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  1. Check which registry the chip is registered with and then contact them. I have had a few where the chip is registered but no details on it, have sent in copies of surrender papers and they fix it for us.

    I have seen others where we still have the form from the vet on the day they implanted it but somehow the registry put someone elses details on the chip not ours - that was confusing to sort out as the registry claimed they dont make mistakes until we sent them a copy of the signed implant form from the vets.

  2. I heard there were other reports of these dogs attacking others in the past too

    That owner is the one who should be put to sleep :mad:mad

    I hope the young girl and her brother recover ok

    Those poor dogs will pay with their lives now and it might be the best thing for them as how could you ever trust them again ...

  3. I dont come to this forum very often anymore which is a shame as I got a lot of useful information from bere and I was one of the people/groups targeted on your facebook page and to be brutally honest I couldnt care less for you or your apology. I do hope you are sincere for the others that care. That is all.

  4. I've met this person in the flesh, and she's really quite a lovely lady... maybe if people have an issue with what she's saying, they could approach her and do so in a friendly manner... seriously, she won't bite...


    I am with everyone else here - I approached her by PM nicely and without judgement, while that whole thread was self destructing and all I got back was my rescue posted on the hate page and accused of all sorts of false stuff

    total and complete nutter who I wouldnt stop to spit on if she was on fire!

  5. If the dog that you were applying for with us was not suitable or available, I always suggest another similar dog that I might have in care. I also make sure they realise why I have decided this and its not usually anything wrong with their application - it might be as simple as timing as to why they cant have that particular dog

    If I know of another suitable dog in rescue - I will definitely recommend them but I dont always have time to troll through rescue sites looking for something suitable for them but happy to network on their behalf if I can

    It can be very hard to decipher any inference or tone when reading an email and when its not what you want to hear, well its even harder to take so I always try to call people that I am unable to adopt to, I think it makes it a bit more personal and I can explain things in my own clumsy way

    Time of year can also have a bearing on how quickly you will get answers and how polite they might be - enquire just before Christmas or Easter when phones are running hot with people wanting to surrender dogs and you will get a different reply to perhaps a reply you might recieve during a quieter time of the year

  6. You gaver her a life she would never have experienced if it wasnt for you and I know you are not alone in shedding tears for the beautiful Stevie, cause I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face :cry:

    So very sorry for you loss and thank you for sharing her story with us

    RIP Stevie

  7. Hollys Mum we don't have any vets in the district. Our closest 2 choices are 1/2 drive in either direction. The one I use does do house calls one day to our town every 2nd week and it's a week day arvo when i'm over an hour away running my business! It just won't work and i don't think it will make much difference. it's the up close & personal handling she resists not the environment she is in. I'd rather she thought of home as a safe haven without that sort of intrusion,

    Thankyou Marion & Kirty for your excellent suggestions. I will discuss that with the vet.

    Seems like you considered a lot of different options for Sally, I hope whatever you decide to do, you will be at peace with it. Just knowing your love would have made the world of difference to her

    (sorry I am trying to be supportive, I am not sure if it comes across that way)

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