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  1. Debarking

    Here is an article on debarking by a vet local to me. I was incorrect about it being illegal but depending on the state, you either need to provide a stat dec saying you've tried all other avenues, or you need an order from the council. Some vets refuse to do the procedure. There is also a video embedded in the article that shows the effect debarking has had on a few different dogs. https://www.walkervillevet.com.au/blog/dog-debarking-surgery/
  2. Debarking

    I think it's cruel when it's the first solution anyone tries, instead of putting in the time and effort to find out why the dog is barking and treat the cause instead. That's why I said that in this case, I could see that in addition to it being the third noise complaint, it was also clear that the OP had been trying multiple avenues to address the problem in other ways. Maybe I wasn't clear enough but I don't think dogs should be euthanised instead of debarked, I just think it should be a last resort instead of a quick solution for an owner to what may be a much bigger issue for the dog (and the owner in this case is obviously not making the decision lightly). Edit: it doesn't make someone an "animal rights nutter" to care about the welfare of animals.
  3. Pain relief

    Whenever my dog has been given pain relief following an operation, it's 24 hours before I can administer further pain relief. I know how heartbreaking it is when they're still uncomfortable or in pain despite the pain relief medication. My boy swelled up a lot after he was desexed (he was about 3 years old and entire when I adopted him) and a cold compress on the area helped him a bit. If your boy will let you do that, make sure you wrap a tea towel or something around the ice pack or whatever you use, so that it's not too cold for him.
  4. Debarking

    I'm sorry your dog is so anxious and that both of you are feeling so stressed. Ecollars are not a good move for a dog with anxiety and will in all likelihood exacerbate her anxiety. I understand you're doing it based on advice from the council but please stop using it. When you say you've tried anxiety medication, was this under the care and guidance of a vet behaviourist or a general vet? Most vets know very little about these medications and it can time and trialling different medications and combinations of medications, before you find what works for your dog. I've been through this with my own dog (not the barking but other trauma related anxiety) and the first medication increased his anxiety dramatically and others either increased it or had no effect, until the vet behaviourist tried the combination he's on now. He also needed changes to how he's managed along with the medication, and most dogs also need behaviour modification training once they're stabilised on the medication (we didn't do this part with my dog for a combination of reasons I won't hijack your post to go in to). A regular vet wouldn't have known enough to be able to give us the help we needed. I can't give a lot of advice regarding debarking. My understanding is that it's cruel and it's also illegal in some states, so it's definitely preferable to solve the cause of the barking rather than debark a dog. At the same time, I realise you're on your third noise complaint and have been trying hard to work out and treat or manage the cause, so I'm really not sure what to recommend. I sure people who know more about the debarking procedure itself can offer a lot more on that front. I did want to at least respond to the ecollars use and talk a bit about the medication side of things, in case you have only seen a regular vet about medication.
  5. Paralysed Dog

    I can't offer any help but there's a current thread here on the same subject that might be of use
  6. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    I'm so sorry. Minty sounds like she was an absolute delight and she was such a beautiful girl.
  7. Flea Treatments Necessary?

    Only you can make that call based on where you live, where your dog goes, and the likelihood of getting fleas or heartworm based on that. I live in Adelaide and no longer treat my 13 year old dog with preventatives for fleas, worms or heartworm. He is also no longer vaccinated, as his immune system is compromised due to cancer and he had a bad reaction to the last one (I'm absolutely not anti vax though and he's been vaccinated regularly all of his life until a couple of years ago). He only has contact with three other dogs and he's terrified of dogs he doesn't know, so we don't go anywhere that is regularly frequented by dogs or likely to result in fleas. The risk of heartworm is very low here and we also don't have paralysis ticks. I would of course treat him if he did get fleas, worms, or heartworm, but I'm not comfortable giving him such strong chemicals as a preventative in his particular circumstances. My decision for my dog doesn't mean it's the right decision for your dog though.
  8. I have no helpful suggestions but your boy is gorgeous.

