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  1. I do :) I own 3 (am registered with the Australasian Bosdog Society) and they have amazing temperaments. I have not met any that have been aggressive (dog or people) and we have sometimes had 5 plus entire males at our get together. As with any breed it's good to check out the temperaments of the parents and do some research into the breed but I can honestly say that they are amazing.
  2. Over the last few months I've tried a few different foods as one of my dogs is particularly fussy and hard to keep weight on. We were feeding raw only but he started to walk away from meals and lose weight so I tried a small bag of RC and they all ate it with gusto but I have since purchased a bag of BH because I liked the ingredients better. 4 of my dogs eat it and Arnold eventually eats most of it only out of desperation and starvation but I have also noticed one of my girls is losing weight and her coat is looking dry so I think I'll be going back to RC once this bag is gone.
  3. I love Rottweilers but don't like Dobes. They are not as versatile or robust. And are more aloof. Same, Dobermans just don't seem like my type of dog I'm the opposite. I love Dobes but have never liked Rotties. I'm not sure why and I can appreciate a nice looking Rotty but I've never wanted to own one nor met one I've really liked.
  4. Probably will never own one as they don't suit our lifestyle but I love working Kelpies but not keen on BC's at all. I love Bulldogs and Bull Terriers but not keen on most other bull breeds.
  5. Another vote for ZiwiPeak here. I have bulldogs and mostly feed raw but twice a week they get ZiwiPeak and the LOVE it and do well on it. It is very expensive though :)
  6. I have 4 but that will increase to 5 in 5 weeks time. I've had 5 before and it was a bit crazy at times due to having to keep 2 of them apart but the dogs I have now are much easier to manage. This will be our last one for a while though and we will probably only have 2 or 3 in the future.
  7. I have Bosdogs (Aussie bulldogs) and am registered with ABS and it is written in our standard that blue (and any variation of) and tri or black and tan are not allowed colors. I have noticed that there seems to be a huge increase in some of the other Aussie Bulldog groups (in no way affiliated with ABS) of blue dogs. A few people have imported blue BB and are using them in their breeding programs and charging huge amounts of money for the pups. Reminds me of what happened with SBT
  8. We have one here that we do that for too. I recently had a few friends over and they noticed the KY sitting on a bench outside and asked what it was doing there. I don't think most of them would consider doing it if they had dogs but one seemed to not find it too repulsive ;) I also clean between my female bulldogs toes, especially the back ones as they get a dirty, waxy buildup.
  9. I've had multiple boys inside over the years, both desexed and entire and never had any issues. My desexed fluffy will cock his leg on dog toys on the lawn and sometimes on the dog bed near the back door but my entire male is fine.
  10. A few years ago we were leaving for a day out and husband ran inside to get something, returned to car and we left. Approx 8 hours later we returned to find one of the dogs sitting at the front door, waiting for us to return. We did have a front fence but he was tiny and could have easily fit through the gaps. Husband got a talking to about checking that no dogs slipped out of the door in the future.
  11. This is why I feed this too. My dogs don't have any issues with grains and can and do eat all kinds of meat but they don't tolerate anything with preservatives in it. The only 'dry' food they can eat without any reaction is ZiwiPeak and it's way too expensive to give them every day.
  12. I have 2 boys and 2 girls. Girls are very affectionate but only when they feel like it. They are more I dependant too. The boys are complete sooky la la's and follow me everywhere.
  13. I've just gone back to feeding VAN but I've fed it in the past and all of my dogs do well on it. It's easier and cheaper for me with 4 dogs than making my own.
  14. It's going around Darwin too atm. I don't vaccinate against it and only one of my 4 dogs has it. His brother (doesn't live with us but they do have playdates) also has it. He has been coughing for 2 days and just today started bringing up phlegm. He is still eating and playing and other than not being happy about the coughing up he seems bright enough.
  15. I have recently changed from iPad to Samsung tablet and I'm not sure how to fly it properly. My hubby will be home in a couple of weeks and I'll share some pics when he shows me how :)
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