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  1. My little 5 month old pug needs to have the breathing correction operation and was wondering if anyone can recommend a reputable vet they have had it done by here in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast....really want a reputable experienced and hopefully affordable specialist/vet that i can use
  2. no meds have yet been prescribed with this problem ony being this severe from beginning of the year...…...excersize has been walking slowely and not often due to pain....and did not assume most vets are out for money in response to Tassie....supplements of all types for arthritis and inflammation have been used this past year with no relief for her even after being on them for a couple of months.....pain relief is not what I am after actually...just found out that cortisone injections every couple of months are the way to go...as for wings.....leave that decision to me thankyou.
  3. can anyone offer advice on a knowlegable up to date and honest vet recommendation in Brisbane to help with my 14 year old red female cattle dogs crippling pain through hip dysplasia? We had it diagnosed by an emergency vet at animal welfare league when last November after she developed a uterine infection and had to under go emergency hysterectomy. Those vets are in Ipswich which is 45 minutes drive from us. We are in south Brisbane. She is in a lot of pain but want a vet who will prescribe the right meds and have extensive experience with hip dysplasia in dogs. I know it sounds like a strange question but there are a lot of vets who are out to make money or are unpleasant....so no rude money wasters. Met them in the past with horrific consequences as I am sure many people have. Recommendations are always useful when parting with on-going costs such as this. Many thanks.
  4. Can someone please advice me on how much of a 2mg tab can i safely give to my 2 kg chihuahua (allergies). I do not mind if it makes him sleepy as he is keeping me awake at night. I gathered it would be safe to give him about 1 mg but then it appears he can also safely have the 2 mg. I need a response asap. He is 12 ands a half years old, very bright and fit but also has diabetes. Very fit dog.
  5. Cowanbree, I am so sorry! I may yet be doing the same, who knows. I get the my dog select menu's and get all the hard lumps out and just give noopy the soft parts. She does seem to do a fair amount of burping which is accompanied with regurgitation, but not to the extent of bringing up her food or fluid completely, just up into her mouth and back again with the burp, and then I don't know if it is alot or a little. I am worried abou it but aside from careful feeding and careful monitoring there is nothing I can do. I have found that poaching a few eggs and just feeding her the yolk only on a spoon to bed an effective way to get extra protein and goodness into her diet as I am sure my dog select menu's aren't that good on their own. I am going to look into ways to get more concentrated sources of soft food with higher nutritional value into her so as to support her health. It is hard to know what to do with the food side of things when they arfe on these modified diets. Noopy is a 3 kg dog with neurotic eating problems anyway and now it is really hard to keep her interested in her food. She so much wants to eat a liver treat and pieces of real chicken and refuses to eat pureed food. She has always been a difficult eater and picky and now it is a real challenge You are so right, thankful to have her still and at her age (11), still hoping to hav e her for a few more years. Lots of wishers for your lad to get healthier and better for each day ahead
  6. Thankyou. I have noticed a few little worrying signs in these last few days, but they are only mild, like a little raspy wheeze like cough now and then, for no reason, and occassionaly, not always, a raspy type cough after drinking her milk. I once picked her up putting pressure on the area between the front legs where it must be narrowed, and she coughed badly. I now am careful to not put any pressure on that area at all. Other than that, she seems very well. I just hope the healing and damage has got as bad as it is going to get and from here I can do as you are and take good care of her. HOPE!
  7. Our dog's left hind leg's cruciate was ruptured. The people on this forum are wonderful. The information is very professional and you can look on this site and find all the experiences and information and terrific support you are likely to ever need. Alot of people have come to this site for help when their dog has had one, two or more surgeries and this is all they have left. Surgery is not the only answer with this injury. Pain meds, joint supplementation and conservative management have their rightful place up there with surgery and many many people who have tryed both will attest to that. Agreed, getting weight off a heavy dog is helpful and sometimes essential. If she goes ahead with the surgery there will be the same few months or more of conservative restrictive management as if doing just conservative management on its own, so there is the same amount of dedication and difficulty keeping an active aor heavy dog restrained and cooped up, unable to run, walk, jump or have free reign so you really stand to loose nothing if you try it and give pain meds and see if after 4-6 weeks there is steady improvement, if you are not happy you can get surgery later without any ill-effects. Good luck.
