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  1. Perhaps give the covid hotline in NZ a call and find out what your options are? If stage 3 only goes for the 3 days that are intended at this point, it might be that you have to wait until after then?
  2. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    It is a bit gross but then I'm super squeamish about raw meat at the best of times.
  3. The Moo

    Your Mossy Moo was gorgeous and sounds like such a wonderful, entertaining character.
  4. It sure is. Here's a link to read more about it rather than me regurgitating it all. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324450
  5. CBD is made from cannabis and usually in the form of CBD oil. It's only recently been made legal here and it has to be prescribed by a doctor. My understanding is that you generally have to go to a clinic that specialises in it, as most GPs won't/can't jump through the hoops that are necessary for approval. I was considering it for pain I get from a medical condition but the cost is prohibitive. From memory I think it's around $200 for an appt to get assessed for a prescription and it would have cost somewhere between $150 to $300 a week for an average dose of it. Edit: I just reread your post about the grower selling it at the market. Are you sure that's not hemp oil, rather than CBD oil?
  6. I have to agree with @tdierikx. This is a long term issue and needs to be investigated properly. I also agree that the amount you've been quoted for it is reasonable. Put the $154 you were going to use on the brace towards the cost of the xrays and examination. Unfortunately pets sometimes cost money and as responsible owners, we have to find a way to pay for treatment when it's needed. I've used VetPay before for an urgent tooth removal when I didn't have the money and they were very easy to apply through and deal with.
  7. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    That's wonderful to see. I loved watching him getting his sniffer in on the action.
  8. I'm so sorry for you and your dear boy. I started this thread but I don't know of anyone who has been a part of any trials for cancer treatment. Have you been able to get any answers from the people running the trial?
  9. Thank you for sharing these. I'm going to keep the quality of life calculator open for any time I feel like I need to reassess Justice's quality of life, especially now that dementia is taking a bit of a toll. He still comes out at 64 on the calculator, which has helped reassure me that I'm doing the right thing with trying to manage where we're at right now and that he still has a way to go before it will be time to consider giving him his wings.
  10. A vet needs to physically examine him, not just do a phone consult anyway. I think at this point that it's essential for him to see a vet asap if your family can't see that it's time and if the only way that can happen is by paying for a home visit, then it needs to be done. It sounds like it might have been some time since he's seen a vet if you can't get him in to a car? Is he on pain relief for his condition?
  11. Have you taken him to be assessed by a vet? A vet's opinion may help your family see that he's suffering.
  12. I would personally say no, as he would still be in pain and being able to struggle through managing those things with some help, isn't the same as a good quality of life. I realise it's easier for us to say to let him go when he's not our dog but it does sound like it's time.
  13. "Woofin Good" dog food

    I think the poos tell you whether it's agreeing with your dog or not. If your dog is producing more poo on the same amount of food they were getting before and they're very soft, then it's not the right food for her.
  14. I'm so sorry that you and your sweet old boy are going through this. My dog is about to turn 15 and is my first dog, so I haven't yet had to make a decision about when it's time to give them their wings. Because of his age and some health issues this year, I've given it an awful lot of thought though. For me, I think if my boy could no longer stand up on his own and was falling down trying to toilet himself, especially with a history of hip dysplasia and the pain he's likely to be in now, I'd likely decide that it's time. I know many dogs manage successfully with a wheelchair when they can't use their back end but I think asking a very senior dog to try and manage that, especially such a large dog who would be trying to move a lot of weight with just his front legs, is probably too much. Have you had a conversation with your vet about the level of pain and quality of life your boy is experiencing? They might be able to give you more guidance about his physical condition than we can. It's awful watching our dogs get old and I really feel for you.
  15. Welcome to DOL @Pup Mom. My dog has thick black nails with long quicks and his nails grow very quickly too. You might find these two YouTube videos helpful for learning about how to read your dog's nails, clip them and also to get the quicks to recede. I'm still working on getting my dog's quicks to recede as I've had a couple of situations that have meant I haven't been able to do his nails weekly, and leaving them to grow for a few weeks each time has set us back a bit. Because his nails grow so fast, I really need to do them weekly. If the hair over your dog's nails prevents you from trimming them, I'd clip the hair back so that you can do the nails, rather than have your dog be uncomfortable with nails that are too long. I'm not a groomer, nor am I an expert with dog's nails, so someone more experienced might be able to offer more or better information, but I wouldn't think we should ever let our dogs nails get to a point where they start to curl.