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  1. Heartbreaking really. I remember a rescue dog, young male who became unpredictably aggressive. I think his owners were also expecting and surrendered him with a very heavy heart. At first it was thought to be behavioural and fixable, lack of training with a teenager kind of thing. I remember taking him out on leash to toilet and for walks and he seemed ok with me - no issues at all. He seemed fear aggressive if cornered in like say his crate so we avoided triggering that. But one day I was working up the hall and he jumped his enclosure and confronted me at the end of the hall with his teeth bared like a rabid animal. No-one else was there and I was shitting myself. I had not done anything to cause him to come after me like that. I yelled aggressively at him to get back to his area and pointed back up the hall. He softened, turned around and jumped back into his enclosure. There was definately something broken in that poor, beautiful boy. He didn't make it. My only advise to owners with dogs with behavioural issues is to not only go to one behaviouralist (or vet) - try several if you need to before making that truly final decision. Same way that sometimes we need to find the right Dr for ourselves and Dr shop or if we have chronic conditions we might change specialists because that particular specialist has exhausted options for us. If you truly love your pets give them your best shot, not just try once and think you are done. Don't give up unless you are at the actual end.
  2. I can see why this might be useful information to a potential adopter but it sort of makes it sound like some groups are unnecessarily bureaucratic and will take much longer (which many people say they don't have). From the other side of the fence I know that stricter adoption policies are totally necessary for some dogs and some breeds of dogs to ensure the adoption is a long term and successful one. Groups that have stricter policies tend to take on the harder to rehome cases too. I wish there was a way Pet Rescue could reflect this, helping people make the link to it being about the dogs needs rather than the groups needs. They seem to be upselling the flexible policy too, like why would you choose an organisation with strict policies when you can get all of this in an instant! Not sure it's on the mark.
  3. Quiz on canine body language

    It's all about ears and wrinkles at our place!
  4. Quiz on canine body language

    I suck! I only got 11! I spend everyday watching both my dogs body language to ensure we have no issues but I still only got 11! I blame some of the poor photographs and lack of history about each and every dog and their breed and the inferior context provided around each scenario presented!
  5. My little take on this is there are so few off leash sections of beach where you can legally take your dog (well on the Gold Coast anyway) that I am dumbfounded people without dogs even want to go there. There is miles and miles of beach that dogs aren't allowed to set foot on up here so I have little sympathy for people who carry on about dogs being dogs in the small sections of beach they can use. People are idiots (dog owners and non-dog owners). Dogs don't know council or police laws. They pee and poop and run and jump and stick their noses where they shouldn't and hump and shake sand and water over all your stuff and, well, the list goes on. There are risks being in an off leash dog area surrounded by dogs cutting loose. You shouldn't (and hopefully wouldn't) put your baby on the ground in an off leash park so a measly section of beach dedicated for such use should be just the same. Use your common sense because by the time a law has been broken it could be too late.
  6. Thoughts on Aggression

    I had a situation with an unpredictable dog. It was actually at the vets after yet another dog fight while I was trying to decide whether it would be pts or stitched up. I made the decision to pts due to the unpredictable behaviour. Two hours later I changed my mind. I just couldn't do it and decided we would try one more time. So I got in yet another behaviouralist who was highly recommended. It has been almost 2 years and we've only very recently had another issue. BUT, my relationship with both dogs is now so much stronger that I was able to stop things before they escalated into any danger. I have reviewed what prompted it and we have gone back to some of the original training again too. I know my dogs so much better now and I believe I am leader of their pack and they pay attention to what I want from them. It keeps us all safe. If you want to own a dog with behavioural issues it takes a lifelong commitment. One with human aggression needs extra special care because unlike dog aggression it still needs to interact with some humans for its food, etc. Steve Courtney at K9 Pro does amazing work with aggressive dogs but if the owners aren't committed to the dog post training then there is no point. I doubt a dog wants to be aggressive from fear or what have you and I doubt they want to be confined because of their behaviour. I've also met rescue dogs that were unpredictably aggressive due to something going on in their brains. How confusing that one minute you were getting pats and the next you were being yelled at but safety has to come first and some dogs are broken. If they love the dog they will get a professional assessment and make an informed decision. If my last behaviourist had said my dog was not manageable we would've returned to the vets straight away, but we put the work in then and continue with it today and we have a lovely, calm household. But we are always watching and we are always on hand.
  7. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    So much love...too many tears....make sure you come back again Bubby....
  8. Healthy, wealthy and abused: interesting read

    We've got new neighbours up the street - corner block with not a skerrick of fencing and one side the road that goes to a busy school so lots of traffic. Yet it is always filled with renters with dogs, usually left to roam or confined on a line of some kind. The current neighbours have rigged up a portable fence against the side fence and initially I thought good on them for caring about their dogs. But everytime I drive by 1 large and 1 small dog are in that pen. No shade except for the 2 kennels taking up pen space and just metal bowls lying on what still is some grass. We are already getting in the high 30s here. My car is getting repaired so I walked home this morning and the larger dog was crying and barking at the house. The people were home sitting in the shade under their front verandah. I saw how little the run was for 2 dogs that seem to be permanently kept in there. How little shade those poor dogs had at only 10.30 on a moderate Spring morning. I saw how small that metal water dish was with nothing stopping it from tipping over. They were desperate to be with their humans. It made me so sad because this is just so common for so many dogs! I wish people would put themselves in the same position as their dogs and see how comfortable and comforting their set up is. Then you have people who use the opposite argument for not containing their cats - their cat wouldn't like it! But apparently it is perfectly fine for a dog?
  9. Foster Dogs

    Willow is so cute! And I always love your adoption updates. You should be so proud of yourself for what you have achieved for these dogs cause you rock!
  10. So worried about snakes!!

    I don't mind snakes but get frightened if they are too close to me (or my animals). I am saddened to say that many years ago I was on my hands and knees digging in my garden and came across what I thought was a baby snake. I panicked, went into a frenzy and hacked it to death with the trowel I had in my hand. It was an instant reaction because I'd touched it and expected it to attack me. When I calmed down I realised it was a legless lizard. I still feel a great deal of remorse over it. As a kid we always had deadly snakes in the bush or by the creek and a fear was instilled in us that has stayed with me. I know I have them in my yard now. I just prefer we don't see each other!
  11. Really unique looking dog

    People have been posting their pei crosses on a FB page and I am now convinced a shar pei will breed with anything! Some of the crosses are hilarious! Scooty-Blues is in that category! And yes, imagine him as a moody teen - intelligent, bored, stubborn. He's going to need some challenges and a job to keep him busy!
  12. Foster Dogs

    Look how tiny she is!
  13. Chi eats toes

    Dear Dog! I can't unsee that! Almost puked!
  14. Tiny little foster dog being Bullied

    Stussy goes straight for the brain! I only give her stuffed toys that don't look like real animals because skin mummy can't deal with all the disfigurement. She really gets crazy face the minute she sees a stuffed toy so I appreciate Sharpie's fear!