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  1. Don't give up hope yet. You may need to look at a small dog rather than a puppy. https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/search/dogs?interstate=true&page=1&per_page=24&size[]=10&state_id[]=3
  2. Congratulations ! I met a pup today at a nursery named Rocho.
  3. Sorry managed to post in the wrong topic.
  4. Good to know; Have read so much conflicting info about them. Have always loved the look of the Manchester. So far I think Dalmatians might be the best bet.
  5. Manchester Terrier- Swedish Vallhund ?
  6. click on the word quote at the bottom of each post you want to reply to.
  7. I wonder if epilepsy could be a factor.Sometimes seizures only occur when the dog is sleeping as was the case with my dog. She didn't sleep for long periods 10 minute naps with body tremors. her eyes would turn a bluish color sometimes and she looked confused at times. It was in the early 70's when she was diagnosed with' spaniel rage ' a term I don't like . More recent times it is thought there may be a link to epilepsy. I don't know all you can do is make observations and talk to the experts. https://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/neurological/c_dg_seizures_convulsions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rage_syndrome
  8. I'm so sorry you and the dog are going through this awful time. Years ago before I new better I purchased a Spaniel cross from a market. She was a normal puppy at first and I taught her to sit and come. At the age of 5 months she began to change not listening to me running around trying to destroy everything she could get hold of. She didn't sleep much and her body would twitch a lot in her sleep. I thought perhaps she had gone deaf so I took her to the Vet . At the vet she behaved very badly lunging and barking at other dogs while I restrained her which caused her to bite my arm. The Vet got so annoyed with her he asked others in the waiting room if I could be seen first. Basically the Vet said her behavior was all my fault and I shouldn't own a dog if I couldn't train her properly. I had raised pups before and never had a problem before. The Vet took blood for testing only because I insisted on it;he said she probably wasn't deaf then said de sexing might help her settle down. He also suggested giving her sedatives for a while to see if that helped. So I left her there to be fixed. When she came home she was very lethargic I thought it was due to the surgery. I was given pills for her to take and was told to bring her back in two weeks for a check. After 3 or 4 days on the pills she looked terrible glassy eyed and was walking in to things. I stopped giving her the pills and she became more normal for about a week and was responding to me and doing better on the lead out walking. I should have taken her back to the Vet but was angry and felt humiliated by the way he treated me. By the second week and all my efforts to spend as much time as I could with her training she regressed and would not let me pat her if I did she would bite me on my hand. I cried a lot was wretched with guilt and blamed myself for failing her ; Went to the library and read every book on training and dog illness that I could find. Meanwhile I watched her when she slept and noticed the twitching was getting so bad that it kept waking her up. This time I called another Vet in tears to the receptionist who kindly put the Vet on the phone. Vet said we are closed but I'm here so bring her in. After he examined her he said she had a serious brain condition sometimes seen in spaniels his own dog had it and was put down as there is no cure. He said she could be sedated all the time but it would not be a good life or a long one. I left her to be put out of her suffering. When I got home my family and a couple of friends berated me for doing it and I cried for weeks but I new I did the right thing for her. i
  9. Australian Cattle dog. Owned one as a teenager. He was a great dog friendly to everyone he loved cats playing with other dogs ball games and running but was also happy to just hang out with me and relax.
  10. Go and speak to them. Mail box notes seem to me not too friendly like they may think you don't want to engage with them as neighbours. Once had a letter in my mail box about my cat wandering however it turned out not to be my cat at all she was an inside cat. I went across the road and spoke to them and we worked out it was a stray cat that was the culprit. Knock on the door and tell them you are worried about their dogs getting injured. These days people spend too much time in front of a computer trying to solve problems. Talk to your neighbours they are people and may have concerns too and are shy to talk to you . work it out together.
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