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  1. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    I'm pleased to read today that the council have decided the staff was not to blame and will not be euthanise. They have ended the investigation. I'm assuming no charges will brought against the owner of the dachshund either and that the death of her dog is considered punishment enough. https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/pets/hero-the-staffy-saved-from-being-put-down-after-mauling-of-dachshund-c-565288
  2. 'DOGA' brilliant workout!

    I saw this on Facebook. It really is quite amazing. Even if I was that good of a trainer (which I'm not), Justice and I are both far too uncoordinated for even half of what they can do.. lol.
  3. Congratulations on your new addition! Evie and Phoebe are both adorable.
  4. Your poor, poor dog. The behaviours you're describing sound like full blown panic attacks and as much as it's been distressing and costly for you, it would be a lot worse for your dog, to be enduring that on a regular basis. Please bring your dog inside until you can get professional help on board. The behaviour sounds so extreme and ingrained that it's no longer just a training issue and I would be very surprised if your dog doesn't need medication to get her mind to a place that's calm enough to be able to absorb behaviour modification training (think about trying to reason with, and change the emotional response of, a human in the midst of an extreme panic attack.. it just wouldn't be possible.) This means you really need to get help from a vet behaviourist (a vet who has done extensive training in animal behaviour/psychology and who is well versed in the range of medications that are available) first, before you start engaging the help of a trainer (most vet behaviourists have trainers they can recommend who know how to work with dogs with extreme anxiety.) The Facebook group that Two Best Dogs suggested will be able to help you with finding a vet behaviourist, or we may be able to help steer you in the right direction if you let us know roughly what area you live in.
  5. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    There is a petition asking the council not to euthanise the staffy http://chng.it/WfXdvQYNQp
  6. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    More mixed stories.. How did they open the gate and their dog just went for a sniff hello and was attacked in response, when the dogs had bolted and the owner was far enough away from the dogs when they raced up to the staffy, that they had to get there by car? I get being muddled and confused and in shock but I'm not sure how you get so muddled that you think your dog was sniffing another dog outside your gate, when they were down the street and across a park and completely out of sight? Yes. I'm yet to see anything that confirms that the dog was known to be aggressive. The only thing I'm aware of is that the owner if the staffy had apparently previously said in a Facebook group that her dog isn't good with other dogs. I say the exact same thing about Justice. It's not evidence that the dog is known to seriously injure or kill dogs that run up to it.
  7. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    It might not have been all four dogs in the thick of the fight but I don't think it's unreasonable for a dog to feel threatened by three dogs rushing it from behind and attack in response. Do I think it's okay that the daschund was injured then killed? No, of course not, but I understand how it happened. It's easy to say now that the reaction by the staff was excessive and disproportionate but you can't expect a dog to weight that up in the moment when faced with three unknown dogs. Obviously I don't know what the owner of the staffy was thinking or the reasoning behind her behaviour during the fight but as I replied to Two Best Dogs, she may well have been in shock and not thinking clearly given that they were all rushed from behind. You probably would have thought I was an hysterical idiot doing nothing to help my dog or break up the fight when he was being attacked, as no doubt that's what I looked like, but I couldn't get my body to cooperate with my brain. I didn't actually really believe that happens until I experienced it, so I'm wary of judging someone else's reaction to a similar situation. I understand from news reports that the child was 6 years old, so not really old enough to be expected to stay out of the way of dogs fighting. The owner of the staffy may have been getting abused by the other owners for killing their dog and or want to give them her address, or she may have just been freaking out so much that she didn't think through leaving her details at the time. We don't know that the dog has a history and the comments suggesting that were started on the page of the daschund owner, so I'm not sure how much credit I'd give them without more information. As for the post by the daschund owner, she made it public and asked people to share it, as well as ensuring it sounded like she'd been walking her dog at the time.. at least until the CCTV footage came out showing her dogs were loose and unattended. I agree that it's absolutely not okay to walk dogs unmuzzled if they are known to be aggressive to the point of trying to injure or kill other dogs if they approach. No dog deserves to attacked or killed just because their owner is irresponsible and allows them to run up to other dogs. That being said, dog owners also need to take a hell of a lot more responsibility than many of them do, when it comes to their dog's behaviour and respecting other dogs and owners.
