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  1. Agreed. There is absolute NO excuse for this kind of behaviour! I would never trust him again. What next? Learn from history.
  2. Sometimes, you might be able to negotiate the cost. My vet gives 10% for Senior Card holders. Has saved me 100s of $ so far. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  3. Just wondering... wouldn't a bellyband help, too? How wonderful that you have adopted a senior! Hope, Mezza is better and enjoying life soon.
  4. Maybe second opinion? With a specialist? Poor little guy. I hope he is feeling better soon!
  5. "Tamar is not in pain and if she were and it could not be controlled, I would never let her suffer. " That is how I see it, too.
  6. So sorry to hear about your little one's accident. I hope you and he will cope with this new situation. Please give us an update. I have no experience dealing with a blind dog. But a few years ago, for some strange reason, saved two documents on the topic. Will attach them. Hope they turn out to be useful. Blind dog Living with.pdf Blind dog Tips & suggestions to help.pdf
  7. Great, only just realise that this is an ancient post... Oh well.
  8. I think the CATS are the real issue, and I doubt that even flea-bombing would solve the flea problem. My yorkie has severe flea allergy. Even one bite can lead to severe skin irritation and constant scratching. I found it a challenge to keep him free of fleas, and I am sure that it is our cat that keeps bringing fleas into the house and surrounds! Pepper has some other health issues, therefore I can't use chemicals or flea tablets on him. Therefore, the cat is treated monthly with Advantage, and once a week he takes a Capstar tablet. At least once a week, the whole house is being thoroughly vacuumed, and bedding is washed (and sometimes also sprayed). I can keep the situation reasonable under control. But have to be very consistent in my approach. I have tried alternative methods, but none seem to be effective. I have given up. Do you know the owner of the cats that are coming to your property? Maybe you could talk to them (if they look nice and approachable)? Ideally, the owners themselves would treat the cats. Not sure if they would agree to you giving cats treatment... Probably not. I believe COMFORTIS is the most efficient treatment, and now also available for cats. The tables are supposed to be incredible, have an instant and prolonged kill effect on fleas! I have read that this medication can have some serious side effects on the pets, though. Otherwise, I would have given it to Pepper (should not be given to pets with history of seizures, I believe) or our own cat. Other suggestions to look into: * use of diatomaceous earth food grade on the outside bedding (maybe also in house, but be very careful with inhalation of powder! Extra research recommended.) http://www.diatomaceousearthonline.com.au/?gclid=CjwKEAjwzrrMBRDyzLT6lcyJ0lISJACtdzDbY64uKvrI0T6a1FIFBYmdQ6vJoJL-u06G0TG-PPGaCRoCOGnw_wcB * ways to keep cats away from property maybe there are suggestion on the internet? GOOD LUCK!
  9. I would definitely keep the dog. I don't know why, but something just doesn't sound right to me. Who is to say that the previous owners will not change their mind again? And who knows, they might have even got a higher offer from someone else? If you really love the dog, feel committed to it and prepared to look after it for its whole life, you sound like the perfect owners to me! What matters should be the best interest of the dog. Sorry, but the previous owners had their chance.
  10. I used a Patio Link Pet Door Insert. http://www.patiolink.com.au/ Loved it. Worked really well. Shame you don't live in Sydney. I am going to sell mine, because of replacement of existing door and frame. Good luck.
  11. One of the comments left in Daily Telegraph: Quote "David: Heard reports that he remembers Sloane St, across from Parramatta Rd near South Haberfield."
  12. My linhttp://www.citynews.ca/2015/09/14/air-canada-pilot-diverts-international-flight-to-save-dog/k
  13. My linkhttp://www.smh.com.au/comment/richard-glover-do-you-ever-get-over-the-death-of-a-dog-20150908-gjhiz3.html
  14. Sorry: lost from Pimpana (QLD) I hope it is ok to post this notice here. Ruby is extremely missed by her owners. Could people please share on Facebook? Contact: Rachael on 0438 116 924 The family is so worried. I have attached the flyer.
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