    It all seems very odd, unless she already had an advocate or legal representation on board and wheels in motion long before she posted here for help. I hope her dog stays safe and happy from now on and that this has given her a bit of an eye opener about the importance of being a responsible dog owner.

    What happened? It seems like a very quick outcome based on how the op described the situation...

    Team Dog in NSW have worked closely with a lot of pounds and helped people to keep their dogs that have ended up there. I'd be reaching out to them for help and advice. http://www.teamdog.com.au/about-us/
  12. RSPCA in the news

    Wasn't that two to three weeks after the dog first showed signs of pain?
  13. RSPCA in the news

    A sore tooth can come up quickly. Both times Justice had his face swell up from a dodgy tooth, it came up overnight and he was completely normal before we went to bed, with no signs of discomfort (and he's a very sooky boy when he doesn't feel well) and eating normally. The first time he was treated with antibiotics, rather than going straight for surgery, and he was good for almost a year before it happened again (same tooth) and he had to have the tooth out. I'm sure no one would have picked it up either time if he'd been examined a week or two earlier.
  14. RSPCA in the news

    Leaving an animal in pain (particularly if the level of pain is as the RSPCA letter says was described by the owner) is unacceptable, regardless of whether he thought the RSPCA should be financing treatment or not. Whether they have exaggerated his comments (or whether he possibly exaggerated the dog's pain to them to try and get them to help), he admits his dog was in pain and it was not treated. I'm not a supporter of the RSPCA in general but I think letting animals suffer is inexcusable.
  15. Itchy dog

    Obviously I don't know what the cause of the itching is with your dog but I do know that artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and grains can cause some dogs to have itchy skin. I used to have a friend who owned a pet food store and everything was made fresh with human grade ingredients. She helped quite a lot people clear up their dog's skin issues by getting them off of kibble and tinned food and on to freshly made raw diets. It's something that might be worth looking in to anyway. I realise there can be other causes and don't have any suggestions or advice for treating those but I'm sure someone else more knowledgeable will be able to help.
  16. Honestly, WTF is wrong with people that they don't control or contain their dogs??
  17. The dog and owner responsible for the attack haven't been found but there's a heart-warming update on the owner of the alpacas https://www.canberratimes.com.au/canberra-news/gift-baby-alpaca-for-the-man-who-lost-therapy-animal-to-dog-attack-20190318-p5157b.html

    My heart breaks for your family and for the level of stress and anxiety your poor dog must be under, to be behaving so aggressively (assuming a medical cause has been ruled out). It sounds like you need the help of a vet behaviourist, as they specialise in behavioural/anxiety issues and look beyond just the training side of things. As Rebanne has said, medication may be necessary to reduce your dog's stress levels before there is a chance of training having some effect. It's hard to know what the prospects of success are without a thorough assessment by a vet behaviourist though. Please don't feel like a failure. This is a really complex and challenging situation and, again echoing Rebanne, the failure is on the part of previous owners who let down a senior dog with serious problems, not you.
  19. Please delete, sorted

    Oh, I was just coming back to reply after having a think about it. I hope you've found someone you're happy with.
  20. Corneal Ulcer

    Oh, bless his little cotton socks. He's such a sweetheart.
  21. Corneal Ulcer

    Change is hard on our not so confident dogs at the best of times. Having reduced vision must be a lot to get used to. He's lucky to have you. Haha.. Teddy must really love his tennis ball. Ella is just divine.
  22. Oh, what wonderful news!! I got quite teary reading about you finding her and I'm so very happy for all of you.
  23. Corneal Ulcer

    Bless his little heart. Is his eye sight likely to keep improving over time? Hopefully once he adjusts to it a bit more he'll feel more confident to venture out a bit further.
  24. I'm so sorry that she hasn't been reunited with you yet. It's good that there are sightings as at least that helps barrow the possible search areas a bit. I really hope you get a great outcome tomorrow. I can only imagine how worried you must be.