  8. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    Maybe different networks are showing different parts of the same video? The clip shown on the news seemed to be the same angle as the other footage, at least to me. The owner of the daschund made her post public and asked people to share it. She also made it sound like she had been walking her dog when the staffy attacked. At no time she indicate that her dogs were loose and unsupervised or that she didn't see how it started and only arrived once it was under way. On another news clip I saw after I posted this thread, she was being interviewed and said she heard the screams at the park from her home and that's when she knew something was wrong and they raced down there. That also conflicts with her second version of events that said her dad accidentally let the dogs out and they went after them. They can't have been following too close behind if they were still at home when the fight started. I know that when Justice and I got blindsided by an attack from another staffy that was tied up behind a sandwich board, I went in to shock and couldn't get my body to do any of the things my head was telling me to do and I was very muddled afterwards. I didn't even realise the owner of the other dog had tied his dog back up and left it again until we were about to leave that way and a woman who had been comforting me pointed out that the dog was in our path and unattended. I can completely understand if the owner of the staffy also felt blindsided with the three other dogs coming from behind and couldn't think clearly about what to do in the moment. Also, the owner of the dachshund wasn't trying to break the fight up on her own. Her husband (?) ran out of the car ahead of her to the dogs and she walked up after him. I'm not saying it wouldn't have been terrifying or traumatic anyway but she wasn't alone.
  9. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    What I saw on the CCTV footage that was shown on the news this afternoon was the owner of the staffy walking it across the park on leash with her child. Then a Labrador runs across the park approaching the staffy from behind, following by the two daschunds. I couldn't see much of the actual fight with seats etc in the way, and then it cut to the owners of the three dogs pulling up in a car and one of them running over to the fight as the other walks over more slowly. It's interesting that the owner of the poor dog who was killed lied about what happened yesterday and said she was walking her dog when it was attacked by the staffy, then changed her story after the CCTV footage came out today, and after plastering photos of the staffy and its owner all over Facebook for more than 12 hours, which has apparently resulted in the staffy owner receiving threats.
  10. Last night and this morning I saw a post doing the rounds on Facebook, from a woman whose daschund was killed by another dog in a Pakenham park. There were photos of the other dog's face covered in blood and a photo of the deceased daschund (the photos are in the articles I'll link but I won't put them in this post as they may cause distress). The woman was claiming her dog was killed unprovoked and that the other owner did nothing and just walked off afterwards. The story today is a bit different and different news sites have different info, so I'll copy two I've seen and post the links in case people do want to see photos or CCTV footage. No dog deserves to pay with it's life for its owners mistakes but I've honestly lost count of the number of times I've called out to people with an off leash dog next to them and asked them to please not let their dog approach us and told them my dog isn't friendly, and they do nothing to leash their dog and can't recall or control them when they then take off and rush us. These people have no idea my dog is actually terrified and will shut down or try to escape, rather than attack their dog, yet it still happens over and over and over again. One day they may be in the same heartbreaking and traumatising position as the owner of this daschund, if they do it to the wrong dog. I think that if it's known that a dog will seriously attack any dog that approaches, it should be muzzled in public since there will always be idiots who let their dog run over, but at the same time, I don't think I can blame a dog set on by three unknown dogs for defending itself to the death, assuming that this is in fact what happened. It's an awful situation for everyone involved and we're yet to see if it ends in the death of two dogs, rather than one. "Pakenham Dachshund dog owner Kashila speaks about mauling The owner of a Dachshund mauled to death on a Melbourne walking track said she has been left traumatised. Kashila Chintamunnee said her father opened the gate to their Pakenham property about 11am on Tuesday and their three dogs ran toward the park. She said her father and sister reached the park moments later to find a white Staffy "already on Coco, straight around the neck". "It was a good 10 minutes that the dog would not let go of ours," Chintamunnee told 7NEWS. "I ran up straight away and saw the dog and was really frightened of it. I could not stand there and watch." The young woman said she eventually managed to pull the Staffy off Coco, claiming the other dog owner stood there "looking frightened". "We were in panic mode. All you think about is your little baby who is dying in your arms," Chintamunnee said. Chintamunnee said her father approached the Staffy owner to ask for details and claimed she then walked off and "washed her dog in the lake". The family was seen laying floral tributes for Coco near their home on Wednesday morning. Graphic photos shared on social media overnight show dried blood on the footpath and the Staffy with a red face and paws. On Tuesday night, the Staffy owner's husband told 7NEWS.com.au there was another side to the story. He said his wife and four-year-old son were walking the Staffy when a trio of dogs "came from behind and started to attack". He says the three dogs - two Dachshunds and a Labrador - were all off their leashes and were aggressive. Chintamunnee says she has contacted police and the local council. Victoria Police say the council handles all dog-on-dog violence. 