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  1. I had assumed they'd have something like the tray that is inserted in to powder make up containers, with holes cut out to stop the contents from tipping out in a big pile at once. That being said, I've never looked in to them before and maybe a lot of them are the same as the Eco urn and the scatter box Rebanne got with just a regular lid and the ashes in a sealed bag. It just seems weird to me that they're given different names if they're basically the same thing.
  2. It was much nicer than I was expecting and the little extra touches like the candle, note and condolence card were really lovely to find. That's why I thought I'd share, so people don't think it's just a plain cardboard box if you go for a more basic option while you decide what to do.
  3. Wouldn't one designed specifically for scattering ashes have some kind of controlled release insert in it, to make it easier to scatter the ashes? At least, that's my assumption? I haven't opened the Eco urn but my aunty got the same one for her dog and my understanding is that the ashes are sealed inside a bag inside the urn and there's nothing to assist with scattering ashes built in to it.
  4. This is the bag that I was given Justice's ashes in. I've turned the tag around because it has my last name and the vet clinic on it. Inside the bag is this card that contains the certificate if cremation and a condolence card from the crematorium. And this is how his ashes were presented in the Eco urn and they included the candle and note saying who his ashes were lovingly prepared by. It won't be the right choice for everyone but I'm very happy with it and I think it's a good option for anyone who is getting overwhelmed with the
  5. I don't know what the options are for the places you can use but don't firget about the Eco urn option I mentioned, if you're not sure what you want or feel overwhelmed trying to choose something or write the wording for engraving. You can organise an urn or scatter box later through whichever organisation you choose if that's easier and less stressful. The Eco urn I got is a cardboard cylinder and there's no plaque. I'll take a photo of it today for you. I'd hate to think that you're investing lots of time and energy in to some of the decisions that can wait, instead of spending that time wit
  6. I'm glad your Sam got to go standing up, since that was what he was more comfortable with. Justice was also standing up when he was euthanised, but more because he was too focused on shoving his face in the treats I was holding and inhaling them as fast as he could, to want to lie down. The vet let me know when he was injecting and when it was about to hit him, so that I could catch and lower him gently.
  7. For now, Justice's ashes are sitting in my bedroom cupboard as I've not yet been ready to make any decisions about them. I will most likely have some made in to a piece of jewellery, so that I can have a part of him with me in a way that doesn't look like a memorial, but I'm not ready to choose anything or send part of his ashes off in the post yet. I don't know what I'll do with the rest of his ashes. They may even sit hidden away in a cupboard forever. I just want to clarify that I don't have a problem with anyone else having ashes on display and some of the pet ones are very pr
  8. I'm so sorry that you're having to face that this moment will come. It's a devastating decision to make but I know it helped me immensely to have prepared myself for it mentally, before giving Justice his wings in February. I think some of the options may depend on your vet clinic and who they use for the post euthanasia services. With Justice, his vet made sure we wouldn't be interrupted and that the room that we were using was not going to be needed or cut my time with him short. He also dimmed the lights as a signal for any staff who may accidentally walk in to the room. Once i
  9. It depends on the vet. One clinic we used wasn't happy to write scripts and wanted to provide meds themselves, even if it meant waiting while they sourced them from somewhere. They were very money focused though and wanted to do lots of expensive tests that weren't necessary and wanted to provide lots of medications and supplements that weren't necessary, as well as charging approx 100% mark up on meds compared to an online pet chemist. No other vet we've seen has had a problem providing prescriptions though, although they do charge $20-$25 per script, and I've never had trouble getting them f
  10. Apparently a civil trial has started with SAHARA suing the people who have Toby, for $24,000. https://www.facebook.com/103184281611364/posts/205069068089551/?sfnsn=mo
  11. There's nothing better than seeing doggos living their best lives.
  12. Beautiful photos. They're both gorgeous.
  13. Oh, my heart. Apollo has grown so much! What a fabulous life they have with you.
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