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  1. I don't feed Prime but I know some people on this forum do, so thought I'd share this post that came up on FB about ongoing issues with foreign objects being found in the Prime 100 rolls. I'm not telling people not to feed it but if you do, it may pay to check them thoroughly before giving them to your dog. https://www.facebook.com/200364197449882/posts/798214800998149/
  2. I understand what it's like to deal with trying to train a reactive dog. My boy was explosively reactive before I rehabilitated him with the help of a trainer, then he got attacked and it undid all of our hard work and left him having panic attacks or shutting down any time he saw a dog at any distance, which was when I needed to get a vet behaviourist and medications in board. My dog's anxiety goes through the roof on prozac too and we ended up with a mix of paroxetine and gabapentin. It sounds like you're on track with your training methods but ufortunately, when you're trying t
  3. You need to be mindful that a misdirected spray or a bit of wind could see your own dog copping a face full of insect spray, if you choose to use it. Unfortunately most people who have their dogs off leash either can't or won't recall their dogs and leash them and yes you're likely to cop a mouthful of abuse from some of them. If your dog is both reactive and pulls like crazy on leash, I'd be seeking out the help of a trainer who specialises in behavioural issues. It's important to have your dog as calm and under control as possible if rushed by an off leash dog and every opportun
  4. I'm so sorry for what you and your dog have been through. Mine was attacked several years ago and it traumatised him terribly and we had to seek help from a vet behaviourist Unfortunately there isn't a lot that we can legally carry to deter a attacking dog. Citronella spray won't stop a dog that means business either. You could try an umbrella with a pointed metal end, which you could use as a weapon if needed There aren't any sprays that are legal here that will stop a dog intent on attacking and you can't carry anything that would be seen by the police as a weapon (like a baseball bat, unles
  5. Chase is so very cute and is going to be such a handsome dog. Scout is just beautiful too. What a good looking pair of doggos you have.
  6. Oh, that's great news. Not that he's injured obviously, but that the vet was able to find a reason for his behaviour and yelping, and that it's something easily fixable and comes with immediate relief from the meds. I second the call for more photos lol.
  7. I wish I had some suggestions or advice for you but I honestly have no idea what could be going on. It's great that you've got video of Chase getting up and yelping. Hopefully that will help the vet work out what's going on. Thinking of you both and please keep us updated.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that Chase hasn't been well and can only imagine how much you must be stressing out. How did you go at the vet today?
  9. I can't believe you only pay a small fee once for the entire lifetime of the dog. Here in SA I pay $40 per year, and that's after I've received a 50% discount for him being microchipped and desexed. $213 as a once off fee doesn't seem particularly excessive by comparison, even if you don't agree with mandatory desexing by 6 months.
  10. You didn't try to catch her sooner? It must have been very stressful for the bird to be chased for so long.
  11. I don't generally believe in vaccinating old dogs either and don't vaccinate Justice any more.
  12. That's brilliant news. It must be a huge relief to know she's in such good shape, aside from the issues you've mentioned. It must be a hard balance for some vets when it comes to ageing dogs. The vet we've been seeing seems to go to the extreme in the opposite direction of your vet, and wants to test for anything and everything and throw a million medicines and supplements at a dog, just because of their age and regardless of how they're actually going. It's great that your vet will listen to your requests to be more thorough with the check up though and I'm glad that it sounds like you'll ge
  13. It's good that you insisted on the blood tests and I'm surprised the vet didn't think they were necessary. Most vets seem to think bloods every 6 months or so are a good idea once they get as old as our senior dogs are.
  14. That's a great update. Life must be a lot easier with fewer accidents and such a relief to have found the culprit for the diarrhoea. I hope the vet appointment goes well on Thursday. Please keep us updated on how your darling Sasha is doing.
  15. I can't answer a lot of your questions but I have a friend who used to do agility with her Amstaffs. They could certainly do it but my understanding is that they didn't have the same level of drive and enthusiasm for it that some other breeds have. I seem to recall her telling me about them refusing to run if they thought it was too warm too. She still has one senior Amstaff (sadly her other two have passed away) but has switched to having working breed dogs for agility now.
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