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  1. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Making an Enquiry for a work colleague whom recently lost her 10 yr old Shep. Does anyone know if there are any ethical breeders out there that are breeding with Takanilee lines behind their dogs. Work colleagues dog was from Takanilee but they are no longer breeder together as far as she is aware. She would love another shep with those lines Thanks in Advance
  2. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    big hugs for whitney xxxxx
  3. Bull Terriers

    Can someone answer me this. Ive been told that male bullterriers cant be with or sont get along with any otger males... is this true? Hubby is trying to convince me to get a bull terrier instead of another great dane Anyone reccomend some reputable breeders also please
  4. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Wahhhhhhhhh i so want another great dane puppy NOWWWWWW
  5. Staffordshire Puppy - Food

    i second what Persephone said. My 6mth old stuffy boy flew down from Qld with an extensive puppy pack, a bag of Royal Canin Junior, toys, a bed,and so much information. Hes fed Royal Canin Junior, plus Premium beef mince Twice daily, with a nice meaty bone once a week. he does also get chicken necks occasionally too. But if your buying from an ethical breeder, they should tell you what they have been feeding the pups and what to continue on with :)
  6. Stafford Fans

    apart from Facebook, can anyone suggest some stafford groups please
  7. Stafford Fans

    Thanks, we think so :)
  8. Stafford Fans

    me again Caught some piccies of stiles the otter day for his breeder, so thought id share. he's such a mummys boy :)
  9. Stafford Fans

    lil cracka coats are great, stiles has the polar fleece one atm. Stiles was also bred by lil cracka thanks for your reply's ill take them all into consideration when we do look for another playmate. il be checking out all rescues as I'm keen to help save a life where we can. i think ill be giving away showing danes and owing them one other question i did have, does anyone feed advance?? Stiles is currently on royal canin, but supply sort age can be a big issue for me, i work in a pet supply warehouse and have been offered " staff feeding" where our reps pay for our dogs food basically
  10. Stafford Fans

    Sorry I should have clarified that. None of my Danes were ever left together when we weren't home either, but having another dog for company in a run next to each other would be better than being alone
  11. Stafford Fans

    i think stiles needs a new brother or sister to play with and company when were not home. I'm thinking an older dog, from 1 yr on. what breeds do you have with your staffy's, apart from other staff's of course? I think I'm about to walk away from great danes, after much heartbreak and hurtful actions from some person's
  12. Central Coast Shelters

    awesum, thanks lovely
  13. Can anyone tell me weather wrong pound or gosford dog paws one will accept a donation of 2 older dog coats i had for the danes? and how i go about donating them? thanks heaps
  14. Stafford Fans

    Fab piccies... so nice having a grunting lil stafford back in my life....hes getting big so quick
  15. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Oh raineth you don't need to explain yourself, you know that we all stand by any decision you made for diggers and his quality of life. we love him and you of course like our own. i hope you get many many months if not a few more years left with him yet, he's found his happy loving home and he needs to stay there as long as he can. HUGZ Now I'm usually a harl/mantle girl.....but i don't care what colour Dane i have next as long as the temperament is 100% In saying that I've fallen head over heals with a fawn boy in America whom is 14mths old..... God damn i wish i could hop on a plane and bring him over lol I can't wait to have another dane in my life again sometime this year or next....