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  1. Thanks heaps, Juice! There's a Tibbie person interested in following her up.... if, by chance, she's gone to a rescue.
  2. Please do, juice. Thanks. The confusion's come because one enquirer said she was told something like the Tibbie was taken into fostercare. So we wondered if that 'adopted' meant taken by a rescue group. If so, what rescue? Or if it means just what it sounds like.... someone applied for her & adopted her.
  3. Does Blacktown adopt to first come after they put up a dog for adoption? Or do they have foster care for some, before they're adopted? Or do they permit Rescue groups to take dogs...who'll then foster & rehome? There's just been a pretty, happy natured Tibbie girl put up for adoption. We shared it around the Tibbie pet community. But couldn't figure how their system worked. Quickly... 'on hold' label came up. Then when someone else enquired, she was told that person hadn't showed up so Tibbie was back up for adoption. Someone else enquired & seems to have been told something like the 'girls have taken her for care'....could that be a rescue group? But a note's gone up she's adopted. Anyone know how Blacktown works?
  4. Please help us find Milka

    What a relief!
  5. Tibetan Spaniel Lost Gatton area

    My sentiments, too, Pers! But good news. After being lost (for the second time), the Tibbie's been found (for the second time). But this time, happy ending, he's now safely reunited with his owner.
  6. Tibetan Spaniel Lost Gatton area

    That little Tibetan Spaniel was found but is now lost! Kind lady, Alana, a neighbour to the people who found him, put him on Qld Lost pet Register. Tibbie people quickly arranged for a Tibbie person to go get him & take him for microchip scan. Then to our horror, the finders announced they'd put him outside their gate 'so he might find his own way home'. So heavens knows where the Tibbie is. He's lost. If you live anywhere near the Fernrow Estate at Plainland in Gatton Qld area, would you keep an eye out for him?
  7. Savour Life ran a competition for rescues with a prize for which one got the most votes. Paws Hoofs and Claws in Mount Isa finally won. Prize was considerable... like $2,500. But then Sue from Paws Hoofs & Claws took a look at the rescue which came second, Chihuahua Rescue Qld. During the voting, they'd been neck & neck. So Sue asked Savour Life to split the prize money between the two rescues. She said Chi Rescue Qld had been a worthy competitor & their values in quality rescue were the same. How kind is that! A gift with true Christmas spirit.
  8. I knew that you'd be done like a dinner by the amazing Mr Fox.
  9. Thanks, Sue! Now I can go back to tracking the Tibbie & drooling over Mr Fox.
  10. Thanks, DDD. I'll pass that on to Val. Now off-topic but as soon as I saw this little guy at SDCH, I thought of you. I've been keeping an eye on their site because the RSPCA told us a Tibbie we'd spotted was transferred to SDCH. Among the 'guests' up popped Mr Fox. Have you seen anything cuter? http://sydneydogsandcatshome.org/animal/mr-fox/
  11. Val Rasch who helps Chihuahua Rescue Qld asked me to post this request (she tried to access via phone but doesn't work). Chi Rescue Qld is asking for someone to volunteer to transport a Chihuahua from the AWL NSW at Kemps Creek Shelter to Thornleigh where there's a foster-carer. If you can help, please phone CRQ 0423 345 693. The Chi, a female, will be released from the Kemps Creek Shelter this Thursday between 10 am and 3 pm.
  12. Agree. It's all designed by people who know nothing about how socialisation is developed in puppies. By being close to humans from birth & by also having a mother dog who is well socialised. So 'farm buildings' being central to their accommodation, is going in the opposite direction. This legislation is all about making money by breeding puppies in commercially 'attractive' numbers. Yep.... that's a puppy farm in a nutshell. Yet US research showed puppies developed much better & had fewer behavioural/adjustment problems, if they came from more homely settings where they were close to people & everyday domestic life.
  13. Which dog breed is best for me?

    You got it & some can climb like monkeys with their lack of fear of heights and hare feet like mountain goats. But Tibbies can alternate thro' their 3 personalities. Same Tibbie who sleeps on a sofa cushion all day, will erupt into zoomies or play with their soft toy later...then later alert you that a stranger that you haven't heard has entered the property. Neighbours own a tibbie boy Creedence & they have a friend who's a retired police officer. He said, he's never lost the habit of walking up silently to a front door ... but Creedence is the only dog ever that's blown his cover, from inside the house.
  14. Which dog breed is best for me?

    Pers, sounds like the perfect self-assured tibbie.