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  1. There is another one called Dog Heaven http://www.amazon.com/Dog-Heaven-Cynthia-Rylant/dp/0590417010/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1393788085&sr=1-1&keywords=dog+heaven I am sorry for your loss
  2. Warning...tissues Required

    Yes so very beautiful indeed. The painting and the quote go together perfectly. What a powerful message. I shall never tire of seeing them. Thank you for sharing this :)
  3. Propalin - Experiences

    No probs here! It was very helpful for us for about 3 years. A few years later out of the blue I asked hubby if he was still giving to her he said no we don't need it anymore and it was true. At 11 months being restless is to be expected:) Good luck sweet girl. I am glad that you found something that helped!!
  4. And Always His Eyes Say

    Thanks for passing this on
  5. Canine Cooler Bed

    Make sure you hose the gel ones off and hang them out to dry regularly otherwise they stink!
  6. Canine Cooler Bed

    I am a huge fan and really appreciated it for my older heat intolerant dog. It proved to be priceless for us. The vet was so impressed as it provided cushioning which would prevent any sores developing.Do it!! We bought the Canine Cooler bed 3 from Amazon but it looks the same. One thing to keep in mind is that it did not work during extreme temps as the water also heated up but this only happened on the days above 40.
  7. We need to empty our mini pool shortly after we stop playing with it as the water attracts bees and wasps. However, if it is that hot he won't be left outside in the first place.
  8. Does anyone have any experiences with or heard about Let Me Go? http://www.letmego4pets.com.au/
  9. Has Anyone Heard Of Let Me Go In Sa?

    Yeah that was my thought as well. That is a non issue with Marie's welcoming and comforting energy. Thank you for your kind message Spotted Devil :)
  10. Has Anyone Heard Of Let Me Go In Sa?

    Thank you Harley :,)
  11. Has Anyone Heard Of Let Me Go In Sa?

    I cannot speak highly enough about Marie. Tia's immediate reaction to her was as if a family member had come to see her. Marie has a calming and caring presence to her. She is one of those angelic people sent from heaven to help pets and people deal with the most painful parts of life. The work she does is extraordinary and we were very lucky to have found her. I was content to leave Tia in her care after she had peacefully passed on despite being one of the hardest days of my life. I'm doubt that I would have felt so trusting about standard vet care. If you ever need this service do not hesitate to think of Marie even if you are in the other side of town. What a remarkable lady doing such powerful work in the most caring way possible for pets and their owners. We should all inspire to be as helpful, caring and generous as her.
  12. Has Anyone Heard Of Let Me Go In Sa?

    O by the way just for the record you can contact Marie via email following the obvious link/green button on her website :) It just goes to show you how beside myself I am right now since I did not see it the first time:(
  13. Has Anyone Heard Of Let Me Go In Sa?

    That is great to hear. Thank you!!
  14. Has Anyone Heard Of Let Me Go In Sa?

    My girl is a flirt she loves everyone, even during the tough times.:) You are right though a stranger would bother some dogs and their owners. After losing my previous pets I had a very hard time even driving by that particular vet's office. This could also lessen that issue. I should have also mentioned that our vet is a very well respected and experienced lovely lady. She does not do house calls which I can understand as neither would I if I was as popular as her. he he Marie also sounds lovely. I just wish that she had email as typing things is far less painful than saying the horrible truth out loud. I will though when the time is right.
  15. Has Anyone Heard Of Let Me Go In Sa?

    Thanks. I am just weighing up the options right now. I kinda like the fact that she is specialises in this kind of thing and I assume that her timetable is more flexible than our vet.
  16. Bee Stings

    I got bitten by a bee on my back last weekend. I can confirm that it was very painful. I got relief by icing it numb the area. Your dog may not appreciate this at first but it is worth a try. Dogs hide pain well but I wouldn't be surprised if he was limping for the next day or two. The fact that it was not near an airway is a good point.
  17. Sorry I do not know the source of the problem:( However if the bleeds do become a real problem you should look into Yunnan Baiyao to help stop them. I hope that you can find the real reason soon. Not knowing the cause and therefore the seriousness must be really frustrating!
  18. Seizures

    It is one of the scariest things ever isn't it? So sorry that you are dealing with this intense situation. It is a great sign that he recovered quickly. The growling is not unusual. The other good news is that vets do not seem to think that seizures are a real problem unless they happen more than once a month. However it is classed as serious if it happens 3 or more times in one day. You might find that he could feel more tired and may be feeling a bit more hungry after burning so many calories. He could also possibly be feeling hot. Seizures can be caused by all sorts of triggers. I would be great if you could think of any patterns eg eating pork, heartworm or flea treatments, pesticides, phases of the moon, weather changes, etc. Good luck. I hope that you can find the trigger and get the answers you need asap!
  19. Carts For Disabled Dogs

    Sorry I can't help with a cart. Have you thought about using a magnetic collar to help with arthritis?
  20. Cool Beds For Hot Days

    I agree that they are heavy and that our dog would not seek it out to cool her down. However we are sooooo glad that we have it. We put it on our bathroom tiles in her usual cooling spot. It has a memory foam feel so it protects her elbows from the hard tiles as it cools her. She uses it every day. It is more stable and does not smell like the gel ones. We use the Silver Eagle mats for the car and the Ruff Wear cooling vest for walks. Good luck!
  21. Car Seat Cover?

    Has anyone come across an online super effective (non slip + waterproof) back seat cover for your car? I need one that will stay in place and one that is also semi fashionable that camouflages white fur (ie not bright blue or even black) I would prefer not to have a U shaped one as we use the foot well often in our VE Commodore. Thanks for reading!! Have a great day!!
  22. It may help you a little to know we are also in the same boat. My dog has been doing this since she was 9. She is almost 12 now. It is quite a worry in the winter isn't it?! In our case the vets say that her heart beat is strong, her temperature is normal and she not depressed or weak so I look forward to any other responses you get. Thanks for asking the question:) Could heart worm be an issue for you guys??
  23. Barking Labrador

    As you know labradors are family dogs. They want to be with her family especially if this is what they are used to. They are also smart and love their food. She knows she is missing out. I call the time straight after dinner 'happy hour' at our house where my dog also experiences a burst of energy and it is play time! Have a bit of understanding. How do you feel when you are on a diet and you can smell someone having a yummy meal? How do you feel when someone tells you to be alone when all you want to do is talk or play? I would not confine her she needs to release this energy. My advice is to try giving her a deer antler at this time and pick it up when she comes in ready for the following evening. Give her something to look forward to to distract her. Good luck!
  24. Epileptic Maltese

    So sorry to hear this. It must be incredibly intense and heart breaking for you.
  25. Epileptic Maltese

    Seizures are overwhelming and effect the whole family. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this:( Every dog handles seizures differently but Pheno is known to cause hind leg weakness until the dog adjusts to the medicine which can take up to two weeks. It is heartbreaking to watch but most dogs do gradually bounce back. Most medications have side effects you need to weigh up the original symptoms with the side effects of the medicine. The frequency of her seizures sound quite serious. It sounds like you have no choice but to wait it out which makes time seem like an eternity.It is one of those things where you need to look at the big picture. It is quite common for dogs to sleep deeply after seizures as it burns them out. Have some ice cream (preferably without too many additives or preservatives) with rescue remedy and ice packs for the small of the back ready for after the seizures. Seizures are surprisingly common. Many dogs and people manage it with medication and live to have many more highs than lows. The tough part is trying to find the right medication and dose and identifying any patterns eg using chemicals such as Frontline, feeding pork, phases of the moon or even weather changes. GOOD luck and hang in there!