  8. I know alot of people here are advocates for cruciate surgery but my experience is a bit different. My 20 kg red cattle dog did in her cruciate ligament 11 weeks ago and was in a terrible state. She's 6 and the vet knew I was paying out everycent I had to my name at that time to help my other dog who was very ill at the time. He said it wasn't necessary to rush into treatment as it could wait for a while. So, whilst I waited I researched what else I could do on the net and found this site called "conservative management' and went ahead with that advice and all the on-line support from all those forum members of which quite a few are vet tech's and even a vet. I was able to restict my dog's freedom all day and night so she wasn't able to run, jump, go on walks etc and even had to put chairs up on my couch so she couldn't get up on to it and after a month she was weight bearing on that leg and amonth later walking on it and now walking on it very normally without any pain or problems. The success of this new treatment, which is often used by vets anyway if a dog is too old to under go surgery or for some reason cannot go under anaesthetic, is now gaining popularity and having the same success rate as these expensive surgeries. The proof is in the pudding with all the people like myself and other's who have used this CM (conservative management) method and it has been successful. You can use pain relief with the treatment if you need to and all it takes is to look up the we site and read all about it. Just look up cruciate ligament conservative management and you should find it. Many many dogs do well on this treatment and it has gained huge popularity and been proven to work. Good luck iether way.
  9. Noopy has been out of surgery for 8 weeks and has done very well. She has been able to eat her favourite food, My Dog Select Menue, in all the different flavours since she got home without any problem. I do make sure there are no large hard bits in there but other than that she is able to eat chunky bits, cooked pieces of moist chicken without any regurgitation or coughing. I am very careful to make sure she dosn't get anywhere near any food that is very hard or sharp ie liver treats in case it was a problem, but other than that she is fine. She does after drinking her milk get alot of wind and will burp and regurgitate a bit of the milk with her burp, but not bring the milk right up, just burp a bit up into her mouth and swallow it. I am very happy with the results and hope this means after all this time she wont develop a stricture that will cause problems. I think we are nearly out of the woods and very surprised she has done so well since she had a piece of rotting bone 3cm by 3cm round stuck in her throat for 8 weeks! Through all this she has been spoilt and molly-cottled and her life has taken a turn for the better. I just can't believe the start of this year, and the stressful events surrounding all this that went on for that long, and cost us in 8 weeks a grand total of $3,800 dollors. One of the first vets that didn't do the right thing by noopy and misdiagnosed her and caused a month of the 2 month delay denied to my husband she did anything wrong, and had the audacity to tell him I had asked for nothing but anti-biotics when I kept bringing noopy back and blamed me. She couldn't admit she had not listened when I had asked her each time I came back if there might be something stuck in her throat, and she kept saying on her X-Rays all was clear, therefore it must be a scratch or infection in her throat, and eventually with patience anti-biotics would fix it! Anyway it is all and those two dangerous vets would be surprised I think, if they were permitted to lay their eyes on noopy now, and see how shiny and healthy and unscathed she is, despite their cruelty and negligence. Now I have to get together more money to put noopy's little male 10 year old chihuahua mate who has diabetes in to a vet to have his two canines removed and teeth cleaned. His two top canines are so rotten they are black right up into the gum line and causing him alot of pain, especially at nights. Since he is a severe diabetic we have to wait for a financial reprieve in another 4-5 weeks we are very worried. He has a good appetite and seems well but does suffer with pain and it looks bad If we could do it now we most certainly would. I don't know how he will handle an anaesthetic etc being a diabetic so that is also a big worry.
  10. Hi Persephone. I will get a photo of her on here very shortly. It has ben the hardest 3 months of many many years and I am still on tender hooks worrying myself everyday something will go wrong that I never expected. I worry about her so much I cannot go anywhere for more than 3-4 hours without rushing back home. I follow her out to the front balcony to see if she is O.K, I watch her every move when she is out doing her toileting, I look for her in the house if she isn't with me and wake up a few times at night to see if she is O.K. give her a kiss, put the blanket on her and check if that small snuffle is a problem. I go to work and manage to do a very full-on job requiring me to direct a few guards under me, organise 3-6 hundred patrons at a function and actually be so busy I forget about it for those hours, and am glad for that. Other than those 2-3 shifts a week, I am here taking 24 hour round the clock care of Noopy. I love her sooooo much and will never let her suffer for anything ever again. I blame myself for not taking better care of her needs before this happened and taking for granted she was fine. I put alot of energy into my career and was very tired with all my other responsibilities in life and just plain didn't spend much time thinking of her. I have since proven to myself I can take VERY good care of her and everything else I have to do these last 12 weeks! I wont be allowing complacency to occur again. Noop is well aware she is spoilt and has made it a daily ritual to expect at least one trip out in the car, walks in the garden morning and afternoon, and is loving all the TLC!
