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  1. Which dog breed is best for me?

    You got it & some can climb like monkeys with their lack of fear of heights and hare feet like mountain goats. But Tibbies can alternate thro' their 3 personalities. Same Tibbie who sleeps on a sofa cushion all day, will erupt into zoomies or play with their soft toy later...then later alert you that a stranger that you haven't heard has entered the property. Neighbours own a tibbie boy Creedence & they have a friend who's a retired police officer. He said, he's never lost the habit of walking up silently to a front door ... but Creedence is the only dog ever that's blown his cover, from inside the house.
  2. Which dog breed is best for me?

    Pers, sounds like the perfect self-assured tibbie.
  3. Which dog breed is best for me?

    Poor little mite. Sounds very much like a mass-produced from puppy farm tibbie. It's so cruel! Yep, super off-character. Think of a cat, and a dog and a monkey.... mix, and you have a tibbie personality. Hope you meet a few one day!
  4. Which dog breed is best for me?

    Arriving late! Thanks. Betty looks close to full tibbie, not that it matters. Shall see what's happened for her.
  5. https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/brisbanewest/2017/10/26/come-visit-dogs-on-patrol-at-ferny-grove/ Qld Police Service, together with Neighbourhood Watch, has an initiative called 'Dogs on Patrol' for dog walkers & their pets. The Police know that dog walkers can be very observant as they walk their pets regularly, so they provide a special blue disc for dogs to wear on their collars. You'll see one on the link above. There's an event this Saturday, November 4th, 3-5 pm at Ferny Grove Dog Park (behind Ferny Grove Police Station), where, if you take your dog along, you'll be given a disc for free. Later you can get your phone number engraved on the back. The police will also give ideas on how to stay safe yourself. You can come from anywhere in Brisbane or near Brisbane, not just the Ferny Grove area. My Tibbie Annie & Creedence the Tibbie next door, got their police discs at previous events... & wear them with pride. Please share.
  6. Which dog breed is best for me?

    And my own first Tibbie, Angel.
  7. Which dog breed is best for me?

    To give you an idea of Tibetan Spaniel size, here's a pic from fellow Tibbie Tragic's hobby farm. At left end, two Tibbies Daphne (gold) & Griffin (blackish), next a Border Collie, baby calf, then Bull Mastiff x with a third Tibbie Kenzi (parti-colour) between his front legs. Click to enlarge: The ring-in baby calf, Nadia, is being hand-fed around the clock. She's 1/3 size of her normal-sized twin.
  8. Which dog breed is best for me?

    Tibbie Tragic reporting in, as RP suggested. Big yes to all the links she gave, especially to breed descriptions and registered Tibetan Spaniel breeders (on the Dogzonline Purebred Community pages). The Tibetan Spaniel Association of Victoria is very helpful and they have a website. All the Australian Tibbie Clubs plus Tibbie Pet Owners have a Tibetan Spaniel Rescue Australia, Facebook page, where notices are posted about any Tibbies currently available from rescue groups or who are being privately rehomed. There's a Tibbie Pet Owners Australia group on a Facebook page (close to 600 members). You can apply to go on, just indicating interest in the breed & you'd be made welcome. The pet owners give each other loads of support, sharing photos, tips and advice about all sorts of things. Often play dates are arranged or there'll be a bigger social event. There's also strong international connections in another Facebook group called Tibetan Spaniel All Over. Apart from Australia... US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Europe are represented. And very specially northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, Finland) where Tibbies are in the top 10 popular dog breeds. There's a central Tibbies Net website for all things Tibetan Spaniel (very well maintained by US people, but designed to be international). They have excellent information about the breed as a companion pet. But they also include a section...'Is a Tibbie for You', for people to consider if the unique Tibbie character (especially with their cat-like nature) is for them. That character's been called 1/3 dog, 1/3 cat and 1/3 monkey. I often think an individual's nature is where they score most on those 3! If you need more info, just ask.... or PM.
  9. Thank you. I'll pass on both. They'll be appreciated.
  10. Saturday Senior

    That's great news! They looked like a pair of sweeties.
  11. Saturday Senior

    Puppy, the son, looks like a tiny touch of Tibbie.
  12. Any recommendations for a boarding kennels in Melbourne? Asking for a Tibbie's owners who'll be going away for a couple of weeks. PM if you'd prefer or post. Thanks.
  13. How do they know?

    It's available on the Animal Planet site itself. I wonder if that would download for you ... not going thro' You Tube as above.
  14. How do they know?

    It starts young. This is a favourite among Tibbie people. Band of 10 week old puppies on first trip outside their property...& watch the little guy go into the alert-warning mode. Who'll you put your money on, Ringo or George?
  15. The owners of the tibbie want you to know, Spots & PK, that they've immediately used information from both your suggestions to get on top of the problem. And are delighted with the paths forward they've opened up. A genuine case of 'light at the end of the tunnel' now. Thank you!