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  1. New breed in Australia

    Stella is a mix of mixes.
  2. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    Does he know he is doing it? Sorry, that seems like a silly question? I've only had 2 experiences with incontinent dogs, One was when Loki was in his last year of life, (16 years or so) He had to be confined to a large dog crate over night because he would get stressed and want to wander (he was blind and becoming senile) and he also started wetting his bed. He did it in his sleep, and never seemed to notice We just gave him a rubber tub as a bed and a series of washable blankets.
  3. New arrivals

    "We need a system that doesn’t discriminate against pet owners" I totally get this, I'm a pet owning renter but I've seen some terrible damage from pets. One of the houses I rented a few years back had a room with massive pee stains on the carpet in one room where the owner kept their dogs locked up. A bloodstain (despite numerous cleaning) from where the owners once had a cat (see the two dogs above and yes, it's what you think ) and despite several carpet cleans, and several bug bombs, a massive flea infestation. Do I blame the pets? no. But I can see how home owners would be wary. I don't know how to solve it? A damage bond is a damage bond, no matter how it occurs? )pet or otherwise) But bogans seem to skip out of paying bond anyway
  4. New arrivals

    Weird question, but will you let the old owners visit (even in a park, ect) down the track? I know it can be confusing for pets in this situation but... if they were that old, and had been with their peeps all their life... I mean, maybe a year or so down the track to give them time to settle in.? When I got Loki as a puppy, a year or two later his breeder holidayed in Tas and asked to stop in and say hello. Loki was so happy! Knew her instantly and was very excited. Even though he had lived with me for a year or so , and loved our family he was so happy to say hello to her! But because he hadn't seen her for ages it was good for him, but he didn't fret for her after she left again.
  5. Is my dog a dingo

    I see whippet in the face....
  6. The Strangest Cross Breed You Have Ever Seen?

    " forget the breed name" Asal! this whole post needs the name or else it's.... not? it's gonna make my eye twitch.
  7. Literal frozen puppy, 18000 yrs old

    Weather was different/colder at that time or place or, like now, pup was born very late in the season.
  8. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    They must be so close to fledging now....
  9. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    They have legs now :D
  10. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    They are getting so antsy! I thought one was going to jump off the ledge several times!
  11. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Soggy babies!
  12. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Yeah, I saw that on Facebook
  13. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Their facebook page said they are now moving between two nests so might be off camera sometimes, and dont message/contact them if you cant see them, lol.
  14. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    I think it's a remote operated camera, no access. Apparently (google tells me) last year the same pair lost two chicks from eating diseased birds
  15. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    I think you are right