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  1. my puppies are getting so big now and 11 months and 7 months cuddles with mummy in the early morning and my babies
  2. I so love seeing all these photos. she is beautiful and so calm senator is a bouncy ball lol and marley is just relaxed and happy to do her own thing.
  3. This is our new little girl Marley Hope the pic works
  4. shes so cute i love them beautiful big eyes
  5. dogsforjane and ellis your puppies are beautiful just so cute aww i love seeing photos
  6. my puppy is 5 months, and no matter how high i do the clothes line up he still gets them off his got a very high jump on him. normaly i catch him in it and tell him off. his a good puppy dosent chew anything dosent dig but he likes to pull the clothes off the line.
  7. Those puppies are sooooo cute i love seeing piccys of them and yay each day is a day closer til your little bundles are home yay
  8. how exciting for everyone those last few weeks/days seem to drag out dont they
  9. thats good to know i always freak with that
  10. Shes beautiful. thankyou his got nice markings on his belly too lol
  11. you'll have to take photos for us how exciting :)
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