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  1. Goodbye my Lovely Miss Bindi girl xxx

    I'm so sorry. She was a gorgeous girl.
  2. Dementia in Dogs

    This has been posted abd us bring discussed in the In The News forum.
  3. I wouldn't think just enough cheese to cover the tablet would hurt. Justice gets tablets twice a day by having them inside small pieces of cheese and he swallow them whole when I throw them to him. It's so much less stressful for both of us than trying to get a tablet down his throat on its own.
  4. I've never seen them before but maybe you could give the Lonsdale shelter a call and ask them? Otherwise you light be able to find them on the RSPCA superstore website.. https://www.worldforpets.com.au/
  5. From what I remember from previous posts, Ricky is in Portugal and not Australia, so his access to help and vet care is very different to what we have here.
  6. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    Bloody hell. I'm glad I don't have to deal with anything like that. At worst there might be a food container with some scraps that someone was too lazy to walk over to the bin. I use a poo bag to pick it up and bin it in case someone's dog gets to it. After weekend sport there are often take away coffee cups and food wrappers on the ground, which is mildly annoying since the bin is within about 30 or so metres of the worst of it, but it doesn't affect our visit and it's nothing that puts my dog's safety at risk.
  7. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    Yes, I'm definitely pro euthanasia too, although there are some people in the world that it should be compulsory for.. Lol. I'm always picking up other people's dog poo when I'm walking Justice at the park lands we use. There aren't many places that are designated off leash that don't usually have other dogs there during the day, and are big enough that if one turns up, I often have time to redirect him and get away before he sees them and panics and wants to leave. We'd have serious issues if it got turned in to a dog free zone because the sports club on the grounds got annoyed and lodged a complaint. It's not as bad since I asked the council to put a bin in (and they amazingly actually did it) and I no longer see multiple bags of poo dumped near the exits because people don't want to take it home with them. There are still way too many people who don't pick up at all, considering it's not a high traffic area for dogs, and is taken over for sports training and games from late afternoon during the week and often both days on the weekend. I've had days where I've picked up half a dozen dog poos that don't belong to us in less than 10 minutes of being there.
  8. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I didn't really think about feral cats when I made my comment, as the area I live are all domestic cats as far as I can tell. I agree that cats shouldn't be out roaming and killing wildlife, nor be subjected to the risks that go with roaming. It's hard to think of animals being killed due to the failure of humans (yet again). I do agree that I'd rather my dog be euthanised than left to fend for himself on the streets, so I can see from that perspective how it might be kinder to cats as well. My apologies for not really understanding where you were coming from at the time, @Carita.
  9. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    While I hate cats roaming and jumping on my back fence or in my yard and setting my dog off, I hardly think cats ending up euthanised is a great system. Yes, owners should be more responsible and have cats microchipped and keep them contained, but you sound a bit too comfortable with them ending up dead if owners don't do that.
  10. I'm glad the top helped with getting the photo loaded. It looks like you've got a good set up. I hope it works perfectly for you.
  11. I don't have an iPhone any more so can't check but I think it gives you the option to choose a smaller version of the photo if you're sending it in an email. You could email the photo to yourself, choose a size that's under the 0.98MB allowed on the forum, then download it back to your phone from the email so you can then upload the small version to here. I generally can't be bothered with doing stuff like that and just upload it to Flickr and post the Flickr link on the forum, which automatically embeds the image.
  12. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I don't care if someone puts bagged poo in my bin if it's out for collection and hasn't been emptied yet. I'd be annoyed if the bin had already been emptied and it was one of those horrendously stinky poos though, as the only place for my bins in between collection days is a couple of metres from my front door and I don't need to be smelling that through my windows or every time I come and go from my. I'm not keen on the burying at the beach idea for the reason you mentioned. I don't have kids but I'd understand parents being pretty upset if their kids dug up dog poo.
  13. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I've been with people who've done this. I carry my dog's bag with me as his poos are small and can't really be smelled through the bag unless you stick it up to your nose. The other people's dog did massive, stinky, soft poos, so they bagged it up and left it to collect on the way back and then forgot about it until we got back to the car and they saw me put my bag in the bin, and weren't will to make the trek bavkto pick it up. I imagine a lot of people do it intending to pick it up later and then forget where they left it or forget to pick it up.
  14. Chicken Frames

    The first time I tried transitioning my dog to a completely raw diet he was getting a few chicken frames a week and he became constipated and refuse to eat any more of them. All dogs are different but I wouldn't personally give mine more than one whole chicken frame a week. It seems to be too much bone for his digestive system.
  15. That's a fantastic response from them. I follow them on FB and they've seemed really focused on the quality of their products and good customer service, so it's nice to know they follow through with that when there's an issue. I was going to try their probiotic powder but when I went to buy it, everywhere in SA and VIC were out of stock, so I've stuck with the Blackmores pet probiotic powder I was using since Justice is doing well on that anyway. I'll be interested in knowing if you think the probiotic helps your dear girl.