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  1. Asking out of curiousity... where do we stand legally if neighbour's cat enters our property and our dog attacks (and at worst kills) the cat. We keep our dogs in of a nightor this very reason, but always a possibility during the day. I respect that cats are legally allowed to roam, but where do we stand, as our dogs are legally contained on our property. If cat survived, are we legally responsible for vet bills (though I would probably be inclined to pay them anyway, regardless).
  2. Not sure, but perhaps try Council?
  3. found this one online... overseas but never used the company http://www.k9-equipment-store.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=845
  4. I know them as "rakes". Picked up mine in a pet shop ages ago. Many different versions, but the metal ones like that seem to be almost impossible to find... I always look but never see them, sorry.
  5. Try Coreen Avenue Vet, Penrith... vet, but also does boarding.
  6. Just wondering of any Bull Mastiff owners can help me out, please? I am wanting to buy a collar for a friend's female Bull Mastiff, but I have no idea of neck size. Since I want it to be a surprise, I was wondering if any owners of female bull Mastiffs might be able to measure the neck soze and post it here for me. Many thanks.
  7. Random thought... is she up for,the grooming, being on acreage and w 3kids?
  8. My dogs are crate trained, however, we simply cannot get two large dogs and two crates in our current vehicle at the same time. Whilst it might work for people with small dogs, If a boarding place introduced this, it would preclude us from boarding (our dogs are 35kg each). Also, our crates weigh 16kg each, that would be a OHS nightmare for staff to get down from a high place. And, yes, we do have an evacuation plan that includes the dogs, just not the crates. It is the best we can do in our current situation. And yes, we have looked at soft crates, but the size we need still do not fit into our vehicle.
  9. Code Red is a bit more than peeing when you get that call. Umm I have got that call. My property was under ember attack during Black Saturday. Btw code red is a CFA term which means the highest fire danger. It doesn't mean your house is about to burn down. It means if you can't defend your house or don't want to then it would be a good idea to depart for the day. They can issue a code red with zero fires around. Really people should know this shit. Yes, people should know it, but it doesn't help when each state has different codes... hence my "error" before... since I am in NSW. I know what our codes are, and when we would leave (and, yes I have evacuated recently with pets as a precaution).
  10. Oh don't be so absurd. No one on here is claiming to be an expert and no one has suggested evacuating a large number of animals is simple but clearly it can be done or the other boarding kennel would not have been able to evacuate all their animals on the previous day before it was dangerously urgent. The boarding kennel whose animals perished in the fire received an offer to help take the animals to safety on the previous day when the road was not closed and evacuating the animals was not dangerous. They refused the offer and we all know the result. Are there really uncontrolled bush fires in your area today or are you being melodramatic? If you've been advised that you're in high fire risk today due to fires in your area what are you waiting for? Why are you leaving the evacuation of the animals in your care until the last minute and putting both the animals and the people who are willing to assist you in danger. Having a plan means getting the animals out before the danger is imminent, not taking risks and waiting until the last minute. A plan is only as good as those who are willing to action that plan. Mother Nature is not to blame for those who don't take timely action just because evacuating a number of animals isn't simple. efs High fire risk in an area does not necessarily mean that there are active fires. It means that the conditions are such that there is a greater risk of fires starting, and people should be an alert.
  11. Thank you for saying what was on my mind, and not knowing how to say it. I was wondering if they had any opportunity to evacuate. Devastating for everyone. We live in a fire prone area, and people laugh at me for choosing a boarding place, out of the area, based on it's location (basically surrounded by concrete, not bush).
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