7NEWS.com.au has contacted Cardinia Shire Council for comment." https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/pets/pakenham-dachshund-dog-owner-kashila-speaks-about-mauling-c-542679?fbclid=IwAR2523AsNwV6OeyN5iKCZUkiYtG1jT0_nwlJUFhaktWB0jTpKuzzjicTDSI "CCTV Footage Reveals What Happened During Vicious Dog Mauling A woman was left covered in the blood of her own dog after what she claims was a violent dog attack. Kashila Chintamunnee claims she was walking her Dachshund Coco in Pakenham, southeast of Melbourne on Tuesday morning when she said another dog attacked hers. But CCTV footage seen by 10 News First appears to show Chintamunnee with three unleashed dogs before the attack. It appears Chintamunnee's three dogs raced towards another woman, her child and her Staffy who was in a harness. The woman quickly grabbed her son and jumped onto a picnic table to avoid the oncoming dogs. At this point, the Staffy fought back against the trio, eventually mauling a Dachshund to death. In the aftermath of the incident, Chintamunnee shared a series of images on Facebook. She seemed determined to find the owner the Staffy who killed her Coco, claiming that the woman and her child simply "walked away" after the attack. In the images, blood appeared to be smeared on the footpath and covered the Staffy. "Hi girls does anybody know this lady from Pakenham area her dog mauled my dog to death today at 11:00am and walked away. If anybody has any information regarding to her please let me know ASAP," Chintamunnee wrote on Facebook following the incident. There were also images of Chintamunnee, who appeared covered in the blood of her now deceased dog. Blood drenched her dress and covered her arms. 10 daily understands the woman whose dog attacked the dachshund will speak to Cardinia Council on Wednesday and will seek legal advice regarding the incident. Chintamunnee also said on Facebook that she has contacted both Victoria Police and the Cardinia Council for assistance. Both Kashila Chintamunnee and the woman accused of being involved in the apparent attack have been contacted for comment. 10 daily has contacted Cardinia Council for comment on the incident. Victoria Police are directing inquiries related to the attack to Cardinia Council. Police have said it is a council matter." https://10daily.com.au/news/australia/a191105mtxqk/dog-mauled-to-death-in-vicious-daytime-attack-20191105?fbclid=IwAR10KYFRsLe0MTDPrwZZ2w4xMbxBPYKxYfUk0wlkNLAeCoBFi3pJ5CQWEbs
  11. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    I know with human meds I've always been advised not to split capsules, only tablets, because you don't know if you're getting an even mix of the ingredients each time.
  12. mast cell tumour -help needed

    I don't have any advice to offer you but wanted to say how sorry I am that you and your darling dog are going through this. It's difficult enough without feeling like you're not getting the best veterinary care. My 14 year old boy had one mast cell tumour removed about two and a half years ago and within a few weeks had a new one pop up. I decided not to operate on the second one after co spidering his age, his significant anxiety issues, and the terrible time he had with the first one being removed (being stapled back up at the emergency vet, a second surgery, the drain not working and having to be at the vets every two days to have the wound syringe.) Thankfully the second one hasn't been aggressive and I have him on claratyne daily to help control the histamine that the mast cell produces. An antihistamine may be something you want to consider/discuss with a vet to see if it can help prevent further mast cell tumours. I hope you can find the help that you and your dog need.
  13. adaptil spray for nervous dog

    I used to spray adaptil on a bandana and put it around Justice's neck when we went out. It was effective but only once other methods (long term rehabilitation via behavioural modification training) had significantly reduced his anxiety levels. It was completely ineffective on its own when his anxiety levels were high. It did have an effect on moderately high anxiety levels when combined with a thundershirt (there was a small but noticeable difference between the thundershirt on its own and the thundershirt plus adaptil), although that won't assist you if your dog doesn't respond positively to a thundershirt.
  14. I don't have experience with this personally but it sounds like it might be anxiety related, if it's both when excited (I'm thinking along the lines of separation anxiety resulting in what can look like over excitement when you get home.. My boy has separation anxiety and the longer I'm home, the more extreme his behaviour is when I return) and fearful (when in trouble). Have you sought advice from a vet behaviourist at all? Are there any other issues with your dog's behaviour?
  15. IBD in dogs frustration

    I won't be terribly much help as I haven't been through this with a dog but to some extent, you won't be able to avoid trial and error while you figure out what your dog can and can't tolerate. Has your vet talked you through how to do an elimination diet to find out what your dog does and doesn't react to? In terms of commercial foods, Big Dog brand does single protein BARF Patties for dogs that have intolerances but it would probably be cheaper to trial the individual proteins yourself (they do a kangaroo one and a turkey one, so you could get fresh roo and turkey from a butcher to trial before buying the Big Dog food.) I don't know enough to tell you how to make a well balanced diet at home but you will still need to work out what your dog can eat before you can make something up that's suitable. Hopefully other more experienced members can pop in and offer advice.