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  1. Number Three

    Sorry about that Crestie :D If you're having withdrawals, feel free to click through to Maya's blog in my siggy :) Plenty of photos there! I've finally killed my camera so I don't have anything superrecent. Once I've got my new snapshotter I'll be sure to use her as a model! Thanks everyone! Kipper snuck out the gate SOMEBODY WHO IS DEFINITELY NOT CHRIS forgot to close this afternoon and went to visit the neighbors :p He enjoyed himself so much he didn't want to come home again. I think he just wanted to get sympathy pats!
  2. Well, my lumix TS4 and I had a wonderful time together these past two and a half years, but all the use I very frequently have it finally wreaked the seal, water got in, bye bye camera! So I'm in the market once again. Looking for a small point & shoot waterproof camera, budget $400 or under - hit me with your recommendations!
  3. Number Three

    Checking out the beach, maybe for the first time - this was as deep as he wanted to go and I considered that a positive!
  4. Number Three

    Well all, turns out the way to get Chris to get a new dog is just to show me one with the most tragic sob story... Meet Kipper everyone! So while I was at work a few weeks ago, one of the AWDRI fosterers came in with Kipper. Kipper is a blind, 15-year-old Border Collie (I think there may be cattle dog in there too!) who was picked up by the local pound, with his terrier buddy, and when the owners arrived they took back the terrier but said they didn't want Kipper anymore - even when the pound offered to waive all fees and give him back free of charge. No go. AWDRI found him and took him into foster care, they did a terrific job with him, and when he visited me at work, I was struck by this faith in humanity. Kipper couldn't see me, he has hearing issues and could barely hear me, but he came right up to me, tail wagging, and had a treat and a cuddle. I went home that night and went looking for his profile to share on social media, desperate to do anything to help him find a good home. The next day, I was still thinking about him. Constantly. I realized I might not have to look too far for his home... I expected a flat 'no' from my other half but it turns out, he was an even softer touch than me. He was fully on board when I proposed adding Kipper to our pack. So, I took James to meet Kipper, put in my application, and now he's ours :) He was quite stressed the first few weeks at home, I cannot imagine how difficult it was for Kipper adjusting to a new home at his age, without his family and his buddy, and without sight. He relies a lot on his nose, and at the suggestion of one of the wonderful local trainers I laid scent-trails down all the hallways and 'safe zones' so he could find his way about easier. He panicked at first when Zeke or Maya approached him, snapping at the air and barking, very fearful behavior. He and Zeke sorted themselves out when I followed throough a plan that's probably not highly recommended by trainers and simply put them in the bck yard together. Kipper had a couple of goes at Zeke when he approached by Zeke is bombproof enough having helped raise several dogs in his time, they now get along together fine and can be in the yard together they basically just do their own thing. Obviously this is not a tact that works with Maya, she will not put up with being barked at, so we are working with lots of little training sessions together, going for walks together (they are fine then) and lying close on different sides of a door. I am confident with time and patience they will settle down together - I will keep trying! Kipper is much happier now he's been here for several weeks. He keeps up well on works amazingly for his age, he's eating all his meals, and he can hone in on a left-open car door in seconds and scramble up onto the floor then the seat - he loooooves car rides. My current goal for Kipper is to get him swimming... so far he doesn't seem experienced with water, and is obviously a bit mistrustful of it, but we will get there :D
  5. Marrema Tricks

    There's an Anatolian version of this too that keeps getting posted on my facebook :D
  6. Doctor Charged & Convicted Of Cruelty

    Will not repeat the names I would like to call this creature. I hope that the publicity around this case puts him out of a job. This. I know he paid the vet bill of $15000 as well as his $5000 fine but I would have liked to see hi take a deeper hit to the pockets. Hopefully he will watch his temper in future and not harm an animal again.
  7. Thanks for everyone's replies this was very useful for me too! I'm looking to change Maya's Petplan after a their increase, the plan I had her on was just about the limit of my budget so I'd rather find something more affordable.
  8. What Is The Shelf Life Of Worming Tablets?

    Most brands I'm familiar with give you approximately 2 years. But yeah, may be six months outta that going from factory to shelf, but if you contact most online sellers they ought to be able to tell you the expiration date so you can see if it'd be worth it :)
  9. Ways To Tire Out Young Rescue Dog

    -Freeze bones/treats/chicken stock in a 2L icecream container for an outdoor treat. -Tie up a tug toy in a sturdy tree. -Peanut butter in a food reward toy, room temp/frozen I'd also see if there are dog walkers or maybe a responsible neighborhood friend who might be able to help out since getting the dog out of the yard is still going to be important :)
  10. A Query For Someone .

    If there's a petbarn near you check it out, mine here have the fuzzyard high fashion PJs in pink & blue :)
  11. Am I Growing Ok :updated After Chiro

    To me, he looks a good weight, very important to keep the large breeds lean, I would not consider him overweight. Love his markings!
  12. New Anti-itch Medication

    We will have that in Aussieland soon- apparently according to the supplier, it ought to be available to pet stores in a months' time. Is this new anti-itch med steroid-based?
  13. I dislike the injection, it's a whole lot of medication in one hit... Novatris have a reminder system somewhere... http://remindmypet.com/
  14. Which Breed?

    You don't know how much I cheer for you doing this amount of research before you decide on your breed. I would be the happiest person alive if only everyone put in as much thought as you! I think the important thing after you've researched the breed and met a few is to go by your own instincts - are they telling you this is the dog for you? Knew two very well-balanced Weis when Zeke was a youngster - they were ran every day in the park I exercised him at. It astounded me how well they minded their owners - they were allowed offlead and ran together around the entire park perimeter several times (another reason I remember them so fondly aside from their awesome training was how incredible they looked racing along, full-pelt!) but not once did I see them attempt to leave the park, so much as glance at anybody else's dogs, never be fazed by bikers, fisherman, or any human in the park, and they always returned at a call or whistle from the owners. I never got a chance to chat in depth with them and find out how much time they devoted to training them, but it never failed to impress me.
  15. Happy 6th Birthday Sonny

    What a beautiful boy you have, here's wishing him a joyful birthday :)