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  1. An Irish Wolfhound; We had a Wolfhound cross when our Kids were young ages 3 , 5 ,7 and 9. Looked like a Wolfhound only not quite as big.Her temperament was very like that of a Wolfhound. She was good with visitors would bark to announce their arrival and then walked them to the door and kept her eye on them . She seemed to sense when people were genuine visitors or up to no good. One night had an intruder in the yard when I was home alone with the kids,he jumped the fully fenced yard and Pippa dog saw him off back over the fence. When she barked
  2. .https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/835303 With young grandchildren visiting look for a breed less likely to want to chase nip and herd children. 'Bull arabs' will often chase little running children and pull at them; cattle dogs will nip at ankles and toes. I have owned a cattle dog and two sight hound crosses;one was great with children the other not so good. A cross of any kind can be a bit of a lucky dip temperament wise so I would advise going with a rescue group where the dog has lived with children and something is known about the dogs temperament. Otherwise
  3. Perhaps start a dog walking group where you could walk in a group with other people and their dogs;explore safer areas to go. You and your dog need support to gain confidence again. A few years ago where I lived there was a Beagle walking group that I often encountered on my walks;was nice to see the lovely group of friendly dogs .I adore Beagles. Unfortunately some of the owners were not so nice;pointing and laughing at my "funny looking crossbreed". I refrained from asking if I could join their walk.
  4. I wonder if he has developed poor eye sight or hearing loss over the years . A full health check would be the first thing I would do.
  5. Yes I was about to to do that and would have if my Sil had not asked to take her; being a Vet nurse I wanted to ask her my Sister in Law to be with me at the Vet she worked when I took her in but she insisted she would take the dog;I was reluctant and I told her that if there were any problems I would have her put down The dog did well in her new home was kept secure and never near kids and my Sil loved her to bits. I was sick with worry about it but obviously I did not want the dog around my kids any more too risky. The dog was outside sleeping in the garage and the kids insi
  6. Many years ago before I new better we got a puppy from a pet shop an American Staffordshire Terrier cross who knows what and at first all was good My youngest child was 3 at the time. I had had dogs and pups before and new how to care for and train them;but this pup was different she did not respond to training;was not affectionate to us and only would respond a little to my eldest daughter. By the time the pup was 4 months old any attempt to train sit come etc was met with total refusal or she would try to bite us so we got help from a Vet and dog trainer. The dog then be
  7. I know you want a small dog but perhaps look into Greyhounds as they may suit your situation too. Also consider adopting a pair of small dogs so that they have company when you are not home. Some rescues have two dogs who are needing to be homed together and cannot be apart from each other. Our neighbours have two small dogs who are inside when they are at work but also have a dog door so they can go outside if they want. Also a cat may suit as well;most cats will sleep a lot in the day and enjoy a couch cuddle and play when you get home. http://gap.grv.o
  8. I May be a bit late here but would like to suggest An Airedale or Irish Terrier;two great breeds often overlooked or the already mentioned Soft Coated Wheaten.
  9. https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/breeders/hungarian-vizsla.asp?state=&litterdue=on
  10. The Brittany may tick some boxes for you.. https://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/268563-brittanies-beautiful-brittanies/
  11. I don't think you could go far wrong with a Labrador or Golden Retriever a good breeder will match you with the right pup for your situation. Miss 5 will grow quickly too, like I am finding with my Grandkids. https://www.selectadogbreed.com/
  12. You have lots of very good advise here to digest. Two young dogs can be a lot of work so consider how much time you and your parents have in the day to train dogs;and training is an everyday thing you need to have a good routine so the dogs know what to expect in the day;set meal times ,play time,quiet time,and time apart for one on one attention and learning to focus on people and not mostly the other dog. If you will be the one left to train and manage both dogs most of the time then i would consider a rescue dog that is past the young pup stage and has had at least some basic tra
  13. I passed a couple walking their flat faced dog the other day and the poor thing was being hurried along while it gasped and wheezed trying to breath. I am appalled that these types of dogs are even bred let alone anyone supporting such cruelty by buying one;but i guess some people think the poor things are cute and if they also have a pedigree somehow that makes it ok. While Vets can making huge amounts of money from trying to repair the damage done to these poor creatures some vets will support them being bred. Breeding dogs should be about breeding healthy dogs not cuten
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