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  1. Over the last several weeks I've been going through a process of working out what does and doesn't agree with Justice. He used to have a cast iron stomach but now that he's an old man, he seems to be a bit more sensitive. I've switched him off of kibble and on to Big Dog Wellness BARF Patties, which he's doing great on. I've figured out that lactose free yoghurt doesn't give him mild gas like regular yoghurt does, so have changed that too. I fed him just the Big Dog patties and sardines for a week, both to make sure the recommended feeding amount was right for him and doesn't cause weight gain (and it's spot on) and to see if he stopped asphyxiating me with his gas if he didn't have any meaty bones (turkey and lamb necks). We had a wonderful gas free week and I returned to feeding meaty bones tonight and gave him a lamb neck for dinner. He's been having bad gas again for the last hour or so and I can hear his little belly gurgling occasionally. He absolutely loves his meaty bones and they're great for his teeth (he had a dental recently when he had to have an infected tooth removed, so has had any plaque etc scraped off, but his breath was starting to get a little bit unpleasant towards the end of the week with no bones, and in the past his breath has been much nicer the day after a bone, especially a lamb neck, so I know it makes a big difference) but I'm concerned that the gas means he's not digesting them properly and they may not be good for his gut any more. I'm also concerned that the gas may be uncomfortable for him. I'd love some advice from DOLers who know more than I do about this stuff. I've never really had to worry about it before because he could eat anything and everything except kangaroo when he was younger with no issues. Even a jar of coconut oil and a tub of butter that he stole and ate on separate occasions didn't upset his stomach at all (although the coconut oil created shimmery poos that looked like they'd come from a unicorn lol) , so this is all very new to me.
  2. Oh, just looked at the link. I need not have commented lol.
  3. On the bottle it says: Pups/kittens 2g Small dogs 2g Medium dogs 4g Large dogs 6g Cats 2g Other companion animals eg rabbits, Guinea pigs up to 2g in feed One level scoop holds approx 4g. I'm giving Justice one level scoop once a day.
  4. The poor little munchkin. How awful for him and how worrying for you. I'm glad the weight loss has stopped and he's looking better. I really hope Fortiflora or Digesticare settle things down for him. That's a long time for you both to be dealing with such a sensitive stomach.
  5. It's a delightful improvement huh!?!
  6. I bet he feels a lot better for it and I'm very much enjoying not needing a gas mask.. lol.
  7. I just thought I'd provide an update on this in case it helps anyone else. A bit over a week ago I started Justice on this probiotic in the mornings and haven't been asphyxiated since the second day on it. A big test was my friend and his doggy buddy coming over on Saturday night, since even when he's been okay beforehand, he seems to get quite excited and knocks all of us out with his gas when she visits. There wasn't a single bad smell the whole time, despite eating a manky lamb neck the day before that had been buried for more than 12 hours. I couldn't be happier with how well the probiotic seems to be working and it means that Justice gets to keep having his favourite meaty bones without feeling bloated, and without killing anyone with his noxious gas. https://www.thevetshed.com.au/buy/paw-digesticare60-150gm/PAWDIGEST60
  8. Worms

    Ricky is in Portugal, not Australia.
  9. Just another cross post from the marketplace to let the DOL photographers know about it. I'm selling off some camera bags I don't use any more. All in great condition.
  10. Corneal Ulcer

    I'm glad your sweet boy is doing so well.
  11. Worms

    You need to take your dog to a vet to have a blood test for heartworms. If you even suspect your dog may have heartworm please do not give them any heartworm treatment without veterinary advice as it can make them very sick. The water itself won't give her heartworm, it is transmitted via mosquito bites, but still mosquitoes can be very prevalent around still water areas. Heartworm is serious. Please get your dog to a vet.
  12. I second what Tassie has said. Try to avoid triggers and continue practices you have in place to keep your dog in a calm state of mind. I would also strongly agree with seeking the advice of a good vet behaviourist, rather than a regular vet. My dog was previously fear aggressive/reactive towards other dogs and we worked closely with a trainer for approximately 2 years to rehabilitate him successfully. He was then attacked twice in a short period of time and the second attack completely blindsided both of us and was combined with a massive crashing sound. Since then he has developed fear and anxiety towards a huge range of things.. dogs, loud people, loud noises, strange noises unexplained noises.. and although he is no longer reactive, he exhibits a lot of the fear signs you've described in your dog and this could not be helped by training alone. I am not an expert and can only go by what you've described (which is really detailed and informative by the way) but in my experience, much of what your dog is experiencing sounds like an anxiety issue rather than a training issue, and needs the help and advice of a vet behaviourist. Training and behaviour modification will still be a part of what you need to do but it sounds like your dog needs a thorough assessment by someone who really knows what they're doing. I know how much effort it can take to manage a dog with fear/anxiety and reactivity issues and it's wonderful that you are so in tune with your dog and are working so hard to help her.
  13. Hey fellow photogs. For those of you who don't venture in to the marketplace, I just thought I'd let you know that I've posted some books and magazines for sale, most in brand new and unread condition.
  14. Food Advice Please!

