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  1. When They Love You So Much It Hurts....

    I have one, last night. Maui was laying with his head and front paws on my belly. ( I was lying on the couch on my leg, he was in between my legs looking at me kinda thing). He heard a noise, shot bolt upright, causing intense pain in my lower belly area from all his weight on his front paws to get up quickly~!!! It hurt like mother!!!!!!!
  2. When They Love You So Much It Hurts....

    Oh Maui's favourite game is to jump on the back of my knees coming down the stairs, I swear hes trying to kill me!! Almost broken nose from leaning down and him jumping up for "kisses". Oh yes, the hicky on my boob.... Husband lying down on couch, I was lying down on front/on top of him watching TV.. He starting poking and tickling, I squeal, Maui runs over and trys to get involved (its a game we have, hes too funny) and he accidently nipped my boob! Yeah, that hurt. He was so apologetic afterwards,... Lost count the amount of times he has jumped on hubbys nuts.. heheh
  3. Find The Dog :)

    So, please excuse the messiness, I had just taken a whole heap of washing off the line and dumped onto the bed for sorting :) I was in the shower and walked past this room and noticed a head pop up :)
  4. Tiny Pony Time!

    Tony Pony Tantrum!!! Oh thats just gold !! :)
  5. Puppy Preschools

    Myself: I dont think they are worth it, in our case. We never took Maui to them, hes very well behaved, we have spent a lot of time training him ourselves. BUT, if someone didnt have that time or access to other doggles (as we did) it might be worth it... Guess its really up to the individuals.
  6. Have You Seen This Site?

    No Jack Russells Edited, coz they are Parson Jack Russell :)
  7. Tiny Pony Time!

    I was going to say, we need more Tiny Pony photos!! I have gone through the thread at least once a day, hes just so cute :)
  8. Find The Dog :)

    Oh yes, its purely there for him :) Whenever I dump a fresh load of laundry, he jumps straight on it the turd :)
  9. Did You Just Feel That?

    I love your two. Just adorable.. But looks the the quake knocked one of Maddies ears down :p
  10. Zeus - Tallest Dog In The World

    The difference is just astounding.. Giant george: to Zeus
  11. Nature Can Be Cruel

    Kirislin they are brilliant (and yet so sad) photos!! :)\ This was at my friends place with her girl.
  12. My husband was best man in a wedding this weekend, here a few piccys I took :) The boys (my husband on the far right, groom next to him) Getting creative :) husband and I with the bride :)
  13. Hard Life Being A Dog Here

    smisch - That happens every single morning at our house. I get up, shower change etc, come back to the bedroom to get dressed and my JRt Maui has gone under the doona, head on my pillow, usually snuggled into my husband... Its quite cute though...
  14. Macro Photo's

    this was a while ago, playing with the macro setting on our Eos Rebel down at the beach :)
  15. Yeah, I would have done a lot more... Someone kill my dog and brag about it?? Id probably end up in a cell....
  16. Stupid Precious Mothers

    I had an incident recently where I had to yell at a small child, in front of lots of people, including their parents... We were at the local rubbles and riches market, I had Maui on his car harness, mainly so that if I need to get him away from something quick its not pulling his neck via the collar. Its crowded as usual and Maui is super cool in these situations, more interested in the smells and any yummy food that has been dropped on the floor (That Im not quick enough to steer him away from). Standing looking at some items and I see a small child, about 8-9 possibly 10 (i have no idea really) stick his foot out to kick Maui, who was standign by my side doing nothing. His foot made contact and pushed Maui. I saw it and went off my nut. I yelled "How DARE you kick my dog, if you EVER kick my dog again I will smack you hard you wont do it again"... Now, I would never do this, but I put on my scary voice (BTW I am 5 ft nothing and not very itimidating)... The kid was shocked, so were people around me, but honestly, I dont care. He kicked my dog, doesnt matte rhow hard, but I bet he wont do it again... His parents? Didnt give a hoot, didnt tell him off or anything.... It angered me so much...
  17. Puppy Alarm Clock

    Ah I remember Maui waking up at 4:30 every morningfor a while.... Cheeky little booger, lucky I love him.. He will be 2 in October and now wake sup at 5am, jumps on the bed and burys himself under the doona usual with his head on my foot.. There he stays until he decides he wants to get up, he is NOT a morning dog anymore :)
  18. Atlas

    Thinking of you today Teebs.
  19. Iphoneography

    Taken with Samsung Galaxy s3.
  20. Are People Rude Or Am I Too Sensitive?

    My opinion: Too sensitive..
  21. Concerns About Other Persons 'playing' Style With My Staffy Pu

    We have the same thing with Maui, as soon as the gloves are on he knows its time to play rough! He will sometimes even go and get them so he can play :)
  22. Slinky Vs Sloughi

    Heres your slinky dog for you.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P08iadDzgn0
  23. Oh Esky I am so very very sorry. RIP dear Penny... Her passing would have been made so much more peaceful and easier by being home with you. **hugs**
  24. Desperately Seeking Alphabet Ball

    Which shops did you buy them from Clayton,Lee?? Ill have a look at the ones around me.