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  1. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    Awww, thanks so much @tdierikx
  2. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    Can you handle double adorable @persephone? Here's Madeline and Mason
  3. Degenerative Myelopathy

    So sorry to read this @Kelly_Louise I lost my darling Pip last year from this awful disease, and like you, I had to make the hardest decision when it came to his quality of life. Thinking of you
  4. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    All of this! @tdierikx Kisses from Maddie
  5. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    Yes @tdierikx, they were all done and were within the normal range. Potassium - 5.5mmol/L (3.9-5.9), Calcium - 2.5mmol/L (1.9-2.9), ALP - 94 IU/L (1-150), Glucose fl.oz - 6.0mmol/L (3.3-6.8), Glucose, serum - 4.8mmol/L (3.3-6.8). I guess it makes more sense now why my vet isn't pursuing Addison's as a diagnosis - it's highly likely that he told me but I'd probably forgotten it in the information overload. Please thank your vet for me! It's adorable that you asked him about Maddie by the way I had to look up what a TIA was (it's a transient ischemic attack for anyone else who's wondering) and I think it's a possibility. Maddie will be having her 4th PCV test in a week's time. The first one (6 July) was 28%, second (17 july) was 31% and the third (25 July) was 28%. Normal range is 35 - 55. Under 35 is anaemic. If the fourth test next week is still within that range then maybe that's just her new normal? I mean, she's doing pretty well considering these levels. She's eating and drinking well, doing good poohs, she's happy and content, in fact her appetite has increased a bit and she's put on 600g since being on the Gabapentin! I'm hesitant to put her through too many more tests, particularly ones that involve sedation. Her full blood panel doesn't show anything too obviously terrible going on... neutrophils, lymphocytes, etc are all normal, her organs seem to be functioning pretty well (except for the heart murmur of course), she's happy, alert and engaged, and she hasn't had another major episode. So ... I'm not going to stress too much now, just keep loving and spoiling her and making sure that every day is the best day ever for her and wait and see what the results are next week.
  6. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    Thanks @teddybeans and I will certainly pass on the cuddles
  7. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    Oh @Tassie, that's just heartwrenching. How helpless you must have felt. Since Maddie's been unwell, I've heard of so many cases of IMHA from friends and on forums. It's just an awful thing and something that needs immediate intervention.
  8. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    Thank you @Tassie It doesn't seem to be IMHA... the symptoms don't all seem to fit and her lab results are normal apart from the blood issues that I posted above for Tdierikx. From what I understand, only the Anaemia came up out of whack in the results, not the other issues mentioned here... http://scvsec.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Immune-Mediated-Hemolytic-Anemia-Canine.pdf From what I've read it's a very rapidly progressing disease with often fatal outcomes. I'm so sorry that you've been through that heartbreaking experience with your own dog
  9. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    I hear you on the thyroid issues @tdierikx! I have Hashimotos Disease and also had a pituitary tumour removed in 2016. Surgery and recovery was pretty intense, including a few cortisol crashes. Very similar to Addison's disease symptoms actually. I really think Maddie's symptoms would be much, much worse by now if it was Addison's... but I'm going to bring it up with my vet again at our next appointment. Thanks for the link! I currently have 7 tabs open... so much for not getting sidetracked lol! And thank you so much for your input here, it's a pretty tricky one isn't it?! Cuddles and kisses given
  10. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    You're awesome @tdierikx! Thanks so much, I really appreciate seeing if you can come up with anything else here! Maddie is on Gabapentin 100mg. She wasn't on any medication prior. I'm not sure about a pituitary test, would those results have come up in the full blood panel? Her T4 was normal - 25nmol/L (13-52)
  11. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    Yes, that makes complete sense @tdierikx! Here's some of the possibilities my vet has mentioned - internal blood loss, underlying coagulating problem, polyaromatic cells, possible brain bleed, neoplasia, immune mediated haemolytic anaemia, abdominal cancer. Well done on continuing your education! That's awesome. If you want to break your brain a little bit more, here's Maddie's blood results... RBC - 3.8 -low (4.9-8.2) Haemoglobin - 89g/L -low (100-206) Haematocrit - 0.30L/L -low (0.35-0.58) Reticulocyte % - 1.8% -high (0.0-1.5) Reticulocyte ABS - 68 -in normal range (10-110) MCV 79fl -high (64-76) MCH 23pg -in normal range (21-26) MCHC 279g/L -low (310-360) Platelets - clumped and adequate
  12. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    That's so sweet of you to google it tdierikx My info says that it's more prevalent in younger dogs, around 4 to 6 years, but can certainly occur in older dogs too. But yes, the enlarged adrenals and anaemia do fit. Most of the other associated symptoms aren't there though, certainly not lack of appetite, vomiting or diarrhoea, in fact she's actually put ON weight since being on the pain meds! Her weight loss was becoming a bit of a worry with everything else going on, which is why we went ahead with the abdominal ultrasound. Oh, her T4 (thyroid) test also came back in the normal range. The vet didn't seem overly concerned about the patchy liver as the results of her liver and kidney tests were all really good.
  13. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    The vet mentioned Addison's as one of the things to look into but apparently the overall symptoms don't match with it. I'm going to google it though and have a proper look xx
  14. Anaemia in 13 yr old Chinese Crested

    Hi Boronia, it has been a while! Maddie was my first crestie - 10 years ago!