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  1. Corneal Ulcer

    I'm so glad that he's doing so well even though the poor little monkey isn't too happy about it all (well, except for the sausages lol). Hopefully the itching will settle down fairly quickly and he'll be much more comfortable very soon. Give the little munchkin a kiss from us.
  2. Corneal Ulcer

    That's wonderful news! I'm glad to hear he's doing so well.
  3. I'm sorry your mother in law got hurt. I hope she's okay. I think a vet check up is a good idea to see if there are any underlying issues that might be causing pain or distress. I can only go by what you've said but I personally wouldn't be putting your dog to sleep based on the events you've described, as it comes across as more of a warning bite than a sustained attack. Is that how you would see it? It sounds like you need some help from a good trainer to set up better management strategies to ensure both your dog and the people around you are kept safe. With the attack where she was leaning over him, it's possible that she startled him or he felt threatened with her in that position (not that biting is okay but it's important to try and understand why it's happening, which a trainer should be able to help you with). It's hard to know without having been there. It also sounds like there's some food/resource guarding issues that need to be managed. Maybe start with the vet check up and take it from there.. If you give a rough idea of where you are then I'm sure some people can recommend a good trainer for you to contact. Not all trainers are good and some are more harmful than helpful, so recommendations are always helpful.
  4. Corneal Ulcer

    The poor little pumpkin. Hopefully all is well with the appointment tomorrow and they say he's coming along nicely. Give the little munchkin a kiss from me and Justice.
  5. Corneal Ulcer

    Oh my gosh, the poor, sweet darling. That looks so painful.
  6. Corneal Ulcer

    Your poor little love. How distressing for you both. I hope he's resting comfortably and heals up very quickly.
  7. Thankfully we haven't needed the vet since Justice had to have a tooth pulled last year. He can't see other dogs without panicking these days so pet stores are out but I tend to stop by the vet to weigh him in the middle of the day, when they're closed for appointments while they do the surgeries for the day, and just double check by calling from the car park to make sure no one else is in there with a dog doing the same thing. That weight increase isn't a disaster by any means but yeah, I totally get needing to stay on top of it and keep their weight in check, especially being older and not burning it off as easily as when younger or more active.
  8. It's great that he's doing so well on it and his coat is looking good, although I'm sure he will feel much like Justice when it comes to cutting back on the food. That's something I'll have to watch with Justice and how easily he gains weight, especially with exercise being limited over summer, between his anxiety and the heat. I probably should have weighed him before I started him on it. If we can get a cooler day I'll pop in to the vet with him and put him on the scales. I'm dreadful at judging small losses or gains just by sight or feel and only pick up on it once it's really noticeable.
  9. I think so but I'm very biased ;-)
  10. We were there on Friday night and when they were ready to flop down in front of the air con after a little while, we went out and hosed down the whole backyard (it's not a huge area so easy to do it all in a few minutes). We'll just keep doing that when we visit.
  11. Justice loves his raw eggs so I have no doubt that he would happily gobble down scrambled eggs. Thanks for the suggestion! He's doing really well on the Big Dog BARF patties for breakfast and his usual mix of meaty bones, yoghurt, eggs and sardines for dinner, so I'll be keeping up with the Big Dog instead of the kibble he was on. Ha ha.. here's the obligatory photo of the boy that was taken on a recent walk. I can't work out how to insert the photo from Flickr adding the link in the Insert other media section isn't working but here's a link to his boofy face https://flic.kr/p/2edPDvi
  12. Feeding / Food aggression

    I think the concerns people have expressed about adding a second dog to the family when there is such a significant aggression issue with your first dog, aren't unreasonable. I understand from what you're saying that your first dog only demonstrates aggressive behaviour when food is involved, and is calm and not a threat the rest of the time, but the level of aggression you've described around food is very extreme. That being said, you have your second dog now and the focus needs to be on keeping everyone safe rather than second guessing your decision. I've been reading this thread since you started it but not commented until now, as I've just read a post in a Facebook group that made me think of your situation. When people are saying your new dog's safety is at risk, I suspect they're talking about the potential for your management strategies to fail at some point when food is present, not because you're a bad dog owner, but because we're all human and can be distracted or make mistakes. The post that prompted me to reply to you was by a person who is both a dog trainer and a vet nurse. She has one dog who has food based aggression issues and she made a mistake with the strict management procedures she's had in place for the dog, and it killed one of her other dogs over food. This is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking and really demonstrates how easily educated, vigilant dog owners can make an error that has devastating consequences. Please seek some professional help from a really reputable trainer and potentially also from a good vet behaviourist. I also second the suggestions to get your first dog tested for any medical issues that may be behind this behaviour. I don't know anything about the breed or the condition that has been raised by those more knowledgeable than me but it would definitely be worth investigating as part of getting your dog assessed and getting some professional help on board. I wish you all the best with your situation.
  13. That's really interesting, crazydoglady. My understanding is that a raw diet results in a better pH balance and might reduce burns from that perspective, but increases nitrates and the nitrates can burn the grass (which is what dog rocks are trying to correct and why they say they are unlikely to work for dogs on a raw diet). I guess time will tell! He's doing well so far on the Big Dog Patties so fingers crossed that continues. It's lovely to see you on here and I'm sure Justice will be delighted with his kiss.
  14. Socialising a dog - daycare?

    I'm not a fan of doggy daycares. My dog was going to one run by a trainer we'd worked closely with for 2 years and was attacked by another dog. He came home sporting puncture wounds in his neck and back, a partially torn ear, and was covered in bite and scratch marks under his fur. The daycare didn't even know he'd been attacked until I called them after getting him home and finding all of his injuries, which means the dogs would have to have been left unattended for a period of time (which they denied), as there's no way he could have been hurt like that with no noise from either dog. They at least paid the emergency vet bill, and follow up vet bill when his neck became infected, but I'll never leave any dog in daycare again.
  15. Sandgrubber, I've just spent the last hour trying to do more research and there is surprisingly little information out there. Altering the pH balance can cause significant health problems, which is what people are doing when they add things like apple cider vinegar to their dog's water, but the rocks supposedly don't alter the pH. I haven't been able to find anything about side effects of reducing nitrates in dog urine, although maybe that in and of itself is reason enough to not use them? There's no information at all that I could find about what was involved with the testing by the company, and a few articles looking in to them said the same thing. I don't know.. maybe it's better for Justice if I just forget the whole thing and instead offer to hose down my friend's lawn after each visit. That's interesting about it not working on a kibble diet, juice. Justice cocks his leg all over the fence at home but at my friend's he does it on her bushes and on the lawn when he's pottering about in between playing with her dog.