  11. Well it has been a month since noopy got home. She has been very well. I have been feeding her a few times a day to build up her strength and taking her out in my car for trips out, shortish ones, so as to do something she loves and to spoil her most days. I remember going into get her to take her home this time a month ago and the vet showing me the 3 by 3cm flat piece of brisket bone that she'd removed and put in 3 sandwich bags and the stench was so bad it was putrifying through all three bags! Anyway, noopy did 2 weeks of antibiotics and has no regurgitation of foods or coughing or anything that looks sinister so far. Which I believe is a miracle considering the length of time that piece of rotting bone was in there, (8 weeks). The vet has not needed to do another endoscope thank goodness and so far so good. She is lying beside me in bed very relaxed on the doona. I am 280 dollors off paying the balance of the vet care and still paying alot of attention to noopy's well-being, diet and supervision which I expect to do for at least another month. Today I took her out to some markets and she wore her new light blue hooded jacket and was the talk of the town. I am just grateful she has come through this so well and can't stop spoiling her.............now that is another matter!
  12. This afternoon we got noopy back. She is a bit thinner, with her back bone showing, and feeling alot lighter, but she is perky and well. They started her on the hills ID food and because she was starving hungry she was eating it. They have instructed me to only give her a couple of teaspoons every hour os so for a couple of days or so. The vet brought out the flat piece of brisket bone, a thick flat 3cm by 3cm piece that was so putrid we could smell it through three plastic sandwich bags and the vet said she nearly threw up when they brought it out. Noopy is on baytril liquid once a day and a strong 1/4 tablet of a powerful antibiotic twice a day for what is so far the next two weeks. She is eating her food WITHOUT any coughing, gagging or anything and it feels soooooo weird after all the coughing and gagging etc for the previous 2 months. The vet is a very talented older lady and also finds it strange the first vet missed this on the X-Rays she took. We obviously got duped and noopy nearly died through the inactions of the previous vets. I am now adding a smudgeon of chicken gravy to this hills ID food to get noop to eat it as she actually decided the food she could smell around the house would taste better. The vet wants to see noopy for a check up in 7n days and to get some more anti-biotics and then do a quick scope in two weeks time. She said if there is a problem with her esophagus she could do a procedure with a balloon that would correct it. She is of course HOPING that wont be necessary. Noopy is not quite the same since she got home, even though she is happy and perky. We can see that the seperation and trauma has taken a toll on her personality, and it is obvious. She is not sad or depressed, just restless and off, definitely showing signs of emotional trauma. I know that in time this will get better. She is getting spoilt. I am adding a little sprinkling of inner-health plus to her food and keeping it a few hours apart from her anti-biotics. Hopefully I am doing the right thing, as I have searched the internet for info and it is very conflicting and hazy. I can't think it would hurt her. This lady vet has kept costs down for me and will only charge $120 for the next scope. I have to say she is a God-send and has done a marvellous job. This vet works in a hospital and is operating on horses and other animals every day and has been doing this for 45 years. It is great to say I feel she is competent and I am so lucky she felt for me after the other rotten vets left us in this situation and now we have a manageable bill and a vet that we can trust. I will take off the next few weekends off my work so as to use all my time to get things back to some what normal. It is such a shame there arn't many vets of this calibre around!! It was through the grace of God that out of several pages in the telephone book I picked this hospital and got this vet, or other wise noop would be on deaths door today.
