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  1. i second what Persephone said. My 6mth old stuffy boy flew down from Qld with an extensive puppy pack, a bag of Royal Canin Junior, toys, a bed,and so much information. Hes fed Royal Canin Junior, plus Premium beef mince Twice daily, with a nice meaty bone once a week. he does also get chicken necks occasionally too. But if your buying from an ethical breeder, they should tell you what they have been feeding the pups and what to continue on with :)
  2. Can anyone tell me weather wrong pound or gosford dog paws one will accept a donation of 2 older dog coats i had for the danes? and how i go about donating them? thanks heaps
  3. Last wed my 11 week stuffy pup had his second vacc, no reaction to it ( he had a reaction to the first vacc with his breeder) Today I've noticed a firm but squishy lump at the base of his neck/shoulder blade area possibly where vaccinated and microchip was done also ( with breeder obviously) Im thinking it may be a slight reaction to his vacc a week later as i haven't noticed anything before today Anyone else got any thoughts? He's happy, eating drinking, active, not bothering him.. i don't think it warrants a vet visit as yet, but will call them if its still there friday But none of my dogs have ever had anything like this thanks
  4. k9 pro did sell them, I'm pretty sure they still do
  5. For anyone that has a mollyMutt Bed Is the medium big enough for a staffy?? i'd like to buy a mollymutt bed for mums staffy for the house
  6. Can any one recommend the best place with the best price to buy adaptil spray thanks heaps
  7. Yep my boy will bark and carry on, until you call his name and he knows whom you are if someone comes over. I feel safe knowing this as hubby will be going away shortly and i know I'm safe with obi here
  8. :rofl: dead right there Danelover233… I've attached a pic of my current boy. he's 2 weeks shy of 9mths. he's lovely, nawty, and cheeky, but my god i love him. Previous to him i owned his 2 great grandfathers…. I'm a sucker for Harlequins & Mantles ( Spots & Tuxedos ) :laugh:
  9. Hi there & Welcome Apart from doubling up on what Danios has told you already, my 2 cents worth are……. Apart from researching breeders, once you have picked one your happy with arrange to go and visit, meet their current danes and get a feel for what their's are like.. Forming a relationship now with a breeder is greåt. Drool towels are a must to have everywhere.. everything is more expensive as they need so much more, so be prepared
  10. Since i posted this thread, I've added a tablespoon of peanut butter and watered it down more and he's eaten the whole thing
  11. My usually very very good eater, has started to become picky with his food Black hawk Fish and sweet potato. This is only the second bag he's been on, fist bag he ate ok. Was previously on Eukanuba Large breed puppy and ate everything with eagerness
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