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  1. It's fine to use Milbemax every three months in combination with the Proheart injection. Monthly heart worm treatment is retrospective, so if you want to switch back, you just resume monthly medications one month after the Proheart would have been due.
  2. I'm sorry that you have found yourself in this position, it would be extremely upsetting and stressful. Since you are a long-term doler I'm going to say it straight - I wouldn't rehome him. Even if he goes into a home where there are no babies planned, you can't guarantee that crawling babies will never visit that home, or that his new owners will be as dog savvy about it. There is also a huge risk that he may be rehomed again, and that that information is never passed on. I know that it is very upsetting, but he has had 8 fantastic years with you, if you move him on - he becomes a liability to someone else. It wouldn't sit well with my conscience if it were me, that he might hurt someone else's precious baby because the adults weren't aware.
  3. Blackmores PAW now make Denosyl (SAMe) with milk thistle for dogs and cats in different weight ranges. It's called Denamarin. Ask your Vet about it. :)
  4. Hill's Prescription i/d has been a pancreatitis diet for a long time and it works very well, there is a lot of science and research behind both the Hill's Prescription and Royal Canin Veterinary diets. Royal Canin G.I. Low Fat is newer to the market and may suit her better - you should definitely give it a try for 4-6 weeks before you look at other possibilities. :) Pancreatitis is very serious and unfortunately some dogs can tolerate small amounts of fat after recovery, and others have a tiny amount and it triggers repeated attacks.
  5. Thanks for all the ideas. Good to hear the Solvit brand is long lasting. I looked at the Crazy Sales ramps but I think the $179 one won't be quite long enough, although I'm still waiting to find out the length of the Ranger tray to see if the Solvit XL will fit, folded up. It's for a Shepherd, so a motorcycle ramp may not be wide enough. Hopefully she'll use it once trained to! :)
  6. I have looked at these and reckon Solvit are the bees knees. No experience though. Thanks TSD!
  7. Hi guys, Just after opinions since I haven't bought one for ages... I need a really good quality dog ramp for a Ford Ranger, it's very high, I'm thinking the Solvit XL Ramp for SUV's would be the best choice? Any other good options out there? :D
  8. Oh do they? Cool, will check it out. Yes, well, they did when I bought my roll a few years back. But only in blue and white back then. :)
  9. You can buy it from your work. Snooza sell it by the roll. :)
  10. Reducing food is a fairly old-school idea, when you reduce it you can often push them into fat storage mode. All foods are complete and balanced at the recommended feeding amounts, but if you are cutting that by 1/3 or 1/2 they may be missing out on adequate vitamins/minerals during that time. There is a metabolic + mobility (metabolic plus) recently out, which has the benefits of both metabolic and j/d. It's quite pricey but it is the cost of two prescription foods so the price reflects that.
  11. You can ask your vet to call Hill's helpline and liaise with the technical vets there, your vet can also forward them any relevant history and they can make the best suggestions - it's a free service. :) I'm not sure where you reside at the moment but I think you can do email/skype consultation with Rob Hilton - he would charge for this though. Best of luck.
  12. No idea sorry...I found this from one of our skin specialists in Vic: http://www.skinvet.org/downloads/2584026/Discoid+Lupus+Erythematosus+in+Dogs.pdf Also this: https://www.zoetisus.com/Conditions/Pages/Dermatology/lupus-erythematosus.aspx You need a consult with a skin specialist or internal medicine specialist if her condition is not improving. You might also need to consider some critical/urgent care high calorie prescription food and/or nutrigel to help keep her condition- but check with your vet first to ensure the food is compatible with her medical history i.e. no previous pancreatitis etc.
  13. One of the main distributors in AU of the dog coat lines has gone into liquidation. We can't access any of the new weatherbeeta range from any veterinary wholesalers this year. I'm not sure where Horseland source theirs from though.
  14. I have found the Weatherbeeta Landa to be the warmest out of that range, but my fave coats ever are Chilly Dogs - the Great White North coat. :)
  15. We seem to have a bit of success with Troy Plaque Off powder for dogs that just need maintenance.
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