  13. Thanks Erny. I am on my own, and I have just been placed on carers pension because my daughter is so sick, and has not improved in 6 years. I am allowed to work up to 25 hours a week, and that is what I do, if only to keep my sanity, and get together with workmates. Working gives me a sense of self, and the rest of the time I do what I need to. I love my dogs, and they are, along with my 2 children, my only concern. I have bcome so engrossed in being in control of caring for them for the last 11 years, that when this sort of disaster happens I fall apart. I have appreciated your straight talk and everybodies advice, and it dosn't faze me if it appears blunt, but I don't want all the viewers thinking I am this total nut (I suppose that is disputable). I want the new friends I have met here to know, I am pritty strong, determined and capable. I dont like it when someone else takes over the controlsl and this can make me go crazy! Getting off all this for a minute, I have some inner-health-plus capsuals in the fridge, and after all these antibiotics I was going to give some to noop each day. Does anyone think that is safe, and if so how much etc. I am terrified she wont eat the hills id stuff they are going to give her tomorrow. I will ring the vet in the morning and talk to her about noopy's innate ability to starve herself for along time if she dosn't get the food she likes. The vet said when noop was admitted last tuesday she was amazed at noopy's shiny coat and good weight considering the seriousness of this whole situation. I explained to her I have spent 8 weeks nurturing her every day. It is VERY hard to let go of her to the hospital and not see her. In fact it was not possible as you well know, but anyway hopefully I can go and pick her up and spend the next 8 weeks bringing her back to as near as normal as possible. Even though I am eating today I am still not digesting my food and running to the loo, so this emotional up-heaval has done a real number on me. But, I am starting to see her return as a real possibility now and that is helping alot. I am going to get pet insurance for my 6 year old cattle-dog now so this sort of financial strain never is an issue again. Unfortunately my two little dogs are 10 and 11 years and too old. I regret not getting them it years ago and have learnt an invaluable lesson! GET PET INSURANCE.
  14. Tomorrow the vet will have a look at noopy and probably try her on some liquid food to see how she goes. The nurse feels if noop eats o.k. and all is well I could have her home tomorrow evening. If there is any problems the vet will have a quick endoscopic look to see what's happening. So, tomorrow is the day. Knowing noopy she wont eat their hills special dog food and as I told them she will be stubborn and only eat a few foods. Tomorrow will be interesting! Noopy is well and chirpy today and has apparently been out to the toilet and all's well so far. I have been cleaning and sterilising the floors in anticipation of her return. It is probably not necessary as she is on strong anti-biotics, but I have two other dogs. One of the two is another chihuahua (male) and he is 10 with diabetes and needing two needles a day. The other one is a red female 20kg cattle-dog who is 6. She damaged her ACL in the left rear leg 6 weeks ago and with VERY conservative care ie no running, no jumping, no excersize and stict confinement for these past 6 weeks she is now weight bearing nicely and walking nicely. I have to continue all that conservative management for the rest of the year and without any mistakes she should be fine. My little cream male chihuahua also has pancreitis, so I have my days full caring for the lot of them. On top of that I am helping my 19 year old daughter to go to QUT university each day as she is so sick with hashimotos and adrenal problems. She is top of her science and law classes but so so sick she is now on disability, and cannot do anything with only energy for bed and study, and of course attend some lectures, which is where I come in to try and take her etc. My hands are full doing all this, so I get very stressed. But, I manage well, and keep on going and not one of them suffer. I also work weekends as a security guard doing long hours on my feet, but I have to do only weekends as to be here to run all this and help. Thought I'd just let others know I am usually unable to cope with too many hiccups in my routines and do crack up when things go haywire.
  15. You are right Erny. I should have not gone this morning like I did. I sat with noopy in my arms for an hour and a half this morning in a quiet room together. She licked my face for 10 minutes straight and I held her tight too me stroking her. When we first sat down together I burst into sobs and noopy with her tail wagging and face up to mine just licked and licked my face, nose (nostrils) and mouth endlessly. She didn't seem to know I was crying and was soooo happy to see me. The two nurses on duty came in and saw my swollen face and copious tears and offered me a cup of tea and reassurred me. After a few minutes I just held her to me and stroked her as she seemed to sigh, actually sigh with relief or contentment. After an hour and a half the nurse came in and took her and I drove away in what I would best describe as a daze mixed with emotions of relief.Relief that I had actually got to meet the nurses who were genuinely caring and professional, relief that I had actually seen the inside of the hospital and heard the nurses caring and reassurring voices as they attended to all the other animals. Relief that Noopy's coat was so shiny, she had not lost weight and looked well, not as I had imagined (thin and emaciated after no food for 7 days). Yet, yes, I was very guilty that I had gone against the agreement I had made with the vet and gone in to see her, guilty and embarrassed that I had come in and forced them with the threat I would take her home if I could not see her. The vet rang me and was very disappointed in my actions, and said they had to give noopy a sedative after I left. She said there is usually no problem as owners come in 4 times a day and it can help the animal heal, but she knew that Noopy was a dog that would pine or get upset and therefore it wasn't going to help her. I apologised and explained how I was afraid I was never going to get to see her if something did go wrong and I was actually physically unwell with worry. I reassurred her I was feeling so much calmer having met the nurses and seen the hospital (behind the doors) and seen noopy's physical condition. I was not going to come back in again and just needed to do this. The vet was very understanding, but reassurred me there is the worry of how much damage noopy's throat has and if there will be strictures or narrowing or Noopy was forever going to need a slurry for food in the future. I DO feel guilty. I am only human and at least I care enough to say I wont be repeating the mistake. The vet is going to try noopy on a liquid ID food tomorrow and see how she goes. If Noopy eats etc O.K. she will not do another scope, but if there are problems she will. By tomorrow night or the next day we will know what is happening better.
