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  1. Definitely a huge issue in some breeds. Neo Mastiffs break my heart.
  2. Excellent, thanks guys!! I've wanted to do a mixed breed test for ages but couldn't justify the cost for something that was basically just for interest sake. The fact that this gives you so much health info gives it a lot more value IMO!
  3. Thistle this is so interesting! Can you let me know exactly which test you had done to get all this health info? Interested for my pound mutt. Edit: Looking at the website I think you did the breeder test for Thistle?
  4. Camden just stopped breed labelling so that post doesn't mention breed (you're right that he's chipped as a Tibbie) so shouldn't be a huge issue I don't think. Michelle is a showie and knows her breeds and they don't have more than a handful of dogs in care at any given time, I'm sure if someone rings looking for a short-haired Peke she'll put two and two together
  5. I know the Companion Animals Officer at the Council, Michelle, and she's absolutely awesome. She'll be doing everything to get this little guy home and I have no doubt he'll be safe if they can't find an owner. Camden prioritise rehoming from the pound direct if possible but work well with a lot of rescues - I'm sure if there's any breed specific rescues that are able to take him in she'd be happy to chat. That said I doubt they'd have an issue rehoming him direct given he's small, cute and at least looks a lot like a purebred.
  6. I love those!!
  7. Yes it probably is - in Victoria councils can pass bylaws on animal-related stuff on top of the state legislation. We can't do that in NSW so every council is working under the same legislation. Whoops! New forum doesn't put the user's name in the quote - sorry! :D
  8. I'm talking specifically about off leash areas. There's no requirement in the legislation for a dog to respond to it's owners commands or not be annoying and overly friendly at an unleashed dog park, so the signs like you proposed are unenforceable in NSW (different in VIC as quoted above). If the dog is actually aggressive and its behaviour is meeting the definition of a dog attack, then action can be taken for that offence, but if the dog just keeps coming over and is annoying/overly friendly or boisterous and won't respond to it's owner there's really nothing a council officer in NSW can do. On leash areas yes of course, a penalty can be issued for the dog being unleashed.
  9. Just a note that none of the bold is enforceable in NSW (unless the dog in situation 1 is actually being aggressive rather than overly friendly/annoying) so Councils in this state would not be able to put up signs like suggested or enforce them. I do believe this is different in VIC. Not sure about other states.
  10. The council should look to the extensive evidence that mandatory desexing doesn't reduce dogs in pounds and instead typically increases them... and spend the money they'd spend on enforcing an unenforcable bit of legislation on low cost and free desexing programs.
  11. Comet you're clearly an absolutely wonderful dog owner and this boy is incredibly lucky to have you. Thank you for working so hard with him, physically and mentally. From what you're describing I think it's likely he's a good candidate for medication to go with your behaviour mod. I have huge issues with how many vet behaviourists are handing out medication like candy for simple training problems BUT there are absolutely dogs out there where it's necessary and from what you're describing of your guy I think it's likely he's one of them. Constant hypervigilance, anxiety, unable to settle even at home and despite all the work you've been doing to me indicates there may be something going on with his mind that needs some extra help. If he is in a total state of anxiety no matter how much work and training you do you'll only get so far as they just can't learn when they're in that state. If he's medicated and you continue your behaviour work it means those dogs can actually learn and many of them are able to be weaned off the medication (some aren't, and that's okay as well). A visit with a good Vet Behaviourist is probably the next step for you guys, as others have said.
  12. No, I'm expecting the industry itself to be able to police it's members and clean up the sport. They have never been able to do that, they promised they'd be able to do it after they nearly lost it all, and yet the issues still exist.
  13. And dog aggression and human aggression are completely different things. Plenty of dogs out there that absolutely hate other dogs but are bombproof with people and kids.
  14. This is awesome!
  15. Exactly. If the only way to keep this sport clean is for members of the public to happen to be privvy to the corrupt happenings within and then report it, then the sport has proven once again that it can't self regulate and clean itself up and it's time to finish it. Maddy has the unique ability to be 'part' of the industry without actually being part of it, so she sees these things and can speak out and report, sure, but most of the time the only people who know this is going on is the people well and truly involved in the sport and the corruption. Relying on outsiders to be the only gatekeepers for accountability in the industry is not a sustainable model for welfare and is, quite frankly, bullshit.