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  1. Dogs are sentient beings

    I'm so sorry that you lost your dear Minty. I'm glad for you both that she went peacefully, even though the lead up to it wasn't as stress free as you were hoping for. I don't think Justice's vet does house calls so I hadn't really considered having it done here. He loves his vet but finds going to the vet clinic very stressful if there are other dogs and gets very scared during an examination (although loves the cuddles and treats before and after being examined), ever since he had to go in every second day to have the wound from a mast cell tumour syringed. He'd be much more comfortable at home but I'm not sure about having a stranger do it. The idea of trialling any sedatives beforehand is a great one, especially since Justice has had adverse reactions to some of the drugs he's trialled in the past. As an aside, I had no idea mast cell tumours could burst. Justice has one I decided not to operate on after what he went through having the first one removed, and also considering his anxiety issues and age.
  2. Dogs are sentient beings

    Thank you for sharing that. Justice has had the same vet for about 10 years and I trust her knowledge and advice, so I'll certainly talk to her about it first. She's also the kind of person who would raise any concerns she had about sedating first, if I asked her to do it without prior discussion. When the time comes, I just want to make it as easy and painless for my boy as possible. I appreciate you letting me know that sedation might not be as straight forward in this particular process as I've been led to believe.
  3. Dogs are sentient beings

    I'm aware that the euthanasia drugs don't always result in a peaceful death and I intend to have my dog sedated by the vet before he's given those drugs, when the time comes. I'm sorry that you experienced such a traumatic euthanasia of your dog. It would have been very distressing.
  4. Dogs are sentient beings

    What I actually said was that you can't euthanise animals humanely with the drugs we use for our pets, if the the intention is to eat the animal. I didn't specify that drugs are the only means of euthanasia. Euthanasia is about ending the suffering of sick or old animals (including humans), not about a specific method. Killing healthy animals for food is not euthanasia. As for your efforts to drag the RSPCA in to every single discussion on this forum, I don't care who's pulling the trigger, what you described is inhumane and cruel. And we really don't need photos of it if you're still trying to add them.
  5. RSPCA in the news

    I've reported it to Troy
  6. RSPCA in the news

    You really have no limits do you? It's disgraceful that you're posting the photo and name of someone with accusations based on complete hearsay.
  7. I don't personally have any experience with muzzles but I'm aware that not all muzzles will suit all dog face shapes and it's important that you get the correct fit for your dog. K9pro would be a good place to ask for advice and they have a range of muzzles available. It looks like they also come with a muzzle training program to help you condition your dog to wearing one. http://k9pro.com.au/shop/muzzles/
  8. Nature's Gift

    I'm glad there's some improvement with her and hope she continues to perk up.
  9. Nature's Gift

    That's really poor that Nature's Gift didn't get back to you. I hope you've been able to source the food you need and that Amber is doing well.
  10. Unplanned litter

    I mean this genuinely and not in a snarky way. You need therapy. I know you've been traumatised by what you've experienced but you see conspiracies and danger everywhere, and think everyone is either out to get you, or secretly in league with the RSPCA, if they disagree with you. I know I'm not the first person to say this to you on this forum but I really hope you will seek some professional help.
  11. Dogs are sentient beings

    I don't eat meat either. I did manage to go vegan for several months but couldn't sustain it for reasons I won't go in to on a public post. Even when I did eat meat I still had low iron and low B12, which are the main nutritional arguments for eating meat, and had to supplement. Eating meat or not eating meat makes no difference to my health, so I prefer to not eat it. Edit: Just adding that my dog is on a raw BARF diet and although it grosses me out, it's what's best for him. I strongly disagree with people who feed their dogs vegetarian/vegan diets.
  12. Unplanned litter

    @Flick71 I don't know if it helps but I've seen a lot of the rescue work @yellowgirl has done in the past and she's always put the needs of the dogs first and taken excellent care of them. She's also very careful with screening potential adopters. Although I haven't seen her for a while, she's still one of the few people in rescue in SA that I would recommend to someone needing help.
  13. Dogs are sentient beings

    Instant is good, as is it not scaring any of the other animals. I would hope that everyone who kills animals this way is skilled enough to also make it instant.
  14. Dogs are sentient beings

    That's how some extended family members who have a small farm said they kill their animals. I'm still not sure I'd call it humane, especially for those animals who don't die instantly, but it's infinitely better than a slaughterhouse. It's interesting that there would be an uproar if that was how people started killing their pets, instead of taking them to the vet, but most people don't feel the same way when it's other sentient creatures. I remember when I was involved with some rescues years ago, the massive outcry when it became known that a more rural council was killing dogs by shooting them. I'm a lot less uncomfortable with the idea of people killing animals on an as needed basis for their own consumption, than I am with the mass production and slaughter of animals that has become the norm. There would certainly be a lot less animals with miserable lives and a terrifying or painful death, if everyone had to go out and kill and prepare their own meat. I'm betting that you'd suddenly have a lot more vegetarians/vegans though, at least in the cities and suburbia.
  15. Dogs are sentient beings

    Good cherry picking of a few words without their context. I was talking about animals that are used for food, not our pets. You can't euthanise cows, pigs, sheep, chickens etc with the drugs we use to humanely euthanise our pets, if people are going to eat them. I'm not aware of any humane method of killing animals that people are going to eat and if that's bullshit, please let me know what those methods are.