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  1. Rest in peace, Zoe. I'm so sorry for your loss, Kavik.
  2. Thank you No matter how many times I sweep, vacuum and mop the floors, Jack's fur is still turning up everywhere. :laugh:
  3. Thank you, all. He would have been 14yo yesterday, and has come home from Pets at Peace today :)
  4. Thanks, folks. I joined DOL because of Jack, and have met so many wonderful people and their dogs (even a few nice cats!) thanks to Jack. He was one in a million. Any other dog would have been smart enough to give up the habit of barking every time we started and ended a car journey. But not our Jack Silly boofer.
  5. What a lovely fella. RIP Oscar. Enjoy your adventures on the other side.
  6. Today we've done the kindest but hardest thing: Jack is gone. No longer in pain. My 3yo says he was old and sick so he's gone to be with her great-Grandma. My 1yo is likely to keep saying 'where dack?' for some time. I'm contemplating buying shares in Kleenex. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and best wishes over the years as he recovered from a mast-cell tumour, dog attack and managed Addison's disease. DOLers were a great comfort during all the times he cheated death. Around Christmas time, he began to limp badly and was soon diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his shoulder. There is no co
  7. Ollie dog is such a big part of DOL folklore. The dog who defied the stats, and gave every owner of a cancerous dog so much hope. He will continue to do so because he'll never be forgotten Rest in peace, little boofer. I reckon some of your farts will clear the room at the rainbow bridge ;)
  8. Ahhhhh, such a gorgeous little squidgy boy
  9. Goodbye, sweet Texas. Such a gorgeous ol' fella, and so loved every day of his life with you
  10. Congrats to all the nominees and winners
  11. You are so, so lucky to have such a gorgeous little man in your family! Congrats to all the hugas, two- and four-legged. And a big DOL welcome to Sid
  12. I don't think I spend $10 on a day on my own food Maybe try contacting Suz here on DOL (username isiss), who makes fresh dog food under the business name Fresh 4 Paws. My Melbourne geography leaves much to be desired, but I think she's on the other side of town to you. She may, however, be able to organise delivery to you or to a nearby dog club if she already has customers in the area.
  13. Great news on Vada! Our old fella, Jack, just turned 11. He had a grade III MCT removed (clear margins) from near his right hip in Oct 2007, I think it was, and still has the all-clear. Sometimes the boofers just manage to beat the odds somehow!
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