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  1. I am driving from Perth to Adelaide in two weeks time so if somone wants a lift and willing to share expenses.Will be in Adelaide for 6 hours then turning around then driving back to Perth towing a dog trailer,there will be space for bags in the back of my ute which is also fitted with a two berth dog cage dont care whether you are male or female,I am a careful driver,I will be doing the driving as the car is only insured in my name, Cheers Andrew 0422526513
  2. Atlantic Salmon heads $150 a kg from Kalis Bros in Canning Vale you need to open a cash sales account with them and place the order a day ahead great for my Tibetan Mastiff's,used to feed Salmon heads to my Malamutes and they thrived on them excellent protein and omega oils
  3. Lenards in Canning Vale have it for $1 a kg it has crushed bones which is great as my bitch has pups and is getting the extra calcium she needs,they also selling frames 10 for $5 havnt had a problem with any of their products and have been using them to feed the dogs now for 8 years What I would like to start feeding the dogs is rabbits but saw at the butcher at market city that they want $23 each any one know somwhere in perth to buy cheap bunnies?
  4. I was in woolworths today and bought some turkey necks and asked the meat manager when did they start selling these and he mentioned that he had just been transfered over from one of their Melbourne stores where they stocked them all the time so I would suggest going in to your local store and ask them to order some in I now have a standing order of 8 bags per week you get 3 necks per bag for $7 and the necks are huge.The manager is also trying to get the turkey frames in for me as well as one would definately feed one of my dogs
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