  16. I am doing better tonight than last night. I am still very emotional and very concerned and fretful, but I am able o think a bit better and feel a bit more relaxed. I am hoping that the weekend is the end of it and on the Monday things get sorted. I don't have alot of trust in vets any more and even though they appear to be good I don't feel it is wise to let my guard down. I can see that so many of the forum users have been through hell and back with their pets too and must have a good understanding of how I feel. I met a lady shop keeper today that I have chatted to before who told me all about her horrific experience with one of Brisbane's emergency vet centres. Her cat just dropped down in front of her unconscious one night as it walked toward her. She ran it to this practice and $1800 dollors and three days later it is discharged sickly without them knowing what was wrong. She had to take it to somewhere else and immediately they found the problem. The cat was riddled with cancer! So many people have so many bad experiences with vets. Then again so many people have bad experiences with the medical proffession. I think many times we are under the illusion that these medical services are safe, diagnostic and helpful when so many times that is not the case. I know we have to have faith in people trained and able to do something medically if we can't, but if you have had bad experiences with medical people it can be very disheartening. I have had three bad luck vets previous to Noopy's curent vet that didn't diagnose the bone, or try to, and I feel very wary now. But then again how many of us feel confident our own doctors are going to help us every time we have a problem? I guess it depends on the doctor, much like it depends on the vet. Tonight the update from the nurse is Noopy's resting under the blankets like she loves to do and missing me. She said it, so I guess my dog is now beginning to pine or really wonder where I am. What is worse, going thee to sit with her for an hour or two where she may get upset if I leave, or staying away and she feels abandoned and depressed!
  17. Thanks guys. I can't tell you all how treat it is to come home after a hectic stressful day and find such support and words of comfort! Hectic, stressful because at lunch time my daughter and I went out to the vets and tryed to persuade the vet to let Noop come home and we would give her cool, glucose enriched water, prevent her from eating anything until Monday, and give her the antibiotics, or maybe they could giv e her the ones that are injectable and last a couple of weeks. DIDN'T work!! I was so determined to get her home in my care, even though I was worryed sick about the decision, we went out there under the guise of how much money this will end up at, and found out they hav e charged very little concerning what they have done, and the v et was willing to reduce it even more! They appeared to genuinely care about Noopy's wellbeing and that is hard to see and understand as that is not often the case where money is concerned or you are at the vets. I reassured them it wasn't them just the worry about the bill and how large it was going to get and how much longer it would take to pay all that and even if they were going to be happy with that payment situation. Yes, that was a concern, but no amount was too great to save her and no I don't care how long it takes to pay it. I wanted to know for sure that I should not take Noop home and needed to see them and hear it face to face , not over a phone. I drove away feeling sad and disappointed at not taking my baby home and also reassurred they were trying to do the right thing. The nurse said if Noopy continues to be well and on Monday is good they may not do another scope and just start her on some soft food and see how she goes eating etc for the day and if all that is fine she would come home Tuesday. I am still sitting here worryed sick about my baby girl and feeling so much more disconnected and powerless every day that is going by without being with her. I will be sleeping and worrying and worrying and sleeping and maybe trying to keep busy somehow to keep me distracted. I am lucky to have all your words of comfort.