    My dog will do anything for cabana. Granted, he's a food whore, but I suggested it to a family member recently who had to put cream on her female dog's genitals. Her dog was running away as soon as she saw the cream but she decided tolerate it for cabana.
  15. Corneal Ulcer

    How wonderful to see that he's doing so well and is back to his cheeky old self. Hopefully his vision keep a increasing as his eye continues to heal.
  16. Are Dog Parks Worth the Risk?

    I think dog parks can be okay if you have one where you can meet up with the same dogs each time, they're known to get along with each other, the owners are dog savvy and observant, and you leave if unknown dogs turn up. Other than that, I'm not keen on them and will never use them again with any dogs I may have in the future. I was one of those owners who know nothing about dog behaviour and didn't realise that my dog was showing signs of discomfort and was feeling unsafe, because on the surface he appeared very tolerant and he always looked to me like he was smiling with that wide staffy cross mouth of his. It took months for him to reach the point of displaying fear aggression, which was when I finally caught on that there was a problem, and then it all spiralled down hill from there. While all of that is totally on me and my ignorance, there were also times when even I could see that another dog was a problem, and the owners would rarely ever do anything about it when asked. The big eye opener for me about dog parks was after we'd spent a long time working closely with a trainer to rehabilitate my dog's fear aggression and I'd learned a huge amount about dog behaviour and body language, both from the trainer and from lots of books and videos. We'd reached a point where we started to do counter conditioning in a safe area outside of a reasonably busy dog park (not an area where dogs pass to go in and out of the park), as it allowed us to get very close to dogs when mine was comfortable enough to do so, but with the safety of the fence between them. I saw so many disasters waiting to happen during these times.. terrified dogs being chased and trying to hide under seats, dogs charging up to other dogs and immediately starting fights, a man who brought in a dog who resource guards it's ball only to then start throwing the ball with other dogs around and creating a heap of scuffles and fights over the ball etc etc. I spoke to a lot of owners during these training sessions, as they were usually curious about what we were doing on the other side of the fence, and was told about multiple incidents of different dogs being attacked to the point of needing vet treatment, at times when I hadn't been there. There were times when it was working well but I think there was only one day when there were no problems, and that was a day when there were only a few dogs at the park. Too many people either have no idea about dogs (just like I once had no idea), think it's okay for dogs to behave badly and that they'll sort it out for themselves, or know their dog is aggressive or causes trouble and don't care because they think they have just as much right as everyone else to use the space.
  17. Sydney dog attack

    The American Pit Bull Terrier is a restricted breed but pit bull has become a term used to describe a range of bull breed dogs, so anything that even remotely resembles a staffy, American staffy, American bull dog, and even a mastiff (and I'm probably missing some breeds there too), gets called a pit bull. I imagine that's why there seem to be so many pit bulls and pit bull owners in Australia, since there are an awful lot of bull breeds and bull breed crosses in this country. I would the think the number of purebred APBTs is pretty small?
  18. Thanks so much for all of that. The lactose free yoghurt seems to be much better for his belly. Unfortunately roo is the only thing that's always been a problem for Justice and gives him diarrhoea but I'll look in to the other meats that you've suggested. It's interesting to know that it's likely the fat content of the lamb and Turkey necks, as I'd thought they were quite good choices because all of the excess fat is cut off of both of them, but perhaps they're not so great after all. I don't think there is any soy or legumes in his Big Dog (I'd have to double check) and if there are, he didn't react to it during the week of just the Big Dog and sardines, but I'll certainly keep what you said about them in mind if his diet changes again.
  19. My friend has suggested that Justice be accompanied by a gas mask when we visit, and to have some on standby at home at all times.
  20. I'm going to try it in a couple of days to make sure but I'm pretty sure the Turkey necks were causing the same problem, as he was rotten after eating those as well, but at the time I wasn't sure if it was his kibble or not, since that was causing soft stools. I can certainly try chicken as well and see if that's the same though.
  21. RSPCA in the news

    Yeah, fair call LG. I think it's appalling what people can get away with when it comes to animals and when someone does eventually get prosecuted, the penalties are rubbish. The laws need to be significantly improved and the conduct and operation of the RSPCA is long overdue for a massive overhaul.
  22. RSPCA in the news

    Those poor, poor dogs. It soubds like the issue here as far as the RSPCA goes though, are the shitty animal welfare laws that they have to work within?
  23. Corneal Ulcer

    Haha.. It sounds like he's doing great!!
  24. Corneal Ulcer

    I only just saw your update from Monday. That's great news! How's your little man doing now? I hope he's feeling much happier and brighter.
  25. RSPCA in the news

    I'm not a fan of the RSPCA but Mark Aldridge is one of the most questionable people I've ever encountered when it comes to the truth, both in terms of flat out lies and also completely manipulating conversations and events to fit his own agenda. I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of that man's mouth after seeing his conduct in relation to Moorook Animal Shelter.