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  1. Lagotto or GR/Pooodle cross as first family dog?

    I wouldn't bother. Because the very nature of a cross means the temps and the coats can be guesswork. That's even before you look into the "breed" of the original cross. It's often not just two pure breeds bred together but several blends. "Maltese-shitsu" ring any bells?
  2. Yukan Shiba

    Well, aren't the prices going up! 14 years ago a mains registered was $1000...
  3. How to tell if your Dog is a Dingo?

    my favourites were the Swamp Wallabies with their little striped faces and their golden dusted shoulders, butts and tails... so gentle and friendly.... they would wait until we finished lunch when we were mustering and quietly slip over to the sandwich crusts... Which would kill them eventually with Lumpy Jaw..
  4. Yukan Shiba

    Shiba inus are roughly between $1000, $2000. Sometimes even more or sometimes less depending on breeder and what you are looking for.
  5. Breeding for colour

    Eye color affects behaviour?
  6. please help me decide between 2 breeds

    I'm gonna suggest Shiba Inu :D
  7. Crocodile eats beloved terrier that had spent a decade taunting it

    Animal cruelty. Pretty sure there are laws about letting dogs harass wildlife as well. Idiot should be fined.
  8. Japanese Spitz Breeds

    Bwa ha ha ha.... Not mine. :D
  9. Mastiff can't be a rare breed, there are sooooo many tan black masked " mastiff crosses" listed all the time with the pounds and shelters. Surely that's because there are so many mastiffs? (clearly I'm being sarcastic)
  10. Next big flag right there. These dogs got free and killed a cat. Off lead parks are often full of small fluffy quick moving dogs that will give the same stimulation as a running cat. If the parents couldn't recall said dogs from chasing the cat after they pulled free from the leash then your ex wouldn't have been able to call them off a small dog if they had run across one on their off lead park rambles and it triggered their prey drive. Just luck it hadn't happened before now.
  11. Japanese Spitz Breeds

    It's more common than not so I'd rather a new owner be prepared and ready to take steps to manage it if it became a problem.
  12. Japanese Spitz Breeds

    Do they even have Norwegian Buhund in Australia?
  13. Japanese Spitz Breeds

    Don't know what you have been reading but nope! Shikoku are a bit feral and a whole lot of Spitz. They look beautiful, I know! I would import one if I had the money, lol. But they take primitive a bit too far. I have heard there are breeders overseas trying to work on that and make them better family pets but they are hard work. I had shibas. Trust me, those beasts are like energiser bunnies! They can go all day. But while they are happy on hikes ect, they need to be kept on lead (especially in new areas!) otherwise they will bugger off. They will socialize if they feel like it, depending on individual dog , it's mood and what ever planet is in alignment, ect. RuralPug is correct in one point. Spitz breeds can stubborn (and have poor recall!) and can be dog aggressive. Not all of them, yes but they are common traits in the breeds. One of my boys was a social butterfly, loved everyone but hated most other dogs, the other would ignore you and snob everyone and every dog. Both were fine with kids, by the way. Shibas are nuts, but a whole heap more domesticated and manageable than a shikoku. If you like the look, get a sesame shiba. They have a similar colour to a shikoku but at this stage make far better pets. What do you mean by singular household? I had two shibas, two cats and myself and my partner. I don't have kids but my boys met kids in their outings (and yes, kids just run up and grab!)and my two handled interactions fine. They had far more issues with unleashed dogs running up to them >:(
  14. Taking found pets to the pound.

    I'm asking because a while back a friend found a cat, it had been hanging around their house for a few days. She called the Rspca/pound and was told, she didn't need to ring them just take cat to a vet and if it's not microchipped, then they can get it chipped themselves and it's then theirs!!!! They also told her that if you drop an animal off to the RSPCA you don't get get any claim to adopt it if unclaimed. I can not believe anyone would say this! I seriously can't believe this was true.
  15. Taking found pets to the pound.

    I always thought it was law that if you found a lost cat or dog you need to take it to the nearest vet (to scan for a chip) or the nearest pound. Or at least contact the pound to let them know you found said animal and in some cases they might say to keep it at your place but they record your details should someone call up looking for a missing pet? and if you don't at least contact them you are technically keeping lost property? Is this true or is it just certain states? There are so many Facebook posts saying " I found this dog/cat, if no one claims it I shall keep it." and if anyone mentions taking it to the pound (where most people would look for their lost pet) they say something like "cant take it to the pound, they will just put it down!"