  18. Thanks Ernie. It has now been a week since noopy ate food. She has been sittin g at the vets waiting for the part to arrive on a drip unnecessarily all day Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday they noticed she lost a bit of pep, and added glucose to her drip, which helped. I am worryed she is now too weak to tolerate GA's at all, especially two in a row. I havn't seen Noopy since 9am on Tuesday morning, and the vet now wants me to not come in for the next few days. I agree with that decision in order to give her wound a rest, but it is very hard to be unabale to hold and sit with your pet, especially when I thought she might not recover, and needed my comfort. So far the last two vets made the WRONG decisions and led her to this place, near death, and I am so afraid one wrong decision will do the same. Another issue is the fact this vet does not work saturday and sunday and over the weekend another vet will be on.
  19. Thanks guys. It is so great talking to people like minded! Finally the part was delivered this afternoon and immediately they took Noopy to theatre for the scope. Sure enough it was a piece of bone and the vet said luckily it was a flat shape or it would have caused more damage. Apparently Noopy bled very badly and that was of concern to the v et, especially as she is now anaemic, and after the surgery apparently she went into a bit of shock. The vet sounded concerned and wasn't sure how this would all pan out for the afected part of the oesophugus, and didn't give me much reassurance so I have spent 3 hours after that call driving around Brisbane crying and sobbing and pleading with the God to spare her. I could not stop crying and ended up driving into a McDonalds toilet with the worst case of dysentry. I was convinced she would now die and and I am to blame! 3 and a half gruesome hours later I arrived reluctantly home, swollen faced and also a bit embarrassed by the fast food toilet incident, and immediately rang the hospital for an up-date. Noopy had been up for a walk and was no longer in shock and looking calm and comfortable. I asked the nurse if it was normal to go into shock after surgery like that very often and she said the anaesthetic and temperature change can sometimes do that. I am worryed as her vet that did the procedure said she would like to scope her for another quick look tomorrow or the next day when I rang her after the op. If Noopy is doing better surely there is no need for that, and wouldn't it be too much after the last time? I am sitting here petrifyed something is going to go wrong and I will get a call from them tonight or tomorrow. I am afraid if I get too confident things WILL go wrong. I am just plain terrifyed! I will drive the 35 minutes in the morning to speak with the vet face to face about my concerns over another scope etc in the morning and spend this third night not resting and will wake up a mess again.
  20. Well, I have Noopy in the vet hospital. They were going to do the endoscope yesterday but it a part of it was faulty, so they have had to order a new piece from Melbourne to do the endoscope today. HOWEVER, the technition that took the order didn't send it express courior as he didn't know how and today she is still in hospital waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. The veterinarian did an X-Ray and found a 3cm by 2cm roundish object down the osophugus near the stomach entrance appearing to be stuck in the osophugus. The vet is very suspicious of it and thinks it is either a piece of bone or could be a large abcess. She is very sorry the part they need for the endoscope has taken this extra time. They have her on a drip with a bit of glucose and anti-biotics and tonight when I rang (they Are a 24 hour hospital) the nurse had given her a nice hot water bottle etc. The vet is very surprised Noopy has lasted this long if it is a bone (eight weeks) withouit it perforating her osophugus, and wonders how that has not happened. Then again, it may be a large abcess. Blood tests were taken and Noopy has normal white blood cell count but the cells are teaming with infection. As I thought her little body has been fighting infection big time. Noopy is also anaemic. They had her out, drip and all, for a little walk in their garden to do a wee today, and she was good. The vet said if the bone has rotted away too much osophugus it is a huge danger, other than that if it is infection it is easily treated. I have been sick with worry now whilst she is in this hospital away from me awaiting the arival of the endoscope part for the last two days. I cannot sleep properly and am not not eating well and feel absolutely frantic inside! Tomorrow, this part should arrive in the afternoon and this situation is fully diagnosed and then I have made arrangements with the vet to pay $1,200 deposit on whatever the bill will be and pay off the balance at $100 a week. They presume the bill will be around the $2000 mark. WShat is really sad is the fact that the last vet had her under anaesthetic, knowing all the symptoms etc, whilst her cleaned her teeth and didn't even whilst she was under do an X-Ray, choosing to flippintly take the fact the vet who I had seen before him, and found to be useless, had done X-rays when first seen and all was suppossed to be fine. It has been a run of bad luck, and my putting my trust and faith in two previous vets and now we arfe where we are!!!
