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  1. Zylkene - maintenance dose ?

    It sounds like that's probably the maintenance dose then. You could see if she's still doing well on half that or perhaps look for a more cost effective alternative? A couple of people in the group for clients of Justice's vet behaviourist said they had good results from the Blackmores Complete Calm chews. I think the active ingredient is tryprophan rather than casein, so you'd need to inform your vet if they give her any other medications, just in case it reacts with them. As I understand it from when I looked in to it for Justice, it can contribute to serotonin syndrome when mixed with certain medications.
  2. Zylkene - maintenance dose ?

    I don't have any experience with it but this dosage guide was listed on a website. Being that the active ingredient is casein, I wouldn't think you'd see any adverse effects from reducing to 1 capsule per day if you wanted to see how she goes on a lower dosage. Zylkene 75mg Up to 5kg 1 Capsule a day 5 - 10kg 2 Capsules a day Zylkene 225mg 10 - 15kg 1 Capsule a day 15 - 30kg 2 Capsules a day Zylkene 450mg 15 - 30kg 1 Capsule a day 30 - 60kg 2 Capsules a day https://www.discountpetmeds.com.au/zylkene-450mg-30-capsules.html
  3. Proheart 12 Side Effects nearly fatal

    I'm so sorry that you and your girl experienced this and a glad she's on the mend. I'd never specifically heard anything bad about the heartworm injection but I felt uncomfortable with it for some reason and used monthly treatments instead. Thankfully heartworm isn't common here so I don't treat for it at all now but it's good to know to be wary of the injections. Thanks for sharing and all the best to your dog for a quick recovery.
  4. Comfortis resulted in my friend's dog needing a trip to the emergency vet recently, along with making her other three dogs sick but not to the extent of needing vet treatment.
  5. Everyone has to weigh up the risks for themselves and their own situation but most dog owners don't know the risks until something happens to their dog. I'm guessing that when it's your dog that is having seizures, vomiting blood, or dying, you're not going to be consoled by stats about the percentage of dogs who have that kind of reaction. Justice hasn't had any preventive treatments for a few years. We don't have paralysis ticks here and we're low risk for heartworm. He's never had worms or fleas and hopefully it stays that way, although of course I'd treat him if he did get either of them. I just can't bring myself to give him such strong chemicals on a monthly basis "just in case". I realise that my decision may be different if paralysis ticks or heartworm were significant risks for us.
  6. Yes. A friend's dog ended up at the emergency vet the other night after being given Comfortis and her three other dogs all had a bad reaction too, but didn't need vet treatment. If you do a Google search for different brand names combined with complaints ("advocate complaints" as an example.. that's what I used to give my dog until a few years ago), you'll find lots of stories of dogs having seizures or vomiting amongst others, and even dying. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to some of the medications and what they've done to dogs.
  7. Rain Anxiety

    Yes, it was always done under the guidance of a vet behaviourist. You can certainly give a full tablet without an issue, I was just talking about tweaking the dosage. As an example, when we trialled diazepam as a short acting medication to help with situations when I was doing behaviour modification work in the presence of other dogs (dogs being a massive trigger since being attacked and causing him to panic and shut down), we started at one full tablet, then added another half a tablet, then took it to two full tablets as 1 1/2 still saw him struggling at times, but it resulted in him starting to have trouble responding to some commands, so we dropped by a quarter of a tablet to 1 3/4. Another medication we tried for storms and fireworks, he was allowed to have between 1 and 8 tablets for his body weight, so we trialled different doses at a full tablet each time. I ended up not continuing that one as I wasn't comfortable with it also being blood pressure medication and he needed a high dose for it work effectively.
  8. Rain Anxiety

    I'm glad she seems to be coping better with the medication on board. Dosage can be a bit of trial and error with some medications and you might need to gradually increase it until you find the right amount for your dog (and you can lower it back down if you feel like a dosage might be too much.) I've had to do that with a few medications we've tried for my boy to get it just right for him, sometimes even playing with half or even a quarter of a tablet to find the right balance. I hope your girl finds it much easier to cope with rain from here on.
  9. That's a good point. I seem to remember it being in the news that a parent used wet wipes that are meant for cleaning hands etc on their baby's bottom and it caused inflammation and I think, if I'm remembering correctly, a mild burn.
  10. Sorry, I'm really not sure where to suggest for the boots or the best treatment post walks, as I've not had to deal with it. I'm sure the others will be able to help out there though. With the sensitive skin BARF I'd try it for at least 6 weeks unless you see a deterioration in your dog's condition in any way. It took three weeks to notice an improvement in my dog's skin and hair loss but it wasn't a severe condition to start with and it may take longer with some dogs/conditions. Again, I don't have personal experience with this but if it were me, I would be seeking relief for your dog as quickly as possible with cortisone/steroids and once he's healed up, you can then see if the diet and boots are enough to keep the inflammation at bay, or whether he might need ongoing medical treatment. I'd start the diet etc at the same time as the vet treatment so that it's already in place and hopefully having a positive effect by the time the treatment stops. Others more knowledgeable than me might have better advice for you.
  11. I don't know if it helps but my dog is on the Big Dog Sensitive Skin BARF patties and they cleared up the dry, flaky skin on his lower back that I hadn't been able to get rid of and noticeably reduced his hair loss. His issues were nowhere near as severe as your dog's but it is a food I'd recommend. It's much more complete and nutritious than just kangaroo and vegetables. Also, I know kangaroo is a go to for a lot of people who's dogs have sensitivities and it works well for them but with my dog, kangaroo gives him diarrhoea and dries his skin out. Have you tried your dog on something else at any point to see if kangaroo is an irritant for him? Beyond that, I haven't dealt with the problem your dog is having but the advice you've been given about boots to protect his feet from grass (a friend had a dog with a severe grass allergy, so there are certainly dogs it affects badly), and seeing your vet about cortisone or steroid injections, sound like good ideas. My friend whose dog had a grass allergy had to be on steroids for the rest of his life to control it.
  12. Rain Anxiety

    I hope it helps. Once you know if it has a positive effect, you could ook at getting a trainer in to help you with desensitisation and counter conditioning to try and reduce or eliminate your girl's reaction to rain.
  13. What are they scratching at?

    Lol.. I get that but I think it's a more instinctual behaviour than a logical one.
  14. What are they scratching at?

    I've always assumed it's a type of nesting behaviour, trying to make their sleeping spot more comfy, even if it sometimes has the opposite effect.. lol.
  15. I hope he's continuing to improve and is coping okay with the blood tests. I hope you and your daughter are holding up okay under the stress if it all too.