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  1. I stopped taking Justice to the groomer to have his nails done when the pandemic started and, after trying unsuccessfully to do them myself with a sanding block (his nails are too thick and grow too fast to make much progress), switched to using a dremel. I was warned at the time by @Scratch to make sure I didn't inhale the dust/powder generated when the nail is ground down and had initially been careful to keep my face back and try not to breathe in during each short burst of dremelling. Today I got a bit slack about the breathing and also didn't think about the fact that my face was much closer than before, as I'd put my reading glasses on to better see the layers of the nails and the quick, since I'm trying to push the quicks back over time. I've ended up with a nose and throat full of dust/powder and feel pretty average. I could feel it starting just as I moved on to his last paw. For about 8 hours now I've had an irritated, sinusy nose and a feeling in my throat similar to the very early stages of getting a sore throat. I have zero doubt that the dremelling is the cause and should have known better after being warned by such an experienced groomer. I'll definitely be wearing a mask next time but wanted to share for anyone who might be new to using a dremel, either now or in the future (assuming this comes up should anyone search the forum about dremels.)
  2. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    This a great response and I'm really glad to see they're continuing to deliver such good customer service.
  3. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    I know that when another forum member had something wrong with some that they bought, Big Dog were going to investigate the factory that was making that particular product, because it didn't meet their standards and they also provided free product as an apology. I can't imagine that they'd be happy with bone shards, no matter how small they are. I would have been livid if anything had bone shards in it after what Justice went through in January. Definitely persue it if you don't get a response to the email next week.
  4. Annoyed at Big Dog Raw

    I feed Justice Big Dog and have never found bone shards in it (and I mix probiotic powder in to it so am basically sifting through it with a spoon as I mix them together), although I've never tried the kangaroo one because roo gives him diarrhoea. I'd be pretty angry in your position too. That being said, from what I've seen, Big Dog as a company seem to be great to deal with and take any issues with their food quite seriously. Please let us know what response you get from them and I'm sorry you've had yet another issue to deal with.
  5. Bowel obstruction

    Oh my goodness! Kane is certainly keeping life.. interesting.. for you.
  6. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    It's actually a really small gel cap and although Justice won't touch tablets unless they're buried in cubes of cheese, he was happy to eat the Antinol Rapid straight from my hand, so now I just mix it in with his food. Hopefully that means it will be easier for you to get down than a tablet too.
  7. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    He still looks so happy on his walk and that coat looks gorgeous on him. This might be stupid suggestion but I figure I'll put it out there anyway just in case it's of any help. I put Justice on to Antinol Rapid recently and he's noticeably bouncier and back to springing on to the couch with all four legs at once, instead of jumping up with his front legs first, as well as not really showing stiffness any more when he gets up, unless he's been curled up asleep for a long time. I realise his physical condition was nowhere near what your boy is dealing with but the reason I'm sharing is because I suggested it to my aunty for her senior dog, who is 15 and has a combination of pretty severe arthritis and degenerative myelopathy. She struggles to get up and slips badly if she's on hard floors, is very wonky on her legs and can't manage much in the way of walks. She's on anti inflammatories and pain relief from the vet (I can't remember what exactly) and after I showed my aunty a video of a dog whose vet added in Antinol Rapid on top of other meds for stiffness/lameness, she decided it couldn't hurt to try it. She's noticed an improvement in her dear old girl since adding it in. It hasn't miraculously fixed her and we never thought it would but it does seem to be providing a bit of extra relief. Here's the FB link to the Antinol video that I showed her if you're interested in having a look. https://www.facebook.com/2087838344767573/posts/2646233138928088/?sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=e
  8. Bowel obstruction

    That's awesome. I'm glad you both had a great and uneventful weekend.
  9. I thought I'd add an update on the shaking/shivering/moaning issues that Justice saw the vet for at the same time as the incontinence issues. He was put on 5 days of carprofen twice a day, which he had the last of on Wednesday morning. He had his follow up with the vet later that same day and hadn't had any further incidents for 4 days at that time. She wanted to trial him off of carprofen before prescribing it on an ongoing basis, as well as wanting to further investigate the cause if he resumed having issues once he stopped taking it, rather than leave the cause of any pain as unknown. So far, he's been completely fine and the only shivering he's done was because he was cold and it stopped as soon I rugged him up and put the heater on. I'm wondering if he might have hurt himself on the Friday night when he was playing with his bestie, as it first started while she was here. They leap around like idiots and wrestle and race in and out the dog door, so it would be easy enough for him to get injured and he's ended up smacking his head or limping before from minor play accidents. Perhaps he pulled a stomach or neck muscle, which wouldn't show up as a limp or be as easily detectable with a physical exam? Fingers crossed, 5 days of not playing and having an anti-inflammatory was enough to sort out whatever was going on. He's booked in for another follow up with his vet on Tuesday afternoon, so I'll see how he's travelling on Monday afternoon and if there's still no deterioration, might cancel the appointment since it was only to look at this particular issue. With the incontinence, I started a separate thread about belly bands but I've decided at this stage, that I'm not going to make him wear one. He seems to only pee inside when his bladder is full and it's reasonably unlikely that a belly band will hold that much. I also don't want to prevent or discourage him from peeing when he goes outside, which is a possibility with a belly band. At the moment, I'm managing it with taking him for a walk when his bladder is filling up and he's happily emptying it on trees and bushes that we pass. He did have a scare two nights ago when a dog when nuts at him from behind a screen door on the little side street near us, and just wanted to go home. I didn't push it at the time but I took him back down that street last night. He didn't want to walk as far as that house, but was happy to walk elsewhere. After about ten minutes I took him home, got some of his favourite treats and took him back to the side street but on the opposite side of the road. I didn't want to delay getting him to move past his fear in case it built up as a bigger deal in his head. He was happy to focus on me and heeling and regular rewards and completed the street without any stress, so it's at least good to see that of he can work through it now if he does get a fright, even if I need to use reinforcers like treats to get there. Overall, things are good right now and being managed. Hopefully we don't have any repeats of the shivering/moaning incidents, and it was just a short term injury or illness.
  10. Bowel obstruction

    I too have shared my excitement about my dog's poos before, as have many others, so you're not alone there.. lol. Enjoy your wine and weekend and here's hoping it's all onwards and upwards from here!
  11. Bowel obstruction

    Dogs can get expensive really quickly but I must admit, you seem to have had the worst run of luck I've seen with a new pup. I'm so sorry. I can imagine how stressful it must be, both emotionally and financially.
  12. Bowel obstruction

    He might be quiet from the diarrhoea upset. I'd chuck the roll out if I were you. Hopefully he'll pick up quickly. It sounds like the poor little monkey (and you!) can't catch a break. It's great that he's doing so well with his training though.
  13. Bowel obstruction

    He's certainly keeping you on your toes isn't he?
  14. @tdierikx I hope Harper stays young and silly for a very long time.
  15. I took this short video of Justice at the park today. It's nothing terribly exciting but I thought I'd share it so you can all see that despite his age and the incontinence/dementia issues, he's still doing great and is his usual happy self. This was about half way through the walk and he spends the whole time running back and forth like this with lots of sniffing in between, and usually spends some of the first part of the walk running flat out like a little bullet instead of the slower run he's doing here. I was going to record some of his flat out running but I made the mistake of bringing some of the extra good treats with me today. He stayed by my side bouncing around hopefully, until I'd used them all and only had the normal good treats left, by which time he was slowing down a bit.. lol. It's hard to think of him as old most of the time, especially when he's running and doing flying leaps and wrestling with his much younger doggo friend, which he'll get to do again later this week.