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  1. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    https://www.swfleaglecam.com/ EAGLE CAM!!!
  2. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    And just like that the last girl is gone!!!
  3. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Workmate just saw a head pop up on the screen.
  4. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Mumma bird took the pigeon away.. Baby girl has been spotted in the last hour and a bit still on the ledge... Not sure if she has flown the coop though.
  5. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    how sad. The smaller one has passed away
  6. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Yay! All 3 accounted for and eating lunch..
  7. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    I think I can see the 3rd right against the wall, havnt seen it move in a while...
  8. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Just watched them track something through the air.. Well, 2 of them anyway, I cant see the 3rd
  9. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Hopefully this works. Current sleepy birds
  10. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Thanks for reducing my productivity..... going to be checking in all the time now! Wish I saw them hatch!

    Rang to cancel my Pet Insurance today. They had to take a message to call me back as they have too many calls.. hahah

    I saw that... I am actually thinking of getting rid of it myself now...
  13. Bathtime Dogs

    Such a pathetically sad look...
  14. My Greyhounds Were Attacked Today :(

    Screencapture the property from google maps!
  15. Dogs With A Sixth Sense About Things

    Its strange, when we bought the baby home he wouldnt have a bar of her!!! But now, its a completely different story. He is her little body guard. If she cries he will come running to see whats wrong! Sometimes he will :"cry" along with her :) If we have any visitors and she is on the floor, he will put himself between the two, or will sit close by and watch carefully. I had a good friend visit with her baby last week, during the day Maui (my dog) is usually in with DH in his office. But because there were visitors and they were near the bub, he wouldnt leave her, he stayed about 1 meter from her at all times! She just loves him to bits too :) Just because I love the cuteness, here they are, he is patiently waiting for her to drop the toast :)
  16. Dogs With A Sixth Sense About Things

    In the last week of my pregnancy my boy wouldnt leave my side. DH takes him for a run every day without fail, in my last week he wouldnt even do that! Now, this is a dog (Jack Russell) that has boundless energy and doesnt want to sit still ever! He stayed on my lap with his head on my massive belly.... It was very very sweet.
  17. How Did You Help Your Dog 'get Over' Wearing A Coat?

    If they don't like wearing it, just don't put it on.... dogs don't need clothing. ...
  18. We cant say the words "Park, ball, dinner, bubbles or walk" without our JRT going crazy.. Especially the B word.... If I say bubbles he will squeal like a child and run around me in circles tryign to herd me towards the door, then he will go sit next to where the bubble wands are kept until I take him out the front to play. Yup, he loves his bubbles..
  19. Stolen Dogs

    This part is what got me... About two weeks ago my husband and I were walking home from the train station (he walks up with the dog to collect me) and as we were about 6 hours from our house, we had Maui off lead.. There were two guys in a van sitting watching, as we approached one got out, claiming he was from the council (Wearing a vest and had a clipboard) and told us off for having Maui off lead. He said he was going to all the houses in the area that had dogs to tell them the same thing... Now, I no of no council that would do this.. We thought it was a bit strange until I read this thread... We are in the Western suburbs in Victoria too..
  20. Me And My Gsd Roscoe Having A Ball

    I love the little hop before he heels!! :) Just adorable :)
  21. What Is Your Dogs Favorite Treat?

    Maui will go crazy for jelly beans.. We have a big container of jelly belly, anytime he hears us go into it he will come running!!! Then proceed to do all his tricks to get one, (without being asked) :)
  22. How Often Do You Have To Cut Your Dogs Nails?

    Never had to cut Maui's nails, we have a concrete backyard (with a grass patch for him to roll/sunbake in) and he goes for daily walks on concrete/grass/paddock... But I do file his dew claws though, he lays back in my arms whilst I file them, enjoying it immensly :)
  23. Love That Tail!

    Our smooth coat JRT with tail, curls right onto his back.
  24. Vet Bill After Dog Bite

    I dont think you can ask as all dogs were off leash and not in control.