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  1. Hi @Panto, sadly we lost Pip at the end of November His organs started shutting down and his beautiful old body just failed him. I was pretty shattered to lose him, he was the dearest boy, I was honoured to be his guardian for the time he was with me
  2. Unplanned litter

    Hi @Flick71, yes I'm pretty sure I can help you with this. Please message me.
  3. Comparison of raw, dry, and fresh cooked

    That was really interesting, thank you for posting it!
  4. Thank you for going back into those memories @DogsAndTheMob, not an easy thing to have to recollect, so I do appreciate it. Protecting them from harm .. that's so important with DM. The only good thing about it is that it's a painless progression .. but as you mentioned with your Sammy, nails being ground down to the quick or wounds to the feet and legs as they drag them can quickly become infected, and of course any stumbling or falling can result in an injury. I do worry about little Pip and I'm always thinking about or searching for things that will make his life safer and easier. Ebay must love me!
  5. Thanks so much for your input @DogsAndTheMob, I really appreciate it Love the story of Missy propping herself against the clothes line! Every now and then Pip will attempt to use a wall or tree to lean his leg against to do a wee but most of the time he just squats now. I've definitely looked into a mobility cart, full body harnesses, etc. There's more available in Australia now, thank goodness. He's not at the stage where he needs wheels, but I've noticed that he's starting to lose muscle around his front legs too now so I don't think a cart would be the way to go for him once he starts getting really bad. My main priority is that he has the best quality of life while he's still able to function Can I ask how long your Sammy and Missy were able to manage once their symptoms started? At what stage did you decide it was time to give them their wings?
  6. Hi Persephone! Lovely to hear from you, hope you are well
  7. Thank you @Dame Danny's Darling , it was lovely to see him so mobile and enjoying the sights, smells and sunshine
  8. Thanks @Boronia, the doggy door is a tricky one because it's hard acrylic and I can't trim it at all. I attached the fluffy material to the flap so it doesn't scrape on their backs when they don't have shirts on but I can't put anything on the bottom part or it won't close. After I took this video I made sure that I always opened the door for Pip so he didn't have to use the doggy door, he was reluctant to use it anyway. In the past few weeks he just started using it again by himself .. and getting his legs through! I can't explain it but I sure am happy about it!
  9. My long-term foster boy, Pip, a 13 year old Chinese Crested, was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy in early June. His symptoms became very bad in a very short time and we thought we'd lose him in weeks rather than months. The best thing I did was to replace all the flooring with R10 non-slip vinyl like they have in nursing homes. His confidence with his balance and walking went right up straight away! (it was kind of a miracle really). Pip was originally diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and we started Cartrophen injections but his hind legs continued to deteriorate quite quickly. It became fairly obvious in a very short time that it was DM. This is what we've been doing since May when he first started having trouble with his hind legs... 28th May - started the first of x4 weekly Cartrophen injections (last one was 18th June).4th June - started high dose of steroid medication (he's now on a lower, maintenance dose of 10mg Pred daily).19th June - had new flooring put in. Specialty vinyl with an R10 non-slip rating. (made an immediate and major difference in Pip's balance and confidence).28th June - started CBD oil (medical marijuana) daily. Our vet has okayed this as it won't interfere with other medications and DM is a rapidly progressive disease with no cure so he is happy for us to try anything that may assist in Pip's quality of life.1st July - started 1000mg fish oil daily.1st July - started physio/massage at home. Just some basic movement exercises for his back legs.Continuing with - Glucosamine/Chondroitin joint powder at an increased level. Continuing with - Aust. made food with no colours, flavours, preservatives. Here are a few videos of Pip. The first two show the early symptoms in June. The last one is a trip to the park last weekend, this is after the re-flooring, starting the fish oil, CBD oil and home physio. Has anyone else had experience with DM? I know that it's a rapidly progressive disease, no cure, and usually about 6 months quality of life from commencement of symptoms. Is there anything else I can do or try for Pip?
  10. Mac

    Oh Westiemum, I'm so sorry that you've lost your darling Mac It was lovely to read his story and oh my, what a lucky, lucky boy he was to have found you! I know how heartbreaking it is to lose one of your special ones, my thoughts are with you Mac was a beautiful boy, I was very glad to have met him. I absolutely love Ruffles quote
  11. Mac's Last Days

    For you sweet Mac
  12. Mac's Last Days

    Even though I have been thinking of you and Mac all week, I will be lighting a candle and sending special thoughts and so much love to you tomorrow. Please know that you have done everything right and not a day has gone by that Mac didn't know that he was very, very loved. Sending massive hugs to you
  13. Saturday Senior

    Oh dear lord, I knew I shouldn't have looked! :heart:
  14. Mac's Last Days

    Oh Westiemum, my heart is breaking for you Thank you for knowing what Mac needs and for making sure he is surrounded by love and comfort in his final days. I will be thinking of you and your darling boy
  15. I Need Help From The Dol Family.

    Glad your girl is back home with you