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  1. Luxating Patella op recovery

    Our girl was on strict crate rest post surgery, she was allowed to swim after a few weeks so we took her to hydrotherapy. This helped manage her energy without her getting hurt.
  2. Dog Poo Composting

    We have an Ensopet system. It’s been going for a good while and so far no smell, the only hard part was digging the hole.We have two medium sized dogs but they do tend to poo on walks so am guessing it is being fed about 1 to 2 poos every couple of days. I like the fact it is all in one box and so simple to set up and use. Dog Compost kit
  3. I think my dogs are broken. Last year when I had flu and could barely move my girl nicked my lunch that hubby had left, then my tissues, then as a final insult dribbled into my lemsip rendering it undrinkable. Both my Goons couldn’t care less if you are sick and will dement you off your deathbed so they can have a walk. Friends tell me how intuitive and caring their dogs are , mine just mercilessly noseboof the crap out of me for a snack, play, yard time, whatever. Sigh, Lassie they are not.
  4. So sorry to read this, your love for him always shone through in your posts. Hope you are going as well as you can be. RIP gorgeous boy.
  5. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!

    Congratulations, sorry about the two girls.
  6. Phoebe has puppies!

    Sending good vibes to all. Sorry for your loss of the little one.
  7. The Gathering Of The Clan

    That's Mbili, Askari's new sister who sometimes not on purpose chomps on her cousin Issy. It was great that they had a really good day out with no grumbles.
  8. Dog Xmas Photos

    Alf really doesn't look too sure!
  9. Chronicles Of Jonah

    Look at Smooshy up there like a Boss already ! Safe travels and look forward to seeing you all.
  10. What Would You Do?

    Poor bloody dog, clueless owner and people advocating tipping paint on it, tying it up, spraying pepper in it's mouth, putting it in a headlock etc.. Shame your son can't carry out the suggestions on the owner rather than the dog. Glad your boy hasn't been bitten and you might have inadvertently found a solution by virtue of the dog getting paint all through his coat, and good on his boss for backing him up. Some people just should not have a dog at all.
  11. Mistaken Dog Identity

    My sister has been asked by a small boy(7ish) if her black GSD is a Dire Wolf. My first thought was how does a kid that little know what a Dire Wolf is. He must have been watching GOT. My two are Shar Pei but are variously called Pug, Frenchie, Bulldog and once the Lilac girl was a Pitbull, I assume because her nose leather is lilac too and they though she was a "rednose." If I say they are Shar Pei the most common response is "oh one of them fighting dogs," said as they take two or three steps back. I don't try to correct them because they never believe they are a guardian not a fighting breed and they have seen them on Cesar you know.
  12. Lovely to see this. Saffy looks beautiful.
  13. Prey Drive In Pet Dogs

    The residents in my shire are supposed to do the policing. We are supposed to hire traps and trap the roaming kitties. The Council said when the law came out that they weren't going to be driving around catching cats. Interestingly I am seeing more cats out on the street again now. There were none for ages. There is a waiting list for the Council's humane traps here. It can be a month or more apparently.
  14. Prey Drive In Pet Dogs

    It is illegal for cats to roam here - but it s of course not policed and we have a street full of roaming cats. I wouldn't like my dogs to kill one, but I know Issy would if she caught one in the yard. We have double gates and good fences but the cats climb trees, jump on the carport roof and down into the yard. The Pomeranians from next door can also get though the uprights in the outer gate, and since the neighbours don't have a front fence this has happened a couple of times. Whilst the dogs (and I) don't like the incursions from the Poms the reaction from my dogs appears to me to be very different from the ones to cats. Cats involve a full on chase to catch and destroy reaction which looks like prey drive to me but the Poms seem to get a much lower intensity "Get out of my yard" response. All the dogs have met at the park so they are not unknown dogs - maybe that would be different again. I have warned all the cat owners I can identify but can't do much else. My dogs are never unleashed outside the property where there might be a cat or cars or other loose dogs in uncontrolled situations. Corvus I found your comment about not wanting to have a dog that might kill another dog because you did not want to be responsible for someone losing a pet interesting, do you not consider cat owners value their cats pets as much or do you feel differently about cats as pets? Not digging in anyway just curious , the cat owners in this street profess great love for their cats but still don't contain them even after I have told them our dog may kill their cat if it comes in the yard. I have even left (nice) notes for a couple of the regular offenders but the cats still roam. Our council has told me if the cats ( or Poms although this appears less likely) are killed on our property our dogs may still face declaration as menacing/dangerous, as the only defence for aggression here is if the dog is protecting you or the property and they don't usually accept roaming cats as a defence. It is batshit crazy IMHO - my dogs are safely contained. don't roam, are leashed in public, I have a sign on the fence saying please ring the intercom in case the dogs are loose,a sticker on the car telling people not to put their hand in etc.etc. but could still end up in strife because of something totally out of my control. It makes me angry actually.