  21. I agree with Puggy_Puggy. Sounds very serious and does sound as though it relates to perforation either from the bone or, if initial surgery involved open stomach, perhaps the internal wound has not closed? I presume xrays were done to confirm all the bone (blockage) was removed? If it were me, I'd be classing this as urgent (especially as it's been going on for 8 weeks already and getting worse) and seeking earlier attention, mentioning that payment would be forthcoming in a few days. You never know, the specialist might find they need to keep her in for that period of time anyway. I'm not sure why you think this is funny ..... or perhaps the wrong emoticon was used? I hope everything works out ok for your dog, poor mite .... she's been through a lot. Sorry that is the wrong :cry:emoticon, meant to have used There was no initial surgery, the 1st vet just did an X-Ray and saw the 3 pieces of bone and under sedation manually manipulated the two in her right intestine down toward the bowel. I have always wondered if that did any damage. From the very beginning this has not been dealt with by the two vets locally, that did the manually moving the bone thing to the teeth cleaning and needle aspirate, as neither of these things have done anything. Strangely she picked up and did not vomit for a good month or so during the middle of all these 7 weeks, but she was on anti-biotics. However, she has been off anti- biotics now for a month and this has all got worse again. You would think if there was anything inside her body rotting or dying she would have had more symptoms more often for much longer than she has. Very confusing. I have not been laughing, only typing, taking time off from my casual job and driving everybody that knows me mad with all my worry and talking about NOOPY all the time. Can see how you'd think I was laughing.
  22. Thanks for these replys. I have been with her all day and she has finally had a third of a cup of very runny pureed chicken. I added 3/4 of a sachet of baby gaviscon powder, which the pharmacist said should be safe, hoping to try and make her feel better. However she is still sitting half upright and coughing/gagging and hanging her head looking so sad and unwell. She hasn't been sick yet, but certainly looks like it! I have been promised financial help within a few days to a week if she can just hang on, but it looks soooo bad. I am sooo scared and stressed!! I cannot get to this specialist centre any earlier than 2-3 more days time and I have to try and monitor her, keep her fluids up, try and encourage her to fight and be there. I don't know what else to do till then I am praying too.
  23. My chihuahuaXminifoxy, 3.3kg (7 llbs) female 11 year old swallowed a piece of raw brisket bone on 11th january. Gagging/coughing/foaming still over night I took her to vet. X-rays later saw 2 pieces of bone in intgestine, one in opening to bowel, and aspiration pneumonia. Started on antibiotics and vet manually moves pieces of bone down to bowel and gives an enema.My dog is in the hospital on a drip at this time. Vet gives enema and my dog does huge long poo and eats it! My dog has got enlarged glands in neck, no temperature. Two days later comes home on anti-biotics, coughing/gagging persisting. Can only eat pureed chicken, no hard food at all as irritates throat. Has only ben eating pureed chicken now for past 8 weeks, to stop the coughinging whilst eating. I left this last vet as she offered little help. New vet sees my dog has disgusting rotten teethand also notices her enlarged glands so does a tooth clean, removes 6 teeth and does a needle aspirate. Results are that the glands are saliva glands and they are not infected just large and inflammed. Coughing still happening. Looks and sounds like a reverse sneezeXcollapsed trachea when it happens. Vet assures me its not a collapsing trachea and he looked down her throat under the dental anaesthetic and saw no infected tonsils or anything. Can't understand why her saliva glands both sides are going up and down. I keep hand feeding my coughing dog pureed food each day in small amounts, things seem to be getting better UNTIL a few days ago (7WEEKS AFTER THE FIRST EVENT). She has again gone down hill with ever increasing bouts of coughing/gagging and now vomiting a few times a day white frothy foam with dark brown liquid that stinks. A strange smell I have never smelt before. She can drink water and hold it down, but has now gone off her food. Looks depressed and sad. In betwen these bouts of coughing/gagging and now vomiting she sleeps peacefully with intermittently licking her bottom, which makes her cough again. She is burping all the time too. Lots of burps. What is really upsetting too is the fact that her teeth that were nice and white have now turned brown and yellow, stained to buggary after 1 month. Obviously something to do with all this stomach/throat problem, but I feel I have thrown away $580 a month ago now for the teeth. This vet says to take her to specialist for a endoscope and that is all he can recommend. I am trying to get this organised financially at the moment, butg would like some input before tomorrow or the next day when this happens. This is simply frustrating and bringing me to tears. So far it has cost me $ 2, 400 and left me pennyless. So now going to have to go for care-credit)
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