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  1. That makes it a bit harder. Could you go with @sandgrubber's suggestion of asking to speak to a vet nurse when you call? There shouldn't be any reason why they can't tell you over the phone if they check suspected lipomas in-house. Do you know anyone who could recommend a vet in your area?
  2. I'm glad it's not too bad and hope Mezza heals up quickly. Enjoy your air con and hopefully a relaxing rest of the day.
  3. The poor little mite. It's a good thing you found it and yes, I'd say that could definitely put him off of his food. Let us know how you get on at the vet.
  4. I'd find another vet to be honest. My dog's vet would do the fine needle aspiration, put it on a slide and look at it under the microscope in the consult room. She had no trouble telling whether it was just fat or something else that needed to be sent off to the lab for testing. She did charge extra for it but it wasn't a lot (I can't remember exactly how much.) I get a specialist charging specialist fees to look at it but a GP vet should be quite capable of looking at it themselves.
  5. I have zero advice to offer as I have no experience with the drug but I'm so sorry that little Mezza is struggling. I can imagine how stressed you must be about him not eating. I hope he starts improving quickly and the vet can help on Monday if there's no change by then.
  6. I stopped having lumps tested on my now 15 year old dog, once I decided to no longer have them removed regardless of whether they were cancerous or not. As @tdierikx said, a fine needle aspiration is a quick and inexpensive way for a vet to confirm whether its a lipoma or not. You shouldn't need to pay for lab testing unless it's not a lipoma. The only lipomas I've had removed from my dog were ones that were potentially going to impact his mobility (such as in his arm pit.) When he was younger I had a couple of lumps removed as a precaution, where the initial test results were inco
  7. Stephie sounds like a delight and is very cute. I hope she helps to heal your heart and that you have a much better and brighter 2021. Merry Christmas.
  8. She certainly has a mischievous looking face in that second photo! Congratulations on your gorgeous new family member.
  9. Wonderful! What a fabulous Christmas present for you both. I hope you have a delightful and relaxing day tomorrow, knowing your baby girl is doing so incredibly well.
  10. I wouldn't do it for the same reason Diva has mentioned. I think it's far too risky in hot months. It would be far better for your puppy to have someone come and house sit and look after the puppy in your home while you're gone, or to leave them with someone you trust.
  11. That's wonderful news @Loving my Oldies Give your dear girl a gentle pay from me. I hope Stussy is okay @Little Gifts. I think it's perfectly reasonable to take our dogs to the vet based purely on behavioural changes. Who knows them better than we do?
  12. I'm glad they're both doing so well and I hope the blood test results bring good news.
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