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  1. Chicken Frames

    The first time I tried transitioning my dog to a completely raw diet he was getting a few chicken frames a week and he became constipated and refuse to eat any more of them. All dogs are different but I wouldn't personally give mine more than one whole chicken frame a week. It seems to be too much bone for his digestive system.
  2. That's a fantastic response from them. I follow them on FB and they've seemed really focused on the quality of their products and good customer service, so it's nice to know they follow through with that when there's an issue. I was going to try their probiotic powder but when I went to buy it, everywhere in SA and VIC were out of stock, so I've stuck with the Blackmores pet probiotic powder I was using since Justice is doing well on that anyway. I'll be interested in knowing if you think the probiotic helps your dear girl.
  3. How odd. I've never seen a whole nail in any of the patties I've given Justice, and I mash his up every day to mix in 4cyte and probiotic powder, so I definitely would have seen it if there was anything whole in it. I'm inclined to think that it's just a bit that somehow got missed during processing. Maybe message the company on Facebook and ask them about it?
  4. Kangaroos dog food issues

    I agree with everything Rebanne said. If your dog still doesn't do well on it with a slow transition, she may not tolerate kangaroo well. My dog has a cast iron stomach until he got in to his senior years but kangaroo was the one thing he could never eat without getting an upset stomach and diarrhoea.
  5. Your policy works the same way that all insurance policies do. If I go to hospital because of a severe gall bladder attack and have to pay the excess to my health insurance company and sent home a week later after being told I need to have my gall bladder out, then readmitted six months later for another attack and have it removed, it's a new excess if it's a new policy period. It would be impossible for insurance companies to work on a rolling 12 months for every individual claim by every customer. Your insurance company hasn't done anything wrong and I think you're expecting too much from them.
  6. I think that's a hard call as some conditions are ongoing. My dog was treated with antibiotics for a suspected abscess under the gum, but which also could have been a dodgy tooth that needed removing, so the vet wanted to try conservative measures before resorting to surgery. The antibiotics worked but almost a year later his face swelled up again and it was the exact same tooth position that was noted on record as being the cause the first time, so the second time, surgery was the go to response. I wouldn't expect an insurance policy to treat it as the same condition, particularly if it was a new policy period (not that his insurance policy we had covered dental anyway but just using that as an example.)
  7. I've never paid for follow up appointments post surgery, even when my dog had to go back every second day to have fluid syringed from the wound. The pet insurance policy we used to have also didn't have an excess, it just paid a percentage of the total bill. I can see why it would be difficult for them to automatically waive the excess for the second appointment but common sense would suggest a decision could be made to override it manually, provided the surgery was done as soon as possible after the consult that identified the lump needed removal. If you waited a month to have it removed, rather than doing it within a few days, I can understand why they'd charge the excess if it was a new policy term.
  8. Degenerative Myelopathy

    I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your darling girl.
  9. I had Justice on the Wellbeing patties and now the Sensitive Skin, which I think are both lower in fat and protein than most of their other ones. I'm a bit stingy with treats most days too, just to keep his weight down in his old age. I think he'd probably need less than a full patty a day on one of the higher fat ones.
  10. That's a lot of food if our dogs are similar sizes! Justice would be as big as a house in no time!
  11. Justice is normally 23kg or just over. There are 12 patties in a box and he gets half of one for breakfast and the other half for dinner, combined with a spoon of plain yoghurt plus either an egg or a tin of sardines to pad the evening meal out a bit. If he gets a meaty bone for dinner instead, he only has half a pattie in the morning.
  12. My almost 14 year old boy used to be on Royal Canin dry food. I put him on Canidae last year as part of a search for a dry food with better quality ingredients but over time his stools gradually became too soft and he had a lot of gas. This year I've transitioned him on to Big Dog BARF Patties with no dry food at all (he also gets eggs, sardines and yoghurt plus meaty bones, although the bones might not be an option for your dog) and he's doing fantastic on it. He also gets a scoop of probiotic powder for dogs mixed in with half a patty in the morning, along with 4cyte green lipped mussel extract for his joints. I wish I'd put him on the raw patties years ago. It might not be what you're looking for but I thought I'd share in case it was helpful.
  13. Polly’s passing

    I'm so very sorry.
  14. Which store allow dogs?

    As far as I know, it's all branches. I had my car serviced with them this week and would have been welcome to bring my dog. I decided not to because of his anxiety issues and the risk of staff yelling to each other or loud bangs from the workshop, since I had to wait there for two hours and he's nervous to frightened around loud noises. Obviously you can't have dogs running around the workshop or car yard, but on leash in their reception/waiting area with tables/chairs/couches, or in their showroom and sales offices would be perfectly safe. You could also safely walk an on leash dog around their used car yard, as the only vehicles going in and out are for test drives where the staff set the car you're interested in up at an exit point for you and you leave it parked on the side of the road afterwards, for them to put back on the lot. I can't imagine you'd be allowed to put a dog in a car you're test driving anyway, due to the risk of hair or soiling the interior, so it's really just for indoor situations with no moving vehicles.
  15. I have to agree with Dogsfevr and persephone. I wouldn't be waiting any longer to get your dog to the vet and checked out thoroughly.
  16. Rain Anxiety

    That's really great to hear. It must be much less stressful for the both of you.
  17. Great to hear he's doing so well. As Papillon Kisses said, a lot of vets will write a script if you pay a script fee. I'm not sure what regular vets charge for it but Justice's vet behaviourist charges a $25 script fee.
  18. Zylkene - maintenance dose ?

    It sounds like that's probably the maintenance dose then. You could see if she's still doing well on half that or perhaps look for a more cost effective alternative? A couple of people in the group for clients of Justice's vet behaviourist said they had good results from the Blackmores Complete Calm chews. I think the active ingredient is tryprophan rather than casein, so you'd need to inform your vet if they give her any other medications, just in case it reacts with them. As I understand it from when I looked in to it for Justice, it can contribute to serotonin syndrome when mixed with certain medications.
  19. Zylkene - maintenance dose ?

    I don't have any experience with it but this dosage guide was listed on a website. Being that the active ingredient is casein, I wouldn't think you'd see any adverse effects from reducing to 1 capsule per day if you wanted to see how she goes on a lower dosage. Zylkene 75mg Up to 5kg 1 Capsule a day 5 - 10kg 2 Capsules a day Zylkene 225mg 10 - 15kg 1 Capsule a day 15 - 30kg 2 Capsules a day Zylkene 450mg 15 - 30kg 1 Capsule a day 30 - 60kg 2 Capsules a day https://www.discountpetmeds.com.au/zylkene-450mg-30-capsules.html
  20. Proheart 12 Side Effects nearly fatal

    I'm so sorry that you and your girl experienced this and a glad she's on the mend. I'd never specifically heard anything bad about the heartworm injection but I felt uncomfortable with it for some reason and used monthly treatments instead. Thankfully heartworm isn't common here so I don't treat for it at all now but it's good to know to be wary of the injections. Thanks for sharing and all the best to your dog for a quick recovery.
  21. Comfortis resulted in my friend's dog needing a trip to the emergency vet recently, along with making her other three dogs sick but not to the extent of needing vet treatment.
  22. Everyone has to weigh up the risks for themselves and their own situation but most dog owners don't know the risks until something happens to their dog. I'm guessing that when it's your dog that is having seizures, vomiting blood, or dying, you're not going to be consoled by stats about the percentage of dogs who have that kind of reaction. Justice hasn't had any preventive treatments for a few years. We don't have paralysis ticks here and we're low risk for heartworm. He's never had worms or fleas and hopefully it stays that way, although of course I'd treat him if he did get either of them. I just can't bring myself to give him such strong chemicals on a monthly basis "just in case". I realise that my decision may be different if paralysis ticks or heartworm were significant risks for us.
  23. Yes. A friend's dog ended up at the emergency vet the other night after being given Comfortis and her three other dogs all had a bad reaction too, but didn't need vet treatment. If you do a Google search for different brand names combined with complaints ("advocate complaints" as an example.. that's what I used to give my dog until a few years ago), you'll find lots of stories of dogs having seizures or vomiting amongst others, and even dying. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to some of the medications and what they've done to dogs.
  24. Rain Anxiety

    Yes, it was always done under the guidance of a vet behaviourist. You can certainly give a full tablet without an issue, I was just talking about tweaking the dosage. As an example, when we trialled diazepam as a short acting medication to help with situations when I was doing behaviour modification work in the presence of other dogs (dogs being a massive trigger since being attacked and causing him to panic and shut down), we started at one full tablet, then added another half a tablet, then took it to two full tablets as 1 1/2 still saw him struggling at times, but it resulted in him starting to have trouble responding to some commands, so we dropped by a quarter of a tablet to 1 3/4. Another medication we tried for storms and fireworks, he was allowed to have between 1 and 8 tablets for his body weight, so we trialled different doses at a full tablet each time. I ended up not continuing that one as I wasn't comfortable with it also being blood pressure medication and he needed a high dose for it work effectively.
  25. Rain Anxiety

    I'm glad she seems to be coping better with the medication on board. Dosage can be a bit of trial and error with some medications and you might need to gradually increase it until you find the right amount for your dog (and you can lower it back down if you feel like a dosage might be too much.) I've had to do that with a few medications we've tried for my boy to get it just right for him, sometimes even playing with half or even a quarter of a tablet to find the right balance. I hope your girl finds it much easier to cope with rain from here on.