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  1. I have heard of E. lenensis, Check this out! https://www.sciencealert.com/extinct-equus-lenensis-lena-horse-pleistocene-foal-found-preserved-near-perfect-permafrost
  2. Slightly off topic but don't discount the "right" animal, no matter the colour. I totally get you on the bit above, We lost one of our British Shorthairs last year. She was a blue and we decided to get a different colour with our next cat for the same reasons. There were a couple of colours I particularly wanted but the main thing was any other colour than blue. Of course we found a great breeder and wanted one of her cats, and somehow we ended up with another blue! In the end the right breeder and the right fit for us ended up being more important than the colour. Our fears that another blue being too similar to Squishy never eventuated, Even though our new girl is the same colour she is so completely different in looks and personality that it was never an issue. :D There is nothing wrong with wanting a particular colour or look but don't be surprised if you end up with something completely different :D
  3. Unplanned litter

    I'm not sure what you want? Advice? you have been given it. Dog was from a byb, they don't care abut on going costs, they obviously don't give a damn they sold said dog in pup. No one can help you with that, it's up to them and your friend. You wanna recoup costs, sell the pups as frenchy cross, they will sell because they are so popular. You want papers? You wont get papers. The mother has limited registration. Meaning she should not be bred from. She can have the best pedigree papers in the world but they are on limited. SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BRED. This is why everyone here is harping on about desexing puppies of a popular breed. Some people got offended and said people should trust the owner not to breed from their dog. The simple fact that your whole post stems from someone not doing the right thing and breeding from a dog on limited papers shows why people desex young puppies.
  4. Unplanned litter

    Welcome to Dol.. lol. Gist is, your friend's dog now has pups they didn't expect when buying said dog. Raising pups can be a financial burden (be glad the mum didn't need a C section!) and it's not what your friend was expecting. Dogs "breeder" was probably a byber otherwise they wouldn't be breeding from a limited register dog, but that's not important now. Now there is a litter of pups that you and your friend want to do the right thing by. Surrendering them to a good foster group (people suggest yellowgirl?) is a good option. Pounds/RSPCA will just sell them for their fad value. Sadly this breed means there will be heaps of interest, not all good Just do what you/your friend feel best about. End of the day it's up to you. They may very well be pure french bull dogs, but they might not, and it doesn't change how good a pet they will be :D If you do sell them, sell them as crosses. That is being honest as you can be because without actual papers they could be either. There are a few cross breeds that are dead ringers for pure breeds, and there are some badly bred pure breeds that look like a cross.
  5. Unplanned litter

    Yes desexing young dogs can have problems for some dogs, but most are fine. There are just as many health risks with un desexed dogs. How about considering a dog that wasn't conceived can't have any health issues, either from being desexed or from being bred from? That's looking to the future. I don't think the OP was doing a dodgy, or trying to drive up prices. But with the breed mentioned, I would not let them go without desexing them. Sure some people will be genuine and won't breed them but there are many more who see "French Bull dog= money". Either onselling for triple price or breeding to add to the fad. Yes, Frenchies are a huge fad right now! Such a fad in fact that they being stolen frequently. So you might have the best homes lined up, and they are responsible people who don't plan to breed their dog. But then dog gets nicked because it's a popular breed and there are other dodgy people who know this.
  6. Unplanned litter

    Heads up, no matter how well you "screen" the homes you can't tell where the pups will end up. Some people will lie to you, some will have circumstances change down the track and some might do the best for their pets but they might be stolen/escape. Desex them now before rehoming. You worry they are pure Frenchie? They aren't. I'm sorry, without papers they are mutts, no matter what their parents are. The big shame is the original owner breeding dogs on limited register. This is why breeders insist on desexing before rehoming.
  7. Unplanned litter

    The dog was on limited, but was used for breeding previously? Me thinks not a registered breeder....
  8. Let little Rusty have the best home

    4 months old? I hope that's a typo. Because 4 months old means he just basically just left his mum.
  9. Lagotto or GR/Pooodle cross as first family dog?

    I wouldn't bother. Because the very nature of a cross means the temps and the coats can be guesswork. That's even before you look into the "breed" of the original cross. It's often not just two pure breeds bred together but several blends. "Maltese-shitsu" ring any bells?
  10. Yukan Shiba

    Well, aren't the prices going up! 14 years ago a mains registered was $1000...
  11. How to tell if your Dog is a Dingo?

    my favourites were the Swamp Wallabies with their little striped faces and their golden dusted shoulders, butts and tails... so gentle and friendly.... they would wait until we finished lunch when we were mustering and quietly slip over to the sandwich crusts... Which would kill them eventually with Lumpy Jaw..
  12. Yukan Shiba

    Shiba inus are roughly between $1000, $2000. Sometimes even more or sometimes less depending on breeder and what you are looking for.
  13. Breeding for colour

    Eye color affects behaviour?
  14. please help me decide between 2 breeds

    I'm gonna suggest Shiba Inu :D
  15. Crocodile eats beloved terrier that had spent a decade taunting it

    Animal cruelty. Pretty sure there are laws about letting dogs harass wildlife as well. Idiot should be fined.