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  1. Herding Talk Thread

    OOPS, done that before,and have been doing a lot of fetch work lately because I've over driven Izzi oops again
  2. Herding Talk Thread

    Congrats piper & I'm sure Piper is giving the paws up for dedicating it to her, she was probably giving Jazz the right cue's for you :laugh:, show me the handler who hasn't misscued their dog & I'll show you a liar
  3. Herding Talk Thread

    geez superminty, stop cracking the whip on me, I'm a very slow typer so it took me a while to get all on here , but thankyou & piper. Our first run did leave much to be desired though .
  4. Herding Talk Thread

    Bit of a brag Izzi got her advance title today & high in trial just to top it off, I'm one very happy camper at the moment , ok stopping bragging now :laugh:
  5. Herding Talk Thread

    Only 5 weeks untill the herding clinic getting very excited now . Fencing all done, stones shifted, got portable yards all lined up & sheep are as quiet as I can can get them, one even bites , don't worry hasn't got rabies :laugh:. Almost time to start counting the sleeps, won't get to ahead of myself I'll wait one more week then start counting :laugh:.
  6. Herding Talk Thread

    thanks Ness couldn't get on yesterday, that's the contacts people so please come & watch or participate, herdingsa is doing all the bookings, it's at our, me & hubby's, place in Murray bridge, soooo looking forward to it :D
  7. Herding Talk Thread

    Maybe it is just doing some training after all anyone can train, they just can not enter ANKC tests and trials. The person insisted that the poodle was competing officially. Weird. in the latest Poodle variety, USA, the Poodle club/association has started herding trials for Poodles, now that's in America not here I know but thought it was interesting :). Now onto a totally different topic :D , getting really excited at the moment about 2 things #1 Izzi, Pebbles & Delta came home with 6x1st, 2x2nd 1 HIT & 1 R/U HIT & 5 titles between them at our last trial YAY love the girls :D . #2 it's getting closer to the Dave Viklund clinic at our place, the paddocks cleaned up, fencing & gates are in place, sheep are getting nicely quiet, with my dogs at least & the smaller details are coming together woohoo roll on July .
  8. Why Title A Dog

    sat nodding the whole time whlie reading that :D
  9. Herding Talk Thread

    Sorry Piper not trying to make you jealous but we're having way to much fun to keep it a secret :D. Had another sheep day yesterday & had a ball, then had 8 dogs all running & playing around the paddock. Very happy with all the dogs & having two of us training we can help each other, sooo much easier :).
  10. Herding Talk Thread

    Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou :D , I'll start planning & saving . Yep have to get working on Pebbles cow title , see you in a couple of weeks :D .
  11. Our vet came to the house when we put Dova down, the vet nurse, a male, & vet were terrific, we'll do the same when it's JC's turn. It's hard enough putting you pets down with out having to go into a vet clinic full of people .
  12. Herding Talk Thread

    thought you were talking about the clients there for a moment, very glad you cleared it up . Been to hot here for doing sheep stuff, not loving it at all. Did walk up's with Izzi yesterday, some nice straight walk up, moved the sheep off the feed & a person, bit crooked to the fence then back to the feed, I didn't move , very pleased. Pebbles & Delta put in a bit of good work too but Delta needs to slow down a bit more & Pebbles is a bit worried about coming between me & the sheep, happy with all 3 of them :D . Roll on Trudy clinic & trialing season, is it ok if we come over the border for a trial, or two, superminty pleeeease :laugh: .
  13. Herding Talk Thread

    Keep trying, she should be home by now :laugh:.
  14. Herding Talk Thread

    We had another run today & had a great time again, just thought I'd let you know Ness . Roll on Trudy clinic, counting down the sleeps .
  15. Herding Talk Thread

    Friend of mine has visited, played sheepies, left homework for me to do & is coming next Saturday to check it's been done , the girls have been doing real well . Happy herding New Year everyone :D .