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  1. You could always scatter their ashes at a favourite park or place? If having an urn sitting there is too distressing.
  2. My first thought is no. New pup has enough to deal with just meeting you.
  3. I lost one of my dogs to lymphoma. He showed no signs at all except for a small fleeting wobble in his legs one day. Two days later the glands in his neck swelled up and he passed away at the vets several hours later I'm not really any help, even the vet said he showed next to no signs until the swollen glands At that stage the vet said there was nothing left to do. Get the tests and then decide from there, that's all I can suggest.
  4. Also, yes, I have researched the breed, I'm still deciding if I should get one, and yes I know colour is not important if it's "the right dog" But I'm in the early stages of putting out my feelers and nothing is set in stone. But I do like the solid coloured dogs and that's my preference.
  5. Can I ask any Bull Terrier (or specifically Miniature Bull Terriers, in case it makes a difference?) breeders a question on colour? I've been googling and researching breeders looking for red or tri colour dogs and the majority are brindle, and a lot are mostly white as well. I'm looking for breeders with more solid coloured dogs with no or limited white on their faces. Are dogs without a white blaze less desirable, therefore not bred for? I'm just starting my journey and I know nothing about Bull terrier colours (ie, what's "in" ) so I have no idea if the colours I are looking
  6. Loki yodeled, it was quite musical! Wylie screamed.
  7. I'm not surprised! The NG Singing Dog is a primitive Asian breed along with Shiba Inus and Dingos. If you have ever heard a Shiba in full song you can clearly hear the family resemblance. Also, Loki was terrorised for many years by my neighbours cat who would lie in wait then spring out and boop his tail. More proof that cats are really in charge :D
  8. I'm no help at all with who to talk to about the fence, But this I understand.. "Basenji = no recall/no road-sense and ageing basenji = going deaf and so can't hear approaching vehicles" Take out the aging, going deaf bit and you still have a breed of dog that NEEDS SECURE FENCING. I'm sure someone will suggest who you need to contact but when you do,, make sure you really push the aging, deaf, no recall part because most people don't get the breed bit but will understand (hopefully)the rest. I haven't had a basenji, I've owned Shiba inus... One was a 16 year old "
  9. Not an expert in dog behavior, but if you can't afford a trainer, you in no way can afford the legal fees and fines if your dog actually bites or threatens someone. Doesn't even need to threaten someone in fact , imagine your dog lunging or barking at someone who is elderly and they startle and fall, breaking their hip. Sounds far fetched? It can happen A trainer is cheaper in the long run by far.
  10. Prices go up. 20 years ago I paid $140 a week rent for a 3 bedroom house. Now in the exact same area I'll have to pay between $250-450 for the same. It sucks, but it's life.
  11. Why not get a Lowchen or a bichon? Why a mutt mix?
  12. Google the two breeds and what health issues they might have. That's about all the info you will find.
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