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  1. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

    272 written submissions, and none were even called for!!! http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/eic/article/3171 Also the MAV has released a statement: http://www.mav.asn.au/News/Pages/unworkable-puppy-farm-laws-need-to-be-halted-24nov16.aspx I am actually for the first time positive about this thing. We have not won yet in having the whole thing scrapped, but we are closer!
  2. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

    That is how it was. If you click on the link I posted on the last page, you can see all the groups they met with, and all of their transcripts are posted there also.
  3. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

  4. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

  5. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

    Never thought I'd be saying this, but THANK YOU Andrew Bolt! http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-on-dog-breeding-laws-daniel-andrews-dog-plan-is-selling-us-a-pup/news-story/a6cce3e527102e08db1f0fca318c8e0e
  6. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

  7. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

    It's BS. DABs range from $200, $300, $550, &3,500!!! Not to mention councils wanting ABN and public liability insurance. And what happens if your bitch is due to whelp on the cusp of the DAB renewal? What happens if all the puppies die? I refuse to absorb any more expenses. Costs me a fortune as it is. And that's only if you can afford to build the type of enclosures they are wanting built. Some councils will want indoor enclosures, which are temperature controlled. You know, like the homes they are kicking the animals out of.
  8. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

    I think that's taken from this article: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/columnists/chip-le-grand/victorias-proposed-laws-breed-resentment-in-the-dog-community/news-story/18beaec641cbe4eb5cd78625c90e0fd5
  9. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

    A cat person found this link yesterday in her travels... http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/word_doc/0007/323629/19102016_Puppy_Farm_Bill_Cat_Applicable_Organisations_Fact_Sheet.docx Basically said "kitten farms" are non-existant, but too bad, we are going to lump you in with the puppy farm bill anyways.
  10. Our New Puppy!

    Yep - they have smaller legs when they are to breed standard. I have found she is not the only Grandie in the world with long legs though - they seem to be common in the breed - often long legged pups in the litter, and some with ultra-short legs too - smaller than what the breed standard likes. Having talked to other Grandie owners in Europe, she will likely grow between the size between the adult sized Briquet Griffon Vendeen, and the Grand Griffon Vendeen. Neither of those breeds are found in Australia.
  11. Our New Puppy!

    Not really. Most people just assume she's a hairy mutt. Haha! And the ones that do ask breed, have a confused look on their faces.
  12. Our New Puppy!

    Ooops! Soz Tintin Jac! I forgot to come back also! :D You can follow Autumn quietly on Insta - as you can see, she is a long-legged kid: https://www.instagram.com/autumn_gbgv/ This is the last pic I posted of her on there, taken last week at the park:
  13. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

    As a pedigree cat breeder I find that offensive. Firstly, average litter size of 4 for cats. Secondly, maximum of 1 litter a year. And thirdly, all my kittens are desexed before they go to their new homes. It's the ferals, and cats at large whose kittens are the ones which majority end up in pounds and shelters!