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  1. Tibetan Spaniels have changed very little. This group from 1899 just look like today's tibbies. I'd say only change would be the greater variety in colours & parti-colours. Click enlarge.
  2. I agree... isn't that a gorgeous dog! Strong & ready to go.
  3. 'Surplice' a p/b bulldog for the times when born 1880.
  4. Evie's coat shines like satin. I also think I'm in love with Dodge. Always look forward to your pics & updates.
  5. Thank you, Mjosa. Even if Helen doesn't use the computer, the Tibbie Pet Owners would be supportive if ever there was anything they could ever do for Banjo. Just PM me, if needed.
  6. Mjosa, that's beautiful & you're right, Tibbies become devoted to their person using a lot of intelligence. Could I have your permission to post about Banjo's work as a carer on the (Australian) Tibbie Pet Owners' Facebook page? It would warm tibbie owners' hearts! Also, if your niece is on Facebook, she might like to join that group. Lots of sharing pics, stories, tips etc. Let me know & I'll tell you how she could join.
  7. I think so, too. It's like David guided Creedy to Len. Creedy is normally aloof with his breed can be. But he firmly & consistently went to Len as if he'd known him all his life.
  8. Several months back, Creedence the 4 yr old tibetan spaniel, came to live next his choice from an amazing background. He was originally owned by registered breeder, David Laird who was a retired Qld police officer who showed tibbies. David, with another officer, had started the Qld Police Dog Squad years ago with 2 german shepherds donated by the RAAF. With tibbies later in life, Creedence was his favourite boy. He said if he lost Creedence, it'd be like losing his own left leg. Tragedy struck. David was killed in a house fire while recovering from surgery. Fortunately his tibbies were being cared for by other breeders. Then, those breeders looked for good homes. Our neighbour, Len, went to look at the tibbies because his wife's beloved tib, Lily, had died. So he focused on the females. But a beautiful male, gently but firmly, pushed his way thro' the crowd & settled at Len's feet. After more general chat & looking....this male tibbie did it again. Straight to Len. A bond instantly developed between the 2. Len phoned his wife & told her.... she said go with that little fellow who's chosen you. That was Creedence & he came home with Len, absolutely devoted to him. The amazing thing is that, as the other breeders pointed out, Len actually looks like David Laird. They are both Vietnam Vets & both suffered from PTSD. Creedence has proven a devoted, loving & intelligent companion for Len... who said recently that the tib had raised his spirits out of the PTSD. Same as David before him, he said losing Creedy would be like losing his left leg. One final thing... Len took Creedy to be enrolled in the Qld Police Service Dogs on Patrol program (for people who walk their dogs & observe). So David would be proud of his little man wearing the tag on his collar that says ...'Initiative of Qld Police Service
  9. There's a program where dogs have been trained to live with children with autism. Paws Program. If you read the website, you'll see that families first get training, too, in all that's entailed. Phone their enquiry number and you could at least get expert, practical information on what's involved with a dog in a family which has a child with autistic behaviours. Just my opinion but it's not a good idea to just take pot luck & wing it with any dog acquired, without some input from expertise. Best wishes and good on you for asking the questions and researching. You are looking for a track that'll lead you to something that's fair for child, family and dog.
  10. Thanks, Mel. You're right, on the Pound website, they do list him as Tibetan Spaniel. That's good to know Michelle will put 2 and 2 together if someone phones enquiring about the Peke.
  11. Mel, thank you for that reassurance. Bless Michelle for being there! My main concern is the label. Two experienced tibetan spaniel breeders say he's more likely a short-haired Peke. So, just in case his owners are searching for him as a Peke. His facial folds & very foreshortened nose are more in that direction than a Tibbie. But, on other hand, the owners may have originally got him labelled Tibbie & think he is one. And always the chance, he's a cross between the 2!
  12. Another experienced Tibbie breeder has said this lad looks more like a short-haired Peke.
  13. Lovely little male dog at Camden Pound. No sign yet of being claimed by an owner. The Pound says he's microchipped but no details are coming up on any register. He's listed as a Tibetan Spaniel, but when a very experienced tibbie breeder looked at his pound photo, she says he looks like he could be a Pekingese. If he is a Peke, an owner could be phoning the Pound & asking if they have one... and the Pound would say no, having him listed as a Tibbie. One of those cases of Peke or Tibbie . I'm also wondering if his chip doesn't come up on any register because he's been imported???? Very outside chance, I know, but just wondering. Does anyone know who, if anyone, rescues from Camden Pound (phone 0437 637849)?
  14. Someone posted on the Tibbie list, the video of this tibbie, Buddy, being reunited with his owners. It was so sweet how he gently but firmly went straight to his mum & dad. He hadn't forgotten them. Similar thing happened to tibbie, BJ Malone, on Gold Coast, but he was lucky his microchip brought him home in only 8 months. He'd got out when a storm blew gates open & his family were out. They did all the right search things & his dad arranged for his microchips data base to have the word MISSING added. So any person scanning would know he had a family looking for him. Months passed & they'd given up hope. Then someone dropped a tibbie into the AWL on the Gold Coast, saying they were doing it because 'someone else didn't want him any more.' Tibbie was scanned during routine vet check...up came his chip with MISSING. So AWL called his family. In their magazine, they said the family took off from home like a rocket! And there was a wonderful reunion with BJ Malone flying into his family's arms.