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  1. Yes I definitely will be doing the one on one training first with a professional dog trainer, and if that doesn't work then I will take Shiro to an obedience club. I think that would be the best option. I've actually emailed a few professional trainers, but non of them seem to reply... what's the go with that? I think it's time I used my mobile phone and talked to them on the phone. Thinking about taking Shiro to Camarna Kennels to see Luci and John for a private training session.
  2. Hey guys, Some of you who have read my previous thread, know that I've not had any success training Shiro in the past, but it's time I put my foot down and do something about it. I'm trying to enrol us into one of those obedience clubs so that Shiro will see me as a better pack leader. Now the problem is, does anyone know any dog obedience clubs around the Hurstville area?
  3. Wow... THAT good eh? Maybe I should go check it out. Is it a one day/evening thing or once every week for a few weeks? I've been watching the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, so I make a loop with my leash and have it at the top of the neck. Everytime he pulls I give a tug to get him to stop (but he still continues to pull after walking again)... so far I've only used this method for the last 3 walks, so we'll see over time. Basically just with treats to get him to do what I want, but if I don't have treats he just doesn't seem to want to listen or look at my like "what do you want me to do?". Really need to get some one on one training.
  4. Unfortunately Carmarna is like 1-2 hours drive for me. I will probably need the trainer to come to my house and give me tips.
  5. I'm located near Hurstville. I just had a look at the "K9 Obedience Training - Sydney Australia" and they seem to look quite good, has anyone had any past experiences with them? I think what I really need is just somebody to come have a look at Shiro, let me know what I'm doing wrong and how I should be training him. Really I just need some guidance, like my Shiro.
  6. When I say Shiro doesn't do anything I want, I mean he won't do it unless I have treats for him (sometimes I regret getting a spitz, they seem to be so prissy). If I have treats, he'll do sit, down... but I have to kind of guide him with the treat or he just won't do it. What is DOL and how much are one-on-one personal trainers in Sydney?
  7. I've had Shiro for a while now, and I've been trying to train him ever since... but somehow I just don't seem to see any results. Seeing all my friend's dogs trained, then looking at Shiro makes me kind of depressed. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, he just doesn't seem to want to listen. When I take him for walks, he just runs ahead of me and pulls me along... I must be the worst dog owner. I just came back from a walk with Shiro, and he pulled me home... at the moment I'm feeling really bummed and just don't know what to do with him. If you guys can give me any tips of training him the basic skills (sit, stay, down, drop) and walking him, I would really appreciate it! EDIT: Or maybe I should take him to a dog training boarding school, know any good ones?
  8. No cats, just one dog. I have not really noticed any black dirt in his coat, I just noticed he scratches himself every now and then. And my mum has red spots which she claims are flea bites. I scratch myself every now and again. It doesn't mean I have fleas. If you can't find any evidence of fleas on your dog, you may have a more general infestation. Neighbourhood cats are a common culprit. Hmmm alright guys, thanks for the help. I'll keep a closer eye on Shiro!
  9. No cats, just one dog. I have not really noticed any black dirt in his coat, I just noticed he scratches himself every now and then. And my mum has red spots which she claims are flea bites.
  10. Yes it's my mum with the red spots. But I find it strange that she gets bitten when she's far from the backyard and the dog rarely goes into her room. However the dog sleeps in the same room as me, and I don't seem to notice any problems. Advantage have sprays? I thought it was just a tube you put on the back of the dog's neck?
  11. I think Shiro has a flea problem and it's affecting my mum. I've been using Advantage Flea control but doesn't seem to be working. I see Shiro scratching itself every now and then, and my mum claims there are fleas biting her. She has red spots on her body, could these possibly be flea bites? Our house has carpet. Should the carpet be cleaned regularly now that we have a dog? What is the most effective flea control you guys/girls have used? Please help =(
  12. Wow really!? THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!! But I live down south-east near Hurstville, is that too far? If not when are you free? I prefer weekends since I work during the weekdays.
  13. Yes I am considering desexing Shiro. I don't want I'm ready for Shiro to breed...
  14. Our backyard is not exactly the cleanest. There are also pots and plants everywhere and has a ledge, and everytime we let it into the yard it comes back with 'bindies' stuck to its fur and they're really hard to get out. From my signature you can see Shiro is 5 months old and I still have not been able to toilet train me (I feel quite bad). No my dog is not desexed, as my dad wants to breed it. But I am considering desexing it.
  15. I guess like everybody else I work from 9am-6pm. During this time I leave my Japanese Spitz in the kitchen where it has an area for sleeping, food/water and a toilet pad to do its business. It seems to have no problems pooping and peeing on the pad when he's enclosed. However when I get home and give him more space to run around, he sometimes does his business elsewhere. I cannot reward him when he's peeing/pooping on the pad since I'm at work, what is the best way you guys have found to overcome this obstacle? I really want to be able to let him run around the house, so I don't always have to fence him in into the kitchen. PS. My Japanese Spitz is an indoor pet, so I do not want to always have to let him out into the yard or make a doggy door for him.
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