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  1. How long have you waited?

    Sorry to hear what you had to go through TSD. Four weeks would have been especially tough. I think I waited 18 months or so for my border terrier. I spent quite a while researching both the breed and breeders then once I found who I liked I waited 12 months for a litter. The breeder was two states away and I was going to leave it to her to choose a puppy for me based on what she knew I was after but as fate has it, I actually got to see the litter at 6 weeks old. I loved the puppy she had chosen for me so felt 100% better knowing this and have been happy ever since. Good luck in your search!
  2. 52/2017

    Great series of photos! You have a good zoom or those rabbits are brave!
  3. 52/2017

    Haven't ventured far from home with all my work hours at the moment so this week I'm sharing the little bearded nose of my BT Poppy Poppy by Rachel Wallis, on Flickr
  4. Yay!! What game are you up to at the moment?
  5. 52/2017

    I remember as a kid watching a ewe give birth to triplets, mostly from an upright position and done pretty quickly. A huge white thing wriggling then falling to the ground. I was so shocked it's stuck with me forever lol Do you often have straight white lambs born to a dark woolled father? Sorry Autumn is about to have his thunder stolen with a cute new arrival
  6. I'm plodding through the games, probably slower than I should be so I'm up to Cookies in the corner. I'm throwing kibble but calling her to me for chopped up steak (teeny tiny pieces). Anyway, I was outside setting up geddit with kibble thrown a short distance then calling her name and running and she was spinning around from going for the kibble and running fast to me. Sounds obvious raw meat will beat kibble but it was still pretty exciting to see this happen because I can now picture a future where she recalls the same way off big ticket items and it was really exciting!
  7. I too would much rather train the behaviour I want to see which eliminates behaviour you don't like naturally. Its so disappointed such a large chain of trainers still insist on this type of corrective training with all the knowledge out there now.
  8. Great interview, loved it! You did so well and the pups are divine
  9. 52/2017

    Wow...those necks!
  10. 52/2017

    Good luck hiding who's at fault if he does lol! Nearly forgot this week's photo. Just a flower from the garden, I'm not sure what it's name is though..
  11. Foster Dogs

    Great photos!
  12. Thistle from what I understand the videos go but you get the pdfs on CD. I find if I think I've fallen behind I end up catching up when more simple games come up or I've kind of done it before. For example Ive been using 'its your choice in various areas since my dog was a pup so she waits at doors, doesn't go down the hall to bedrooms and sits on a mat near the kitchen etc. This is also kind of 'hot zone' so I didn't have to start from complete scratch. Also if you've done any shaping before everything will be much easier. I remind myself there's people doing course who have their first dog or are only just starting to get in to training. It must be designed that everyone can successfully get to the end feeling they've achieved good things.
  13. erThe games are set out so each lesson carries forward to the next and layers are built. One game at a time is released and you learn simple things at the beginning like collar grab, it's your choice, crate games and so on. You can spend as long or little on each game as you like, the aim is not perfection but progression. It's still a wee bit stressful if you see other people charging through the games as it does feel like you're falling behind. I think there's 40 games for the 52 weeks so some can extend out if you need. Each game has a video showing either Susan or someone else working with their dog some doing the game for the first time. You then have a pdf for reminders on game rules and another for troubleshooting problems. There's also a recallers Facebook page and a recallers website where all the games and a chat room are located with lots of people ready to answer your questions. There's even a whole sub section on tugging including building a desire to tug, creating your own tugs and so on. It's all pretty amazing really!
  14. 52/2017

    Gorgeous shots Perse! Those flowers are just beautiful
  15. Foster Dogs

    Willow and the gorgeous Hoover, what a lovely pic! How old is Hoover now? He doesn't seem to have that young dog look anymore?