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  1. Thank you al for the suggestions. Some of you sound like you've had terrible neighbours! :-( We will get some shade cloth up this week and I'll also try the desensitising and LAT (read on another topic last night). The nervous dog is crate trained and the other dog is somewhat but only if the other dog is around. She's never taken to the crate and will scream all day (literally) if in the crate and alone.
  2. I am completely at my wits end. Tired and stressed with no idea where to go from here. I'm seeking any helpful tips or advice please. Last month the place next door finally sold and new neighbours moved in. The place has been vacant since we moved here 12 months ago. A young couple moved in with three dogs. Prior to them living their our two dogs only barked if someone was out our front gate. Our dogs get on great with our other neighbours and their two dogs on the other side. All fences are dog mesh. Our dogs never took a liking to the new neighbours dogs and they would fence run and carry
  3. Does anyone know what this might look like? I'm unable to get to the vets until tomorrow afternoon. The video was taken this morning and today is pretty bad. Yesterday just slightly sore and then a few days prior only very mildly lame (that mild my partner couldn't even tell when i said she looked a bit sore). I have noticed her stretching her leg out like this, I've seen it probably once a day in the mornings. She's 5 months old. I have tried to restrict her activity as much as possible. I have a second dog and they romp and play alot but not sure if she's damaged something from that. New l
  4. I shopped around recently to try find a vet practice that did the cheapest needles. With that came conflicting advice on what needles were actually required for an 8 week old pup. All said 6-8 weeks they would give the c3. Then some said a c5 at 12-14 and again at 18-20 weeks. However, two practices said just a c5 was required at 12-14 weeks. Can someone that knows please shed some light on this. Don't want to do two if its not required.
  5. Thanks, thought so, rather then punishment at this age.
  6. Thanks guys. What would be a successful way to approach deterring her?
  7. I have just witnessed my new 8 and a half week old pup (crossbred kelpie) hump my 2 year old neutered male kelpie x. He was in a drop and she just climbed on his back and grab the back of his neck growling and playing before really getting in and humping him. He didn't care, he just sat there. He's very tolerant of her. I'm assuming this is a dominance thing but should I be concerned when she's already doing it at such a young age?
  8. Forgot to also add, they ultra sounded her today and found suspicious areas in her spleen
  9. Thank you CC. Yea it is either lymphoma of the spleen or IMHA. I opted for not doing the blood test to see if either one of the above two problems, as if it came back cancer and required removal of the spleen I wouldn't put her through it. So I opted for the up the treatment for the IMHA. Her pcv was 25% yesterday and now 21%. Unsure of those others.
  10. Hi, just after any kind of info or thoughts that may help. My 7 7 1/2 year old gerb shepherd has just been diagnosed with what they think is some auto immune disease. I can't remember what the vet said it was but I think she said the abb. is IMAJ but unable to find anything on it. Background I went overseas for 12 days and got back three weeks ago. My aunt looked after my dog for me. Before I went away my dog was happy, healthy and fit. She would run 3-4 about three times a week with no problems at all following me while I worked horses. She fretted a bit while I was away and didn't eat much
  11. I spoke to Steve (K9pro) yesterday and got some great advice and information. I did get a call from Animal Management yesterday afternoon as well which absolutely gutted me in thinking now that council have the case they have to at least declare my dog dangerous or menacing, just to cover themselves in the event if it happened again. The man reported my dog but the Animal Management officer said he was amendment that he did not want anything to happen to the dog but just wanted a record against her name. Fortunately, that's all the animal management did. I explained to him the new measures I
  12. that's easy, I have 4 panels (ones you see around construction sites, the wire mesh ones) stacked up in the backyard. I will be moving them and making a barrier from the house to garage. I go through there and can close that gate. Then I can open the other gate to drive out. Basically, its lock an air lock. By the time he rings me tomorrow, that will have been done and I will have talked to Steve as well. edit to add: The dog doesn't have access to the front yard. The back half of the yard to fully fenced, it was the side gate on the driveway being opened which allowed her access down the dr
  13. I disagree, DOLer's are always advising people to report dogs that rush/bite. I would be doing all the above and as others have suggested but in no way would I be applying the slightest bit of pressure on this poor man. And just asking not to report is pressure. As much as I would like to ask him to consider, I do agree with Rebanne on this. I'm sure he's a smart enough man to work it out for himself to weigh up what he wants to do after I let him know that I'm taking the above measures.
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