would cause some trouble wouldnt it? I breed chickens also and the amount of time and effort planning and money that goes into my other hobby is on par with what i spend on my dogs. It might not have been a "prize bull" which might have been able to defend itself against marauding dogs btw, but they were someone's pets or livestock.
  4. Struggling With Teach Come.

    atm im using treats and praise. She loves to play fetch so sometimes she comes if i throw a chew toy near me, she will come and grab it and bring it to me,
  5. Extreme Dog Breeding On Youtube

    can you discredit any of these? Are you saying GSD HAVEN'T changed for the worst? Are bulldogs the fit dogs they once were? And yes i have met a lot of dogs ;) And i see by your avatar it was probably too close to home ;)
  6. hi all im having difficulty getting my 11 week old stafford pup to come when called. She has an attitude of ill come when im ready or not at all. Sometimes she comes at a running paces and straight to me other times she just sits wherever she is and refuses to come at all and if i go to fetch her she runs off (i dont chase her) And other times she runs towards me and i think YAY shes got it then she runs right by me and takes off in the other direction. Im at a loss as to how i get her to come each and everytime i call. any ideas?
  7. Extreme Dog Breeding On Youtube

    IMO if a dog cant do the job it was breed for (excluding fighting dogs of course) then it has deviated from that breed. The breed standards were created to keep certain characteristics for THAT breed, which includes the dog's original purpose. With the breeding of extreme traits ie short legs,short faces, long coats,over long backs etc some show dogs today simply dont fit their own standard. Modern SHOW GSD for example would simply not be able to perform as a herding animal. Fox Terriers have also changed unable to move properly to chase a fox,deeper chests and far too big to go to ground after fox. cocker spaniels now only fit to mop floors as they would not be able to perform there intended purpose, they have grown in size and coat making them unable to retrieve and flush birds from under low bushes. The bulldog is a sad sad sad example of what show breeders have done to destroy a once full capable and fit breed, its now a dog that has so many problems its almost cruel to keep breeding them. They have breathing issues and breeding issues and any dog that has to be AIed and C section just to keep the breed going should have long died out. Labradors that look like a keg with short legs and deep chests, how the heck is that meant to swim? The Pug- well you hear it before you see it, the poor bloody dog cant enjoy family life, chase a ball with the kids or even go for long walks. Breathing problems out the wahzoo,skin problems,Luxating Patella,Stenotic Nares, eyes that pop out of their damn heads. Luckily they dont really have a "job" to do becasue they would be incapable of anything except sitting around and struggling to breath ;)
  8. Nsw Breeders - Heads Up

    i cant see the problem, if you are doing the right thing then nothing to worry about simple. Isnt the closing down of puppy farms and unethical breeders what you all want?
  9. Cause She's A Nice Dog

    I never expected to see such a controversial statement on this board. However, you express my views perfectly. OMG IT HAS BEEN SAID!!!!!! thankyou for putting my thoughts into words that i failed to find for so long!!
  10. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    oh and I would be charging you for the cost of replacing the chickens and the price of the ammo used to shot the dogs. ;)
  11. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    if they had of been my chickens the dogs would have been shot and disposed of, then a notice in the paper or community notice board that any dogs caught killing stock on my property (not just roaming as dogs dont understand the whole boundary thing) would be dealt with in the same manner. I dont care if its a one off or not the fact of the matter is your dogs caused the death ( and a horrid death as well) to other living creatures and should be dealt with in this manner. How was the farmer suppose to deal with 2 hyped up terriers ripping apart is chickens?? A few years ago on my parents farm my neighbours had a beautiful lab that used roam the farms in our area. Countless warnings from farmers failed to deter the owners to keep him locked up, while out by himself he never harmed sheep or chickens but one night while we were visiting mum and dad and camping in the paddocks we heard dogs barking and found the lab and 3 other dogs, a shepherd x and 3 kelpie xs chasing the sheep. A spotlight was quickly found and the dogs shot on the spot. we lost 5 pregnant ewes that night. The next morning the lab was returned to the owners and they had the hide to be pissed my dad had shot him!! he was then asked to pay part of what the ewes were worth. The owners of the other dogs we never found. a friend is currently going thru a similar thing trying to get compensation out of an owner whose dogs killed 25 breeding rats in her avairies. The owner is fighting it saying they are "only rats" we both breed fancy rats and i can tell you they arent "only rats" ALOT of money and time went into breeding the varieties she has now lost. People need to take responsibilty for their dogs. Keep your dogs locked up and this type of thing wont happen again. RIP dogs and RIP chookies.
  12. Pig Dogs

    Bull arabs have been around for a very long time and there are people who only breed BAs and they do breed true. Of there are people that cross them and still call them BAs but the BAs association are setting up a DNA data base to help with that. They dont actually look anything like a pitbull or bull breed the only thing they have in common is the Bull at the front of their name. And that bull terriers played a part in the original founding dogs. They are a wonderful breed and one of the best dogs i have ever owned. I have never met one i didnt like or trust :) I would have to say my girl was simply THE best dog i have ever owned.
  13. Pig Dogs

    i have a deep love for Bull arabs and to be honest i hope they dont become a registered breed, because then people will want to show them and thus another dog down the gurgler as far as function goes
  14. Desexing Contracts

    i think to trust the future of dog breeds just to the ANKC is to put all its eggs in one basket and not very wise. And as for charging more for main register puppies that is just plain money grabbing. You breed your dogs to have something yourself to show, then you sell the rest of the litter. If you arent breeding to make money (which everyone claims they arent) then you should just be charging the cost of microchipping,registration, worming and raising a litter. In that sense it cost no more to raise show prospect than it does a pet puppy so why are do main register puppies cost more? As i see it if you breed your dog and get say 7 pups then say 2 show prospect puppies out of the litter after testing etc, you keep 1 of the puppies and have another left but dont have the room to run on the second dog, wouldnt it make sense to have that dog out there somewhere incase something happens to your show prospect? I had this same situation a few years ago and thank goodness i did. As i bred VERY sparingly i would have lost my line completely if i hadnt had my other dog somewhere i could use him. If all dogs went out desexed then i would have been very stuck indeed.
  15. Overlong Soft Palate In Staffys

    Goodluck Angeluca hope his scores are great :) Your vet seemed to be very eager to fuse your boys hips without a real guarantee that it would work, Thats a lot of money for something that "might" work