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  1. Next big flag right there. These dogs got free and killed a cat. Off lead parks are often full of small fluffy quick moving dogs that will give the same stimulation as a running cat. If the parents couldn't recall said dogs from chasing the cat after they pulled free from the leash then your ex wouldn't have been able to call them off a small dog if they had run across one on their off lead park rambles and it triggered their prey drive. Just luck it hadn't happened before now.
  2. Japanese Spitz Breeds

    It's more common than not so I'd rather a new owner be prepared and ready to take steps to manage it if it became a problem.
  3. Japanese Spitz Breeds

    Do they even have Norwegian Buhund in Australia?
  4. Japanese Spitz Breeds

    Don't know what you have been reading but nope! Shikoku are a bit feral and a whole lot of Spitz. They look beautiful, I know! I would import one if I had the money, lol. But they take primitive a bit too far. I have heard there are breeders overseas trying to work on that and make them better family pets but they are hard work. I had shibas. Trust me, those beasts are like energiser bunnies! They can go all day. But while they are happy on hikes ect, they need to be kept on lead (especially in new areas!) otherwise they will bugger off. They will socialize if they feel like it, depending on individual dog , it's mood and what ever planet is in alignment, ect. RuralPug is correct in one point. Spitz breeds can stubborn (and have poor recall!) and can be dog aggressive. Not all of them, yes but they are common traits in the breeds. One of my boys was a social butterfly, loved everyone but hated most other dogs, the other would ignore you and snob everyone and every dog. Both were fine with kids, by the way. Shibas are nuts, but a whole heap more domesticated and manageable than a shikoku. If you like the look, get a sesame shiba. They have a similar colour to a shikoku but at this stage make far better pets. What do you mean by singular household? I had two shibas, two cats and myself and my partner. I don't have kids but my boys met kids in their outings (and yes, kids just run up and grab!)and my two handled interactions fine. They had far more issues with unleashed dogs running up to them >:(
  5. Taking found pets to the pound.

    I'm asking because a while back a friend found a cat, it had been hanging around their house for a few days. She called the Rspca/pound and was told, she didn't need to ring them just take cat to a vet and if it's not microchipped, then they can get it chipped themselves and it's then theirs!!!! They also told her that if you drop an animal off to the RSPCA you don't get get any claim to adopt it if unclaimed. I can not believe anyone would say this! I seriously can't believe this was true.
  6. Taking found pets to the pound.

    I always thought it was law that if you found a lost cat or dog you need to take it to the nearest vet (to scan for a chip) or the nearest pound. Or at least contact the pound to let them know you found said animal and in some cases they might say to keep it at your place but they record your details should someone call up looking for a missing pet? and if you don't at least contact them you are technically keeping lost property? Is this true or is it just certain states? There are so many Facebook posts saying " I found this dog/cat, if no one claims it I shall keep it." and if anyone mentions taking it to the pound (where most people would look for their lost pet) they say something like "cant take it to the pound, they will just put it down!"
  7. Spitz Breeds

    My old man took his las trip to the vet this week :(. We knew it was coming but it turned out it was his little heart that gave out first... RIP Loki. It's was a good 15 years with you old man. Wylie will be looking for you on the other side
  8. My little old man is gone :(

    Last Tuesday morning my old man made his last trip to the vet... We knew it was coming, Loki was 15 and almost totally blind, incontinent and arthritic and had the occasional fit. ( Possibly going deaf but I couldn't tell because, Shiba). Yet it was his little heart that failed. My little old man. He was a strange weird critter but I loved him. He promised me he would make it through another Winter but he missed it by 3 days...
  9. Dogs with storm phobias

    Loki became storm and firework phobic around 7 years old which was around the time he started going blind. I have recently noticed that now at 15 years old he has stopped being scared. Apparently he is now so senile he has forgotten he used to have these phobias... I can never tell if he is deaf of just ignoring me, because, Shiba.
  10. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    I'm sorry if I offended you PossumCorner I did debate with myself about how offensive it would be if I posted that's what I called it. ( it was over a decade ago.) I really ummed and arhhed.. I don't think or refer to Loki's then stressed mental state as that any more for that reason. I only wrote it as that to try to describe how certain trauma and injury can possibly effect a dogs mental state. If you prefer I'm happy to delete my posts.
  11. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    I don't know if you would call it PTS but when Loki was 2 he escaped the yard and was hit by a car and fractured his hip in two places. After he healed it took months to get over his fear if he heard or saw a car driving past. He was never scared of cars before this, by the way. But for the next 2 or 3 years after that he would have random "moments" every now and then. He would be walking along fine and then just stop. He would refuse to move and stand there shaking. If there was a seat near by I would sit down and he would climb up onto my lap (he has never been a lap dog!) and lean into me, shove his face under my arm and start crying/whimpering. I'd sit there and cuddle him and then he would pull himself together and we would go on with our walk. If I couldn't sit down with him I'd just have to wait while he stood there and shook. (It wasn't a fit) He only did this if we were walking near a busy road and not every walk. I used to call it "His flashbacks to 'Nam" He eventually got over it but even now 13 years later he still shies away and drops his tail if a particularly loud car or truck drives past. I don't know if it was PTSD but the accident definitely messed with his mind long after his bones healed.
  12. I thought one of the critters was a goat? I assumed it was feral. Ah, and a fox, and a cat...
  13. I have been wanting to ask this but I didn't know how to, so please excuse me if I don't make sense. This guy got jail time for setting his hunting dogs on animals, right? How is this any different from people who go out pig hunting with dogs? The dogs chase and hold the pigs.. and by hold I mean grab and latch on. Is this actually illegal? I know of many people in the Top End who go pig hunting this way... I don't agree with animals tearing into other animals for sport/hunting by the way.... But I was just wondering?
  14. Mya is losing so much fur. Normal?

    How is her thyroid?
  15. Buying a puppy - follow on from Pollypops post

    The prices are going up considerably for pure bred dogs as well. When I bought my dog 15 years ago on Limited reg, he was $700. My second was on Mains for $1000. The breed was reasonably uncommon at the time. Now days there are a lot more breeders and the prices have basically doubled.