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  1. 6 months ago my princess Tequila passed away, the vet said there was something that got lodged in her bowels & she just didn't have the stregnth to survive surgery. Tequila was only 16months & passed when just 1 week after I gave birth to my son. I miss my girl dearly & so does my big boy Kaya who still frets from time to time & obviously misses the company of his big sister. My poor girl, mumma is sorry she wasn't there when you needed me most. I know you're not in any pain any more & running free on rainbow bridge. Miss u & love you girl..
  2. Where To Buy Raw ?

    awww thank you thank you for this thread!! My contribution.. check the Halal butchers on Lonsdale St in Dandenong VIC. We buy most of our chicken stuff from there you can get a mixed box of offcuts (mainly leftover bones from filleted meat & frames) for $3 it's about a 5 kilo box possibly a bit more. If you speak to the butchers you can ask them for a bag of bones which is usually the size of a garbage bag & $5 filled with mixed bones too. I find their bones have a lot more chicken on them. Definately worth looking at
  3. Pit Bulls On 7pm Project

    I was curious, then saw good ol' Hugh so threw a kong @ the tele..
  4. Angry Male Staffy

    Dog aggression is not necessarily an indication of poor temperament Dani.. especially in a breed of fighting origin. If provoked to fight they will finish and ice that particular cake. That doesn't make them "bad" dogs. The particular combination of dogs in your home and the fact that one of the dogs has been attacked will be contributors. Was the person who visited a "behaviorist" or a trainer? Hey PF, As mention in PM, I did not intend to come across as implying Shaka is a bad dog or he has a poor temperment rather I was implying that I would have preferred the behaviourist to have directed us more about this ie how to control this/what action to take. We were pretty much advised that providing we showed strong leadership & kept up their excercise etc everything would be fine & no further sessions would me needed. Sorry i should have been more clear.
  5. Angry Male Staffy

    Hi guys, It's Dani here & couldnt help but keep a steady eye on this thread while @ work :S We did have a behaviourist in last weekend & exp the the problems to him. He focussed alot on pack leadership, excercise etc they are walked daily & do 'listen' to us. At the time i felt he was of good value except cleary misjudged the staffy as he told us that he was of near perfect temperment & really didnt have any issues except for his bad habit of jumping when excited. Since this last incident Stevie & I are just super concerned (even looked into the otion of re-homing). We don't want to give up are dogs but we really don't want our dogs to have a crummy quality of life/hurt each other. Just wanted to say we really appreciate all of your advice & comments & to keep them coming!! FYI Tequila (bull terrier) will be fixed in the next week/two & has not had her first season yet, we will also booking in Shaka (staffy). Kaya will be shown in the near future so will not be desexed at this stage or until he is fully developed. Thanks again!!!
  6. Angry Male Staffy

    thANKS for all the replies really appreciate it we are situated in hallam and if i could get some contacts of behaviorlists tat could help us that would be great i really dont want to get rid of the dogs so money is not an issue also we have a baby on the way n after wat has been happening we r really worried bout the dogs when the baby comes
  7. Angry Male Staffy

    hello i own a 5 year old american staffy with no prior aggression problems towards other dogs. a couple of months ago my girlfriend moved in with me and brought her dogs with her she owns a 10 month old english bull terrier {female} and a 7 month old italian mastiff{male}. first couple of months were fine until my staffy was attacked by a stray dog. since then he has just been starting fights with the other male for no reason. the other day it got really it got really bad so i have had to seperate them i dont want to get rid of any so if i could just get some help i would really appreciate it thankyou ps both males are not desexed
  8. Can't Even Walk Down My Street!

    Not as prevalent in my area as it seems to be in yours but .. bah dogs will be dogs some better behaved then others but I can't see why you would genuinely be 'angry' about this Ah well I agree with you lappiemum it does help to teach your own fur baby how to behave when there are misbehaving dogs around.
  9. Off Lead, Enclosed Dog Park.

    oooo that's not far from us either, will have to check it out one of these days soon thanks for this thread!
  10. Family's Pet Dogs Killed In Ritual

    OMG!!! Thos poor dogs & their owners RIP
  11. I didn't see this posted so I hope this isn't a double up- DPI's survey on dangerous dog legislation: http://dpidangerousdogs.questionpro.com/
  12. hmmm.. Good point Persephone, I'm at work at the moment but will have a look around her mouth this evening. I'm taking her to the vet on Saturday so i'll keep you posted Thanks everyone for your help!! I really appreciate it
  13. I offerred her breakfast (chicken mince & veggies) but she had a lick & walked away. Do you think I should offer her a meal tonight?? And what is the weather like? My guys all go off their food when it is really hot. A lot of my pet sitting dogs do as well! The weather has been quite warm the last few days around 24-26degrees but today is forecast to hit 36 :s
  14. Morning Ellz, Her food is only left for 10-15 minutes before I take it away but in the last few days she won't even hang around where her food is. She simply comes, sits & once her food is down walks away & doesn't come back to inspect. As for drinking & acting herself, nothing has changed. Do you think that I should change what I'm feeding at all? Instead of the frames the dogs do get a meaty bone every couple of days at the moment. Thanks for your advice