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  1. Yep, it's totally heartless to put my own feelings aside to be there to support and love those who have loved me, at the end of their lives, instead of abandoning them because it's easier on me to not have to see it. Believe it or not, I'm allowed to have an opinion that doesn't align with yours, just as you are free to have your own opinion. If my thoughts on this subject upset you so much, perhaps it's worth thinking about why that is..
  2. I didn't view the body at my dear friend's funeral because I didn't want my last memory of her to be her dead body. I wanted to remember her full of life and laughing. I got to make that choice because she was already dead and it would make no difference to her but I would never have chosen not to see her if the circumstances of her passing were different, and I could have been there before she died. I didn't want my last memories of my father to be him emaciated and dying in a hospital bed at home (we brought him home to die at his request) but him knowing I was there for his final days was f
  3. I'd like to not judge but I just can't comprehend not being there for your pet. The death of the pet is not about the owner, it's about the animal, and their needs should come first. I can understand asking the owner to leave if they are causing distress to their pet but actively choosing not to be there for your pet because it's too hard for you, is just unfathomable to me. I've been there for a dying parent as well and although it's awful, most deserve better than being abandoned when they're at the end.
  4. It would have been completely unthinkable for me to have left Justice to be euthanised without me by his side. It didn't even cross my mind for a split second and I don't understand how anyone could leave a pet, who has given their lifetime of love and loyalty, to die surrounded by strangers. I don't care how hard it is for you, suck it up and do it anyway. It the very last act of love and kindness that you'll ever be able to give them and they deserve to have their humans with them. Obviously I'm not talking about situations where your pet passes away on the operating table or when they've ha
  5. I get being angry but that doesn't make it okay to try and emotionally blackmail someone in to taking on responsibility for a second puppy they're not prepared for. This pup should still be with his mother but the reality is that he's not and pushing someone to purchase a sibling of the pup is not the solution.
  6. Whilst I think it's terrible to separate a pup at 6 weeks and absolutely beyond me how anyone could expect a teeny tiny baby to not be crying and distressed at being left alone at such a young age (and shouldn't be being left for long periods), I think this is not only a particularly callous comment (to show that you can love? Seriously?), but extremely poor form to try and guilt someone in to taking on a second puppy that they did not plan for. I agree wholeheartedly with the advice to take time off of work to help nurture this baby and get them in to a routine that will help them cope with b
  7. Sasha sounds like such a happy, funny, cuddly little darling and I know she will always have a very special place in your heart. Run free baby girl.
  8. This thread is from 2009 and the OP hasn't been on here since 2011. You may be better off starting a new thread with your question and hopefully other members can answer it for you.
  9. I'm sorry Leo isn't well. You may be better off posting about his condition in the health section of the forum, as people are less likely to see your request for information in your comment here.
  10. I'm so sorry. Butch was a gorgeous boy and so very clearly your best mate.
  11. Was it just the general lipase levels or specifically pancreatic lipase? Justice had a high lipase reading on two different occasions with two different vets and they both thought he might have pancreatitis, but when the more extensive part of the testing came back the results for pancreatic lipase levels were low to normal, which ruled out pancreatitis. They vet has to request (and the client has to pay for) the more extensive testing though. It's not part of a general blood panel.
  12. It depends on the policy and the company. Pet insurance was very affordable when I first took it out for my dog. We didn't claim much over the years but as soon as he became too old for me to able to take out a policy with another provider (8 or 9 years old), they jacked the premiums up to just under $60 a fortnight and reduced their payouts from 100% to 80%, and this was about 6 years ago so would no doubt have increased further by now. You still need to have the money for the vet bills up front with pet insurance, and then you lodge a claim for reimbursement. There are also a lot of exclusio
  13. You may want to look in to how rawhide treats are made and some of the chemicals used, as well as the issues they can cause as far as choking and intestinal blockages go, before you decide to give any more of them to your dog.
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