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  1. You really need to have a specialist opinion for the best long term outcome for your pup. If he is this bad at 10 months and he has 10-12 more years of life left you might be better looking at long term options ( DPO or THR) ARH in Homebush or SASH in the north
  2. Just in regards to insurance, we (work at a specialist hospital) usually manage to help clients claim back all but the cost of the implants (which is a big proportion but still!!!
  3. Companies like Vetpay (external veterinary financing) offer interest free terms for 30 days to get your insurance return. Great for these type of problems!
  4. ...seems someone has to do it as the RSPCA is too busy because they have to euthanize all the dogs with behaviour issues... ETA: ...now that is really interesting stuff: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/45251733_Behavioral_Reasons_for_Relinquishment_of_Dogs_and_Cats_to_12_Shelters ...some quotes: ...The NCPPSP RegionalShelter Study found that behavioral problems, including aggression toward people or nonhuman animals, were the most frequently given reasons for canine relinquishment... and ...Neutered female dogs and cats and neutered male dogs were more frequent in the behavioral category of relinquishment. Oh good, 16 year old 'science'. Good googling.....
  5. Oh surprise surprise, Willem is pushing his 'do not desex' agenda...
  6. DNA test the dog and parents (if available) for parentage?
  7. Im so sorry to hear this, as others have said it is time for you to give him the greatest gift and put him to sleep A large breed dog that can not stand and get away from his urine and faeces, ven though he may not be in pain, is suffering somewhat. I hope you can be brave and do the kindest thing for him. Big hugs. xx
  8. Id stop the rice. No need for the extra carbs!
  9. X2 as Kirty says. As long as you are regularly checking her bloods (every 3-6 months) and she has no GI issues it can be safely administered long or short term. Why would you leave your dog in pain, surely you have some trust in the vet who prescribed the drug??
  10. Darby I am so sorry.. Good on you for being brave and doing what you need for this pup. The breeder must be held partly responsible as he was poorly when you purchased him, and very poor form for them not to be there for you when you needed them. Big hugs to you and your kids.
  11. If she's only had a mild case any low fat quality dry food should do. Compare fat tables on pack. It's usually the treats that trigger an attack! She's a cutie!
  12. Oh William how unusual of you to bring up the whole desexing debate......
  13. Thanks! Will look them up :)
  14. Second trying Hills ZD exclusively. NO treats, no scraps, no bones. Need to be very strict for 8 weeks minimum.
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