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  1. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    It could be the first hatched as well, it's often bigger. They never sleep! I check in at ungodly hours of the night and at least one or two heads pop up and look around over the few minutes I'm checking them out.
  2. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Females are bigger, probably a girl :D I read somewhere that people refer to them as "Murder Pompoms" and I laughed.
  3. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Teeny feather tips now!
  4. I'm guessing she has been living with someone all this time.
  5. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    I can see an egg down the bottom of the nest, maybe part of a shell? Can't tell.
  6. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Dammit... there goes my evening....
  7. Dog following cat everywhere

    When you say kittens, how old? Like, 12 weeks ect or older, more 6 months or so? Little kittens can be unpredictable and suddenly bounce about, which can trigger chasing. Bum sniffing, well, it's pretty normal, lol. I have a newish kitten (9 months) and our older cat still follows her about and sniffs her butt... How is Charlie around the kittens?
  8. Looking at breed suggestions for friends.

    What about a Shiba Inu? Some of those things could apply to them.
  9. Article about dog dementia

    Beltar, I've had a dog that was fine for years but then (due to several things, failing eyesight and old age mostly) start to freak out at things like Fire works, thunderstorms, ect. He would try to dig through concrete or bash himself against fences and walls in his panic. It's horrible to witness.
  10. Article about dog dementia

    Little Gifts, Yeah Loki was incontinent at the end as well Mostly overnight. He would just.. forget. " as she stood up she'd toilet thinking she was outside" Wasn't until reading this I realised, yes, Loki did the same some times.
  11. Article about dog dementia

    Loki was pretty much blind towards the end. I think some of the "symptoms" mentioned in the article were probably because of that. But he would just.. forget what he was doing sometimes and would be lost in another world and would look startled if you spoke to him.
  12. Article about dog dementia

    Stumbled upon this article.. I've been there with Loki it's hard. https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2019-09-08/dog-dementia-more-common-as-pets-live-longer/11481852
  13. I have heard of E. lenensis, Check this out! https://www.sciencealert.com/extinct-equus-lenensis-lena-horse-pleistocene-foal-found-preserved-near-perfect-permafrost
  14. Slightly off topic but don't discount the "right" animal, no matter the colour. I totally get you on the bit above, We lost one of our British Shorthairs last year. She was a blue and we decided to get a different colour with our next cat for the same reasons. There were a couple of colours I particularly wanted but the main thing was any other colour than blue. Of course we found a great breeder and wanted one of her cats, and somehow we ended up with another blue! In the end the right breeder and the right fit for us ended up being more important than the colour. Our fears that another blue being too similar to Squishy never eventuated, Even though our new girl is the same colour she is so completely different in looks and personality that it was never an issue. :D There is nothing wrong with wanting a particular colour or look but don't be surprised if you end up with something completely different :D
  15. Unplanned litter

    I'm not sure what you want? Advice? you have been given it. Dog was from a byb, they don't care abut on going costs, they obviously don't give a damn they sold said dog in pup. No one can help you with that, it's up to them and your friend. You wanna recoup costs, sell the pups as frenchy cross, they will sell because they are so popular. You want papers? You wont get papers. The mother has limited registration. Meaning she should not be bred from. She can have the best pedigree papers in the world but they are on limited. SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BRED. This is why everyone here is harping on about desexing puppies of a popular breed. Some people got offended and said people should trust the owner not to breed from their dog. The simple fact that your whole post stems from someone not doing the right thing and breeding from a dog on limited papers shows